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  1. I think it was pretty good for Australia when we had the Sydney Olympics
  2. I used to like the Olympics but it feels like a bit of a weird year All the COVID stuff, the empty opening ceremony and who are the top tier Olympians? No Usain Bolt or Phelps. Maybe somebody will step up That Gymnast Simone Biles is pretty good though
  3. Holy shit how are there still 144 mullion of you
  4. Only Sony and Nintendo are relevant to gaming
  5. One of the best selling and most iconic systems ever vs some ugly nerd game gear looking shit
  6. Looks like they sent every exclusive on the system to him as well
  7. Lmao that tattoo is such shitty quality
  8. Nah the game is a disaster. MP will be ready, the single player delay is only a matter of time
  9. Yeah if I win Jehurey gets banned if you win Jehurey gets banned
  10. I heard that about Halo, massive development issues.
  11. Dude just admit you're gay already
  12. And Horizon. Three AAAes vs two flops
  13. Flight sim is a 2020 PC game
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