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  1. I think they should stop selling the game and recall all sold copies for her safety and let Naughty Dog pay for it
  2. They did something, unlike mayor Durkan or anyone else for that matter Also while on topic: https://nypost.com/2020/07/02/seattle-sees-525-percent-spike-in-crime-thanks-to-chop-mayor-durkan/ Seattle sees 525 percent spike in crime thanks to CHOP: Mayor Durkan Seattle saw a staggering 525 percent spike in crime as a result of the violence that swept through the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest zone, according to Mayor Jenny Durkan. Durkan’s emergency order booting protesters from the six-block cop-free zone makes mention of the “narcotics use and violent crime, including rape, robbery, assault, and increased gang activity” within the CHOP since it first emerged in early June. June 2 to June 30 saw the 525 percent jump in crime compared to the same period last year. It includes “22 additional incidents, in person-related crime in the area, to include two additional homicides, 6 additional robberies, and 16 additional aggravated assaults (to include 2 additional non-fatal shootings),” Durkan’s order on Tuesday says. The CHOP crime spree includes the deaths of two black teens, ages 19 and 16, who were fatally shot in separate incidents. Durkan authorized police to take back the streets, saying conditions in the CHOP “have deteriorated to the point where public health, life, and safety are threatened by activities in and around this area.”
  3. He didn't get any sort of response for 2 weeks, couldn't even see his son for a week when he went to the hospital. No phone calls, no police explaining what exactly happened with his son, and Sean Hannity of all people being the first person with some kind of reach to actually offer his condolences
  4. I partially saw an interview he gave, kinda ridiculous how no one showed up or called even when he went to the hospital. And no media either of course, not the right content. Summer of love.
  5. Apparently someone responsible for thousands of deaths and who raped his female guards and even underage ones isn't all that bad, even when you actually know about it as a president. Just smile and shake hands
  6. Ah yes, the angelic leftists who turned social media into doxxing tools to ruin lives over petty things, very honorable and cultured people
  7. The site's getting trolled by leftoids who can't handle the fact that anyone dares to go against the wrongthink Gestapo, they're rightfully getting filtered out As for other users getting banned, it's probably gonna happen until things maybe normalize on both sides and we can start having real discussions without anyone trying to silence each other. Left's been doing it for years, I'm not naive to think it won't happen as some sort of revenge when people on the right start having their own versions of Twitter and Facebook.
  8. Stop your dishonest boot licking Pointing out uncomfortable truths is seen as a violation by these sites and news outlets who even close or don't have a comment section if the topic is too 'sensitive' because leftoidism can't work without censorship
  9. Clearly you have someone credible in mind if Tucker isn't, so who is it? Chris Cuomo? rofl
  10. People will post White with a capital W in defiance to this absurd undertaking and they will eventually get banned for 'racism' when they do so on forums and social media, just watch. More than 100 paid staff members got together to discuss this, think about it... America is a lost cause you guys are batshit insane and have lost your god damn minds Contain your toxic culture and don't spread it around the world ffs
  11. Instead of just being glad that vile cunt got finally captured take a look at the useful idiots dancing around the fire and using any opportunity to fuel their Trump hate ritual, absolutely obsessed