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  1. Thats your idea of pretty good? That's the worst launch lineup in history
  2. Their last game scored 5/10. Will they st least make it a 6 this time?
  3. Damn MS really struggling to sell out
  4. Honestly I hope this all pays off for MS. Exclusives are everything, I'll happily pay for an Xbox if they get back to 2007 levels of quality output
  5. This is for the original game remastered, not Miles Morales
  6. FFXIV is basically the old Matsuno team and this will be too. Expecting the best FF since 12, maybe better as Matsuno left halfway. It also has DMC combat designers apparently Also expecting it to be a real classic style FF. Great story, grounded, and way more expansive with great side quests, and elements like jobs
  7. Demons Souls OG has awful animation, this is far improved
  8. Didnt he say PS5 was going to be $600 last week? Hasn't he also been trolling PS5 for months to get even for negativity about Xbox?
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