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  1. Because billionares see him as more of a liability now... Rich people only get in trouble when other Rich people see them as a problem. Essentially, Trump's cronies are selling him out.
  2. White supremacists want to spread their agenda. It's hard to do so if your gonna come off as an outright Nazi. This is why they would use any avenue to get their message across. Even using non-Whites. Also, Klandace and Shapiro are not really for the already established White Supremacists. They're there to make prejudice white folks feel good about their prejudices. What better person to tell you that it's ok to hate black people, than a black person? They just see her as "one of hte good ones". White supremacists, see her as a useful idiot. Just explai
  3. Because they say things that Nazis love to hear. I bet it’s even a kink for them at this point. Here’s the thing about their ideology. It works best when they can hide it. This is why dogwhistles were invented. If Tucker Carlson immediately said “white people are being replaced”, half his views would be scared off. But if he calls it “legacy American” instead of “white”, he can retain viewers who don’t know any better. While the other half nod because they know what he’s saying. It’s a bonus if you can get a black or Jewish person to carry the American p
  4. I wouldn't call him that. He just carries their water, like Klandace Owens. They're not Nazis, but they say things Nazis like to hear. Because it pays well.
  5. I use Nazi, but they prefer alt-Right. It's more palletable for potential recruits.
  6. The alt right is literally just rebranded Nazis. Started by a literal neo-Nazi.
  7. Thanks man, I've seen this guy before. Looked at his video showing how to play War Pigs.
  8. Thanks, took my a minute to put my setup. Thanks to my current job, I was able to finally afford something like this. Came a long way from playing Doom3 at 15FPS on my dad's Dell as a kid lol This is pretty much my office/recreation setup.
  9. I usually make beats on a keyboard and MPC. I never considered myself a musicion, so having a guitar is my first attempt at it. I work from home, so I have plenty of time to practice. As of recent I've been practicing Doom 3's 'Tweaker'. Had to learn about different tuning types. But so far it's been pretty fun. Wish I tried this a long time ago. Better late than never I guess. Any good song recommendations to practice with?
  10. First I wanna say, China's government is shit. But that has nothing to do with it's economic system. It's just shit. With that being said, the movie reminds me of how, via mainstream media (yes, that includes Fox news), is incredibly anti-China, and along with it, 'anti- Commie'. It's a boogieman that is constantly thrown onto our parents and grandparents as a scaremongering tactic. And looking at this movie, nothing's changed sice the 60s. Are we in a NEW red scare? Or has the red scare never gone away?
  11. Great game, great gameplay but…
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