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  1. Mickey Mouse dies and is revived by the power of light cast by the love that Cloud has for Cinderella. Truly beautiful
  2. Joycons sucking and being too small is no joke. Tiny in the hand, tiny buttons, triggers suck. Feels like compromises all over the place. It’s unusable as a standalone controller and only reasonable when attached to the screen If Nintendo do an XL with bigger joycons I would immediately upgrade. For now it’s mosty the pro controller
  3. Well it’s either that or they start hiring semi-famous hosts which will turn it into a bad Ubisoft conference
  4. You actually validate your manliness by supporting Trump?
  5. Might as well put Souls in the discussion by that logic
  6. Freedom of speech is not freedom from consequences
  7. These evil lefties ruining Christmas playlists on radio stations in bumfuck nowhere better make this national news
  8. Didn’t know they had Discord on Sega Genesis