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  1. Arguably the best thing to happen to Sony was the loss of third party exclusives on PS3, because they quickly realised the need to adapt and improve their first party from acceptably good to world class. They saw the importance of exclusives Meanwhile MS thought they could live off of third party, gut their first party and ride the Kinect fad forever. And it’s taken them about 7 years to realise where they’ve gone wrong and will take another gen for those acquisitions to be producing cohesively if they ever do
  2. You were like 400 lbs until you decided to starve yourself
  3. Nobuo Uematsu is really on a level of his own when it comes to gaming music
  4. Name the most recent AAAe you’ve played on Xbox
  5. How does that make him a worthless POS? What did he make in NFL?
  6. Lemmings only exclusive left is white nationalism
  7. Left need somebody new and exciting like Obama was Warren is okay but is basically Hilary 2.0
  8. I would buy this instantly if that was an unlockable skin