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  1. I didn't experience any insane bugs. The worst was just getting booted out of servers, or matchmaking and then loading screen and back to main menu. What I wanna understand is why are we missing alot of compenents that are essential to the core Battlefield experience? Those should be implemented first, then you innovate.
  2. BF1 was one of the best out there. The fuck you talkin' bout willis?
  3. Dude, I felt like I was 15 again playing this on my dad's PC (I had no XBox but at the time Halo PC came out). Even if 2042 dissapoints(which it seems like it is having a bad launch, but will get better), this game will more than make up for that. Just fast paced.
  4. The problem is that companies push responsibility onto consumers. They did the same with littering. Since like the 70s. They pushed recycling onto consumers so people just look at themselves and not the real polluters. And most of the recycling is useless because not all materials can be recycled despite them having the symbol on them.
  5. The problem is that the game is completely broken. Holy shit has Rockstar fallen off HARD!
  6. Doing fine. Somwhat. My brother just got barried, aswell as my cousin. My youngest brother had a kid this year, and my sister is busy at her job managing a lab. I remember taking them to school in the morning, now we're all mvoed out. So much other shit changed, and not all for the better. Lost my uncle to covid on January, and lost my grandmother to pancreatic cancer a few months later. To add insult to injury, our German Sheapord died over a month ago after her spleen hemeredged from a tumor we had no idea she had. Hitting the gym and going for late walks. Trying to
  7. Im tripping out on how their minds seem to literally be in sync. They finish and start each other’s sentences and even harmonize. Like despite 2 brains they talk as if it’s one brain.
  8. Had a good conversation with a 2008 Dodge Challenger on VR chat once.
  9. Im in my 30s now. Crazy to think I was chatting with you guys when I was in high school. Where does the time go? Fuck. Anyways, Im ok with where my life is at. I have an apartment about 20 minutes from the beach, and a career in 3D animation and even worked on a VR app that was unfortunately scrapped. But it pays good working for my current company. Better than Home Depot. But I do miss my home depot co workers. i still see them. We went to a Barcade last night, then tacos and had a 12 pack while chilling on a bridge overlooking the city. Til’ 4am. So I can still kick it.
  10. Damn, I stopped playing for a while(did the same with the original). Such a great game. I need more single player games like this.
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