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  1. The irony of a lemming posting this when everything MS has revealed for Xbox has been a concept trailer years away. Some games like Everwild they admitted to not even knowing what the game would be
  2. I need to get back to the gym i got in much better shape last year when I was off work doing a 12 week challenge. Now I’m turning into TJ
  3. Jake Paul is seriously dumb as a brick Thats the sort of shit that could get Logan’s whole fight cancelled and they would have to compensate Mayweather Mayweather had a similar no touching before the fight clause in the Conor fight. And that’s why Dana was with him for every moment
  4. Insomniac released 12 games between 2013 and 2016 including Sunset Overdrive They’ve been much better since then just focusing on 1-2 projects at a time
  5. All I need to do is make a character who looks like Cooke and there’s your disabled character
  6. Medium is 756p with TAA to upscale while barely hitting 30 FPS. They are both UE4 so it’s the same tech. It doesn’t checkerboard to 4K so it’s actually a worse solution. Denial is a hell of a drug 1080p @ 60 fps is pushing more pixels than 756p @ 30 fps, even rendering twice
  7. Literally ignoring the evidence in front of your face. It barely surpasses 720p, going far lower than Returnal when pushed. And at half the frame rate And they both use the same UE4 up scaling technique. Lemij getting wrecked for a 71 Meta multiplat
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