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  1. A generation without a AAAe. No bigger ownage in SW history
  2. They fit the Sony style of developer. I wouldn’t be surprised that Sony is cultivating a relationship there
  3. Lmao this gen must have murdered Whippit I wonder if he just gave up on life
  4. I gotta wonder if their marketing director got fired after E3 Microsoft: “E3 is a huge chance for a massive gameplay blowout to generate hype for Ge-“ Marketing director: “Two words: Billie Eilish” Microsoft: “What? Wait how about some gamep-“ Marketing director: “Billie Eilish and some facial animation”
  5. You should try Rocket League Honestly the only thing that’s kept me gaming the past few years besides God of War
  6. This ugly fucker gives me a semi
  7. Yuck They should be making Switch XL