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  1. The music choice was really bad in that trailer I feel like if they put the Uncharted theme in the whole trailer would have hit harder
  2. I cant believe they didn't find exact replicas of my pixels
  3. Resetera users and mods got shilled hard Slave labour mods and a forum started "for the community" then one owner sitting in the background walks away a multi millionaire
  4. Good to see this positive move for the community https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/battlefield-2042-will-use-apex-legendss-anti-cheat-software/ The game will make use of the same Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) software used in Apex Legends and Star Wars Squadrons to identify cheaters and ban them permanently. “Due to cross-play functionality, when a cheater is sanctioned it will cause them to be instantly disconnected mid-match and permanently banned across all platforms,” the blog reads. “As before, we still have the ability to apply IP and hardware bans
  5. WiiU backwards compatibility was irrelevant and didn't support discs, but its a lot more relevant to a system selling as much as Switch has especially when the competition are all in on BC. It would be a big oversight
  6. Lol Remij starts the Jerry-go-round every day then complains after he's put himself on it
  7. Lemmings so bored with no games to play they are conspiracy theorising about Jehurey leaving the forum for a few days?
  8. Do your own homework dumbass
  9. Sounds like the whole series has gone into failure since going multiplat and especially since making an Xbox version Well deserved.
  10. Ellen Ring where you beat up underpaid interns
  11. Hermsmells stealing more games
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