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  1. Because it is infectious enough to get to everybody and letting it get to millions, hundreds of millions turns it into ridiculous numbers of fatalities
  2. Some if those textures are really bad. The game looks great but you can see the limitations I hope it gets a next gen upgrade
  3. Just another day and another AAAAe for Godstation 4
  4. It feels like the Midgar part of FFVII but expanded dramatically. Very narrative focused and a bit linear I like the towns but I wish there was more to do in them. They should be Yakuza levels of interaction and stuff to do I always thought Midgar was the weakest part of FFVII. Part 2 needs to be some BOTW style openess to really nail what it should IMO
  5. You wouldn't understand
  6. 1990 called it wants its trash back
  7. Somebody explain this game to me so I don't buy something I'd hate