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  1. Do people just hate them because they are so successful compared to us basic beings? I wish I were a jew, so did Hitler. Jews are the master race
  2. I believe he means "what does the age of the game have to do with anything?"
  3. Wow 1 million views in a day. Pretty great interview, she's seems to be extremely likeable and honest.
  4. My university turned into a shitshow while I was there. I actually had people telling me I should fight oppression and reports profs, I wasn't oppressed in the slightest. It's a fucking university. One of the safest and most open places you can be. It's only going to get worse when these people find careers outside of starbucks.
  5. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/05/platinumgames_shares_more_detail_on_bayonetta_3s_unorthodox_development From 3 days ago
  6. Astral Chain and Bayo3 will more than suffice. Exclusives don't matter though
  7. Ugh. What a repulsive article. Why can't we just enjoy a story without pulling the sjw alarn?
  8. I'm kind of curious now. Do you have a liberal arts degree?
  9. I can't figure out what he's even talking about. @jehurey what is your question to Cooke?
  10. Wow what a rebel! She should draw Mohammed now too!
  11. You dumb bro. Yes there are major events that cause change but it's typically a gradual thing. You teach your kids how to behave and they teach theirs and it keeps going like that. I know you think everything should happen at the governmental level but really society moves at its own pace, forcing it leads to pushback and then we get Dumbo fucktards like Trump that capitalize on the sentiment.