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  1. Microsoft is run by retards As if we didn't already know this
  2. Supports the shittest most divisive President in history who single handedly divided the country worse than in over a century Then asks for civility No shame at all
  3. Trump essentially told them to march on the capitol and they did so. There must be some argument that they were only following what the sitting Government and President directed them to do. Combined with ignorance of the legality of what they were doing. Not that I think they didn't know what they were doing but it feels really murky when you're being told to do something illegal by the President
  4. "You're talking to a old school hardcore Squaresoft fan (circa SNES-PS1) here." Lmao do you want a prize for being a fan of games literally everyone has played? Stfu
  5. Haven't played it but have installed it from PS Plus Collection I generally don't like open world games though so my expectations are low Everyone seems to love it though. The 5 out of 10 seems pretty ridiculous compared to fan reception
  6. I wonder how many will just get off because they were following the sitting Presidents direction
  7. The Chernobyl guy is the writer producer. TV series will generally have a bunch of different directors Also this guy was nominated for an Oscar
  8. I dont get why Eminem garners so many haters The guy put out some of the best rap albums of all time. And he is no longer at his peak but his stuff is still good. Not many artists could still hit number 1 album time after time for over 20 years, yet he is still doing it
  9. Wake up your man has co opted the conservative party and brought to the forefront a racist, nationalistic ideology centred around one man's egotistic endeavour to gain singular control and has now attempted a coup
  10. Most Nazi supporters didn't kill Jews or start a war, didn't stop them from being culpable for supporting fascism You are a Nazi supporter in 1923. Time to wake up and learn from history
  11. After all this time I'm still not sure if you're stupid as fuck or a great troll
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