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  1. He’s a dumbass. That’s why I never voted for him.
  2. Rare images of Tupac and Eminem on stage: Honestly though, this is creepy in that it almost comes off like alien life forms trying to mimic human beings...
  3. Dream studio, Dall.E, and Wombo. But I also use Wombo which is free. Dall.E and Dream Studio charge after a certain amount. You get credits and each image counts as a cred. https://www.wombo.art/create https://labs.openai.com/ DreamStudio
  4. I typed 'Skinny DJ Khaled' and instead it gave me another one:
  5. Im gonna commit voter fraud by dropping off my ballot into a drop-box. A crime known as voting. Punishable by up to 3 years of conspiracy theories.
  6. lol Ya, it's a great game. It ate a lot of my time lol...
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