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  1. Actually makes me want the game with some goofy MGS sound effects
  2. MS should have been on them? Why would Insomniac ever want to sell to MS
  3. They also never leave the toilet seat up. I’m sick of lifting it
  4. A tranny offers the best of both worlds They have tits and they walk around quietly
  5. Since Kinect in 2010 - so closing on a decade of L’s
  6. Because that’s how they actually talk in real life
  7. Honestly I don’t even know if this is good for Double Fine. Exclusives get a certain amount of excitement by default. Nobody cares about a multiplayer double fine game
  8. Lmfao it literally looks like a grave how suitable for a dead franchise on a dead console
  9. Sucks. E3 head to head was always a great part of the industry I could see events surrounding the The Game Awards replace E3
  10. I hope so I don’t know how they will beat the first though