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  1. Got Apple TV, Ted Lasso was great. Everything else I've tried so far is performative woke garbage For All Mankind is such a waste of a good premise
  2. Funny thing is if he didn't have his face all over this and it was just some corporate entity nothing would ever have been done
  3. I've switched to vaping for awhile now. Clothes don't stink and taste and smell improve, also no coughing Smoking is garbage but I want to quit nicotine altogether. Just don't want to deal with the cravings
  4. Wasn't his first strike, he has previously set his piss, vomit and cum on fire
  5. Paying $100 more so you can say 12 > 10 while back in reality cows play superior multiplats
  6. It started strong but fell apart hard in the last half. A more interesting movie would have been if it spent much longer in the Matrix with Neo getting himself out. And just leave Trinity dead I think the big mistake is tying the franchise to the Wachowskis, especially after they butchered 2 and 3. I think other writers and directors could do way more interesting stuff with the property
  7. Very sad, I hope her and John Madden are enjoying a warm new year in the fires of hell
  8. Nobody wants to watch your gay porn bro
  9. I know one of the devs on this game and he told me that it is never going to release and that hermshits are dumb fucks who will pour thousands of their dollars into this but won't invest in soap
  10. When you buy your kids things you want
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