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  1. Thanks man. Right now Im just gonna focus on putting a video together for her service.
  2. Thanks for the responses. I am grateful that I was there for her. I felt pretty numb once I got home that night. Like I just cried all the emotion out of me. On my way home, I thought about the last time I saw her. Before Christmas. That was the last time I saw her ok. After that, each time I saw her she looked progressively worse. Im at-least glad she’s no longer suffering. Can’t help but feel disconnected from everything though.
  3. My family was gathered. I was next to my dad and I was holding her hand. She was just gasping and all we could do was kiss her and tell her we were ere for her. For a moment she actually opened her eyes. Then it looked like she was trying to gulp for air. That’s when everyone started crying. Telling her it’s ok to go. What hurt the worst, was hearing one of my uncle say “mommy”. And I could hear his voice break. That did it for me. I just started balling after that. I could hear myself go “no” when her breathing started to pause. Each pause was longer, til it just stopped.
  4. At least at a normal price. Seriously, fuck scalpers... smh
  5. I talk about a product.My phone hears me and advertises it to me. creepy
  6. I mentioned this happening. Didn’t think it would actually happen...
  7. I joined the hermits out kf a necessity because of the work that I do. But im fine holding off and getting a PS4. Mainly because if RDR2 and Spiderman. but I am enjoying games I nissed out on before thanks to PC. But I feel like in terms of gaming, I joined a bit late.
  8. I cheaped all over my keyboard the other day..
  9. Let this be the "LMAO Fucking Hipsters pt2" Thread..
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