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  1. I haven’t bought it because all I need is Rocket League and God of War
  2. The only fucked up thing is that dumb motherfucker Javier having registrations closed while 1.6 million people visited the site
  3. Witcher 3 I liked 1 and 2 a lot but 3 never clicked with me.
  4. I’m not breaking your balls just genuinely curious if there is anything outside of identity politics that makes people vote right - so I asked what policies you like
  5. No he took an internet poll to find out how he should vote
  6. Fraudulent elections, full control of state media and TV. Hasn’t truly given up power for decades If the shoe fits
  7. Hahahahaha Yes, you’re a moron. Preferring a dictatorship to having a variety of values and policies you can actually vote for in a democracy. You wouldn’t even be allowed to criticise Putin and that’s what you want