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  1. She could be ruthless but she also was protective of those who were being unfairly treated. War crimes, rape victims, slaves etc. she was always able to make the right distinction. I could totally buy that she lost that, became more and more ruthless but they needed to earn it not have it be the flick of a switch
  2. I agree. I really enjoyed the last season But I can also see where some of the hate is coming from. I think they could could have made Dany’s turn one of the all time great moments. But it had to be earned and consistent with her characterisation. Even if she snapped in the moment, she needed to show something in the last episode. A regretful and reflective Dany would have made the decision she made more powerful. Having started rewatching the whole series, she has has always wanted to be a “good” leader and always displayed a good moral compass. She helped those who needed helping. There was no real trigger to move move her away from that, and if it was purely the heat of war that needed to be reflected on by Dany. It was too simplistic and strayed from the “shades of grey” that every character exhibited in the writing They justified her turn being that the people didn’t love her but her entire arc in Mereen is that being loved doesn’t make you a good leader, learning to rule and politics. Nothing seemed learned there. She should know from experience not everyone will like her I ultimately like the idea, but it needed more time. And most people are right that the season should have been 10 episodes
  3. The first and only positive feedback MS has had all gen was their accessibility controller. So they are now basing their entire future strategy around it Talk about hungry for affection
  4. Three episodes ago people were complaining the women are Mary Sues. Now at the end we see some demonstrably flawed and interesting female characters who went through the most compelling story arcs of the show and the problem is that their endings weren’t perfect and happy
  5. I would not be surprised to see PSNow and older Nintendo titles make their way to Xbox
  6. I love this show Was a good ending, some great dialogue and acting in this episode. Sad to see it end Cant wait for the Arya sequel
  7. I wish we got the real FFXII
  8. While I don’t think they will, the loss leader model would be Moreno viable than ever before The majority of profits on a console these days will be from services, subscriptions and royalties. Taking a loss on hardware to maintain the biggest revenue from these services is more viable than the days where it was just royalties and hardware profits
  9. Nothing will redeem it for those who hate it because it doesn’t match the theory they bought into 2 years ago and the “slay queen” Dany stans
  10. I wouldn’t be surprised if all of the big 3 are now looking at ways of consolidating the oligopoly and gating out Google, Amazon and whoever else tries to take a swing at the market
  11. Uncharted 4 released 6 months after its mocap finished. TLOU2 finished mocap last month
  12. There is nothing wrong with a heel turn. And it doesn’t need to be a calculated move. It’s more than well established that Targaryens border the line of insanity, and Daenerys has always walked that thin line between trying to be a good leader and giving into her “fire and blood” instincts
  13. I care. But I also don’t expect D&D to go and write the rest of the story on the level of one of the best fantasy authors ever. And to do it in Months whereas GRRM takes years. Im enjoying the show for what it is now. Fantastically directed fantasy attempting to tie together an unfinished story I feel bad for them. The internet is raging at them like they signed up to finish GRRMs story’s for him. its George’s fault. 8 years to finish the damn books, and then he stops working on the show when it becomes a conflict of interest