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  1. Yes, they’ve coopted the left. Most on the left think these people are lunatics
  2. Sony Bend went from handheld to a massive open world. Monster Hunter and Dragon Quest also had massive leaps forward Gamefreak just don’t give a shit. No ambition
  3. MS have picked up these decent devs and greenlit whatever trash half baked idea they had lying around that would have been rejected by every publisher while they were third party
  4. I bought my laptop for this. Hope it’s good
  5. Rare: “so we have a new game pitch for you” MS: “ok It’s been 10 years since you’ve come up with something good and original, so let’s hear it” Rare: “have you ever watched Princess Mononoke?” MS: “yeah?” Rare: “that’s the whole pitch...”
  6. Is this worth picking up without internet connectivity? My new place isn’t hooked up yet
  7. This is coming out? Why is the facial animation so awful lmao. It’s like they didn’t try with that
  8. Looks like the type of lineup Phil ‘the fraud’ Harrison would assemble
  9. I find it odd how famous he seems to be. I even heard them talking about him by name on the radio yesterday. He definitely didn’t have this notoriety 10 years ago and MGS1-3 were more like 7-8 million sellers
  10. Man that Shadow Moses part hits me in the nostalgia Amazing that MGS4 is now older than MGS was when MGS4 released
  11. So is Shu essentially in Adam Boyes old role and Herman is in Shi’a old role? Actually seems like a good fit as Guerrilla have been huge for technology sharing and promoting WWS