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  1. 2003 graphics remastered into 2007 graphics
  2. Too bad Shitendo don't make games like this anymore. Just casual trash like Animal Crossing, yearly Pokemon flops and Kirby games
  3. Nah Gamepass is more like you pay $10 a month for unlimited access to canned chicken and spam
  4. none, that's every relevant game GC had
  5. Game of Thrones didn't hit 8 million until season 7 and its highest ever was the show finale at 13.6 million
  6. I think it was that and they started going into the SW2 forum to ban people
  7. Is that Carver at the start
  8. Sony doesn't have to sign anything. The contention is between MS and regulators, and the regulators are not letting this pass without guarantees of non exclusivity at the bare minimum. Microsoft will be tied to all agreements it makes with the regulators. MS trying to make COD an exclusive after all their statements will just result in lawsuits out the ass to have them divested And that's all if it gets through, which is wont
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