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  1. Remember when lemmings promised monthly AAA games. I remember
  2. It kinda looks ass, RT is a waste of resources Forza Horizon devs were smart to not bother with RT and put that computation into other aspects
  3. I'll end in your golden saucer if you don't shut up
  4. And that's why Part 2 is PS5 exclusive
  5. The amount or BS said about this flop at launch was amazing
  6. Yeah not buying their game will show them PC gamers want to buy their game
  7. Xbox fans wouldn't be feeling the butthurt so much if Starfield didn't look so trash
  8. I prefer the new look for Tess. Her whole section of the story was meh cause I couldn't relate to her character. Maybe it was that the character model wasn't quite as well animated as others
  9. Damn that was a shit conference. I expected them to blow us away but MS is just so low quality across the board. Redfall and Starfield looked like hot shit. So many games missing and in dev hell. Expansions for Minecraft, Sea of Thieves, and Grounded as your major new announcements
  10. They are releasing a trailer at the end of June, I know somebody in PS marketing team. I expect that trailer will have the release date
  11. Just buy a PS5 if you love them so much. Most of those are already free with PS Plus
  12. Doesn't share any branding, world, or even the same gameplay loop as Dark or Demons Souls. Don't mistake the director having signature elements to his games making them a single IP And from a purely business perspective, new trademarks and copyrights were created for Bloodborne which are owned by Sony - unlike Dark Souls owned by Bandai Namco. It is 100% a new IP In fact something like Portal would be even less of a new IP seeing as it lifts the first person mechanics of Half Life 2 directly, and is in the same world.
  13. Technically something like Spiderman isn't a new IP, it is a licensed IP. And it definitely doesn't carry the same risk factor as creating a new IP does Bloodborne is 100% a new IP though. Having some design elements in common with their other games doesn't prevent that. It'd be like saying TLOU wasn't a new IP cause it had design elements in common with Uncharted, or Portal isn't a new IP cause it has elements of Half Life
  14. I dont know if it's Phil so much as whoever is in charge of first party studios, Matt Booty He has overseen a particularly poor bunch of years
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