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  1. I'm thinking 250. They are very ripe as I've been wearing them for weeks in the hot summer sun while doing landscaping. I'll take 200 from s system warrior but 250 for the plebs.
  2. Turtle

    Toronto shooting

    Was probably a .22 calibre or it would have been much worse
  3. Are lemmings still trying to spin the Switch is as powerful as a 360 garbage?
  4. Turtle

    We got Emojis

    It's international emoji day.. But I prefer calling them emoticons. Emoji sounds japapanese
  5. Xbox is the only console to exclusively get no exclusives.
  6. Amazon just confirmed my shipping date
  7. Most of the Internet is left wing though lol.
  8. The left doesn't have a leader because they are communist
  9. Definitely not a tranny I'd fuck and I'm totally into them.
  10. Dirty disgusting cigarettes