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  1. Probably going to Sony where the real future or Halo lives on
  2. Gamepass is great for people who play a game for an hour and never go back to it
  3. That's what I said Maybe the game is telling you that you're too dumb
  4. You guys do realise there is a setting to turn down hints right?
  5. Whats gay about muscular men running around in spandex
  6. Honestly a sad one. Was my first "hero" as a little kid, I remember dressing up as green ranger all the time
  7. Aren't you the dude who has been trapped in the 90s for the past decade?
  8. I loved how well he was written That archetype is normally written in such a cringe way it was surprising how well it was done
  9. Strat was fun but it's not a GOTY caliber game
  10. Finished it Not sure which is my GOTY between those and Elden Ring Elden Ring has the stronger first half, Ragnarok the stronger second half Elden Ring better exploration, but I always appreciate how Ragnarok builds puzzle progression into the exploration. ER has more copy and paste content and some areas feel weaker than others. Both feel pretty equal in terms of overall content given. There are entire hidden areas within Ragnarok that don't show up until late or post game Felt like Ragnarok was the more challenging game that requi
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