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  1. Could MS have launched a more boring console? Same UI, same controller, same last gen games, no exclusives, shitty graphics on every showcase. No wonder there is zero interest in the console This walkthrough has barely scraped over 500k views on YouTube. PS5 UI was over 5 million in the same timeframe and is now at 11 million
  2. Yeah everyone is ripping on how bad it was
  3. Oh cool what are they talking about I wonder?
  4. They obviously want someone young to make a franchise if its a hit And a young Drake story sounds a lot more interesting than retreading the same story as the games
  5. Is this coming from the fanbase that has to replace their drifting joycons every 6 months?
  6. I liked how in Rocky 3 he does all this movement training but his tactic in the end is just to take more punches to the face than his opponent
  7. Both look better than Halo Infinite
  8. Can we get back on topic of how much Xbox sucks
  9. Disclaimer: Locking this thread is a legal admission of loving it in the ass Back in June: Now: Wonder why they did that
  10. Never coming to Xbox Gameless
  11. Bad. RDNA2 has a 25% performance improvement on RDNA1 IF Xbox is using RDNA1 CUs and PS5 is using RDNA2 CUs, PS5s GPU could end up with superior performance We will find out in a few weeks from AMD
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