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  1. Lmao she is cucking every fanbase in gaming. What a strong, independent woman
  2. Billionaires and 100+ millionaires with private islands and access to anything they want, who are engaged in human trafficking and paedophilia: "Let's run our operation from the basement of a pizza place lmao"
  3. Nah, they literally fight tooth and nail against actual leftist policy like Medicare 4 all, sit in bed with corporate donors and give crumbs to their base in the form of virtue signalling. The types who go to a BLM protest and take a photo hugging a cop. The types who make wistful posts about the good old days of the war criminal George W Bush and cant explain in any way how Biden is better than Trump except "orange man bad". For leftists, the centrists are parasites and far more damaging to progress than the right. And from an outsiders perspective - centrist Democrats like Biden would be considered far right lunatics in Australia.
  4. This is the same question as the gay imams
  5. Can say the same for Catholic priests. Name all the gay female Bishops and Popes
  6. All first gen immigrants struggle, but their kids end up adopting the Western lifestyle heavily. By third generation they are nothing like their grand parents I know plenty of Muslims in Australia whose grand parents came over in WW2. One of them drinks, smokes weed and eats bacon sandwiches as long as its not in the hours of fasting lmao. They are as "muslim" as any "Christian" who hasn't gone to church in 10 years
  7. I think that's it. We all shit post but nobody gets butthurt about it except Jehurey, and nobody acts like its the end of their life because of a videogame opinion
  8. Watching how other forums (NeoGAF, Resetera), Twitter, YouTube and Reddit have gone into hysterics over TLOU2 in the past week has been a sight to behold Its like the end of the world for these maniacs. Death threats to devs and voice actors, claims of paid off media, user review bombing and everyone is either an alt right or SJW cuck for having an opinion Meanwhile SW, which we started as the biggest fanboy trolls of the internet. We get a few laughs at the GS review and the ban bet, a few jokes, people give their opinion on the game and that's it. So how did we become the most sane place?
  9. It means you can't be counter banned for calling out the hate
  10. This shit has been common moderating policy since the start of the internet. Not sure why people got the idea it changed