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  1. Konami don’t care about games anymore, they are all in on gambling
  2. As it should. Tell me why middle men insurance hucksters should be making tens of billions of dollars, inflating costs, providing inadequate cover and flatlining wage growth by tying it to employment benefits Socialised medicine is applied and works in every other major country
  3. He’s a democratic socialist, and the majority of Americans agree with him on the issues that are important to them
  4. Republicans have started rolling out their attacks. Notice who they left off? They are going to start their tactics like the corporate democrats have, ignoring him and hoping he will go away
  5. Why don’t they try getting one game out the door that doesn’t flop and sell like crap before expanding
  6. The best thing Trump has done is tear down the veneer of an honest mainstream media. It will probably help Bernie a lot
  7. Lmao Trump really going for the kids are watching angle with no hint of irony?
  8. The amount of protection this guy has and is still in front runner position Even Trump wouldn’t have gotten away with this level of gaffes
  9. No he can be removed through impeachment. And the longer the story goes the more we see how additional republicans were involved Just last week we learned that Lev Parnas has implicated Nunes and the involvement of conspiring a possible hit on an ambassador The linger it goes we get to see the depths of corruption and more voter discontent. I just hope Biden and other establishment Democrat corruption in Ukraine gets exposed in this whole ordeal too
  10. Well what you’re arguing is like saying you shouldn’t put Al Capone in jail for tax evasion when he’s done so much worse
  11. Seems like he has done a lot of shady shit, this is just something they could nail him on
  12. It was but there was a lot packed into that short period. Conor planned yo start hard and fast (despite saying he’d conserve energy), we also saw he was gunning for a head kick and had a really unique tactic to combat the clinch which Cowboy was sure to use He also planned to target that broken nose which worked well.
  13. holy fuck That was intense feel for Cowboy there
  14. I liked MGS5 but it’ll be the first time since PS1 that an MGS game isn’t in my top 5