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  1. They had a feature in their early days that allowed you to download their videos. Downloaded this one and uploaded it to YouTube. 14 fucking years ago. lol
  2. As for the legacy theme, I thought we were hearing it from the end of the first initial trailers.
  3. Of all the modern time period ones, I think 3 is still the best.
  4. Sounds more darker this time. You get the feeling that the world is ravaged and in dispair...
  5. I always liked the idea that Zion was also apart of the Matrix. That would have been an amazing and horrifying twist.
  6. Technically you are right. It’s a reboot. Because it’s the matrix. It could actually be acknowledged in the movie.
  7. I know the CGI scenes were shit. But I wondering with the advancement of CGI now, if those scenes were redone, could we notice the difference?
  8. https://prolifewhistleblower.com/ Just happen to post the link. Do you guys still do what you do best?
  9. Now, this is gonna trigger RWers about vaccines and derp state bullshit. But the game presents a narrative that we ended up relating to 20 years later.
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