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  1. That’s some S-rank cringe content, I’ve got to watch more thank god for incels
  2. Launch years suck GOW and Horizon will definitely be delayed
  3. Rachel Maddow for the last 4 years
  4. Wow 35 years and it got demolished already by the 5 year old Rocket League
  5. He is psychotic but an obvious pussy too so he won’t do anything
  6. Can we get a ban bet going on who the next person in jail will be?
  7. I’m sure the hormones help improve complexion and probably your body hair goes away Plus they’d be shaving and taking better care so they can pass as a woman There was a trans female to male at my last job nobody would have ever guessed because he was hairy and had a full beard. The only thing still feminine was that he had big ass hips which I wouldn’t have noticed at all if I hadn’t found out he was trans Ive also seen transitions with balding dudes who regrow a full head of hair. Which I didn’t realise was possible
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