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  1. Werrent lemmings hyping up stealing a Kojima game?
  2. Holy shit that was bad MS are the masters of disappointment. Billions spent on acquisitions and this is the tripe they deliver? LMAO
  3. Im a bit shocked how much I'm enjoying this game, bought it but only expected an average game I've never been the biggest Ratchet fan but this game is really firing on all cylinders Even the writing which I found so cringe it was hard to play in the 2016 game, is way better here Its not going to challenge Mario for platforming but it still does a decent job there, I'd say its actually more of a legit good third person shooter and constantly creative and fun
  4. Said the unwashed hermshit who sits up all night refreshing new egg to waste money on the newest trash from Nvidia
  5. Glad to see Netflix are correcting the creative decisions of the racist Japanese creators and ensuring there are no white people in this
  6. This is what happens when they start bringing them back to xbox
  7. It is random, they just reuse a bucket of assets to match map data And it mostly comes out looking like shit
  8. LMAO last gen ass game developed with Xbox One S in mind looks better than Ratchet Do you believe your own nonsense
  9. We are Meanwhile PC has so little to play that all you do is port beg PS5 games
  10. Hermits, like lemmings, love waiting for promises and wasting money on hardware that never gets exclusives
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