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  1. Liar you’re thinking about playing it right now aren’t you
  2. Sabo: Laughs at people playing an old ass game like FFVII Also Sabo: Boots up Ninja Gaiden for the 12 millionth time
  3. I’d fuck the socialism right out of AOC
  4. @DynamiteCop! I’m going to win the lotto this week prove me wrong
  5. One of the GOATs Nothing like it before or since
  6. Didn’t you read? He can fix her age with a few months of keto
  7. The only correct thing in a thread like this is whatever Deeno tries to argue against
  8. If I was good I’d start a Youtube channel
  9. Not really I did a bunch of years in marketing but I really couldn’t see my passion in it Started a business which I loved but didn’t have that unique money making idea Now in a decent Human Resources role earning over $100k a year, which I’m enjoying but is full of company politics and definitely feel like I’m back in the rat race I see myself going back to being a business owner eventually Been priced out of the Sydney property owning market with prices starting near $1.5 million which has been a real disappointment
  10. Is it me or does Brad Pitt just play the same guy from Inglorious Basterds in every movie now
  11. None of these pretenders will compete with Sony / MS who can launch a streaming license as part of the retail version you buy. Best of both worlds I expect some sort of major native Twitch integration in the next PS/XB based on the YouTube announcement too
  12. Can’t wait for Last boss on 1% health Going for killing strike ”are you happy with your insurance provider” ( Skip ad in 5..4..3..2..1)
  13. It’s interesting. Telling anyone you posted in a video game community or watched video games for hours a day when we were teens would be laughable. Shit even being a serious gamer was laughable These days following game streamers, playing games, being on Reddit, aspiring to be a pro gamer is what every kid does