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  1. Keto doesn’t work in two days, you won’t even be in Ketogenesis in that time period All you’ve done in two days is drop some water weight
  2. Voidler

    How is Yakuza 0

    It’s better than every Xbox One exclusive ever
  3. GOW shits on both but I’m really enjoying Spiderman
  4. They must have based this on the market research that Cows have girlfriends and wives while lemmings are virgin losers who would get excited about drawings of women
  5. Voidler


    What a dumb thing to do, you don’t introduce a minimum wage in a single area. You either go all in nationally or not at all
  6. Looking at the job description I’m not even sure it’s related to PS5. It looks like they are developing something called the PlayStation Intelligence Platform, and they are asking for people with skills in ad tech, DSPs. It read a more like they are developing a platform for managing media buying - possibly for external or internal use or possibly for buying ads on the PlayStation interface
  7. I don’t think anything indicates they are creating a whole new department. Especially as these look like temporary staff increase contracts so the marketing vision is probably already established, these guys could be coming in to execute a roll out strategy The product marketing would be done pretty far out but that’s about it. New products often tend to sit in a dead space for a long time after they are settled on. You don’t need an 18 month lead time for an advertising campaign. As somebody who works in marketing, 6 months would be generous lol. Ideally you’d have a full year for planning but in reality that’s a luxury rarely afforded. Realistically they could get an announcement campaign out within a few months if they wanted if they tender agency support. And I know Sony works with agencies on most of their marketing efforts. And that won’t be reflected in job hirings They could just as likely be 6 months away from announcement as they are 18 months from an announcement, nothing here indicates otherwise
  8. I doubt they are 10 seconds each. I don’t think you can even fit ten seconds of speech on one line in the way scripts are laid out Plus you need to think the way they are making the game building the game they probably have a hundred voices saying things like “hello”, “don’t shoot” etc or short quips when you walk by like in GTA games