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  1. Honestly though she's a fucking idiot. She's a multi billionaire trying to get in on the oppression olympics
  2. If you miss it as a kid you probably won't like it. Half the magic of it is kids wishing they could go to magic school
  3. All of these are on PS Plus Extra now anyway, it's redundant
  4. Only area it struggles is character models particularly faces But top tier in other metrics
  5. WiiU is the worst console of all time. So bad people forget it even existed
  6. At least Phil is honest there They probably sold Bungie to MS originally for like a million dollars Smartest thing their ownership did was get their ownership back and then sell themselves for 100x that years later
  7. Yeah it was input lag, they intentionally programmed that in I assume. It was like 300ms input lag on the aim from memory
  8. Facts. Reviewers chase trends Open world = OMFG so amazing
  9. It's a good game but the combat is so bad I don't get how reviewers were handing out 10s
  10. I remember the gunplay being quite good. Great weapon feel and sound, good feedback, enemy animations when you shot them are still good to this day But they undermined all that cause of the input lag which was beyond ridiculous
  11. Elden Ring has some of the deepest lore and world building around. It may not surface in long cutscenes but the effort they put into the backstories and lore is found all throughout the descriptions and hidden conversations. Having all that work put into the lore is what makes their worlds feel so well realised. It's the biggest difference between From Software and the million clones out there
  12. I like Arkham more but the reason I like it more is the world building, story, art and characters are done better. The actual core mechanics of Spiderman are much better - it has better combat, a better upgrade system, better traversal mechanics. It's actually a great example of how elements of story are the thing that differentiates the good from great I agree a game with poor gameplay is still going to be a lesser experience - eg I cant stomach RDR2. But when we are talking the best of gaming it is often that the gameplay is great already. For me you can't have a trul
  13. GOW gameplay is phenomenal. You are talking nonsense. Spiderman games have stronger gameplay than the Arkham games but weaker story Story matters because it elevates the experience to a level that games with bad stories never reach. And that includes elements like strong world building. Replayability is irrelevent. I will take a 10/10 first play through over an 8/10 game with replayability
  14. America Everyone here gets 2 weeks off
  15. Story in a game is the most meaningful quality of a game
  16. It's lame though Cows cause Sony milk the cows Lemmings cause they are green and will follow MS off a cliff Sheep cause they follow Nintendo blindly who constantly own them Hermits cause they are stink ass losers with no friends All of that still works 15 years later
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