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  1. GD then realized that his question became the challenging puzzle
  2. sheep trying to convince you how they're also getting Monster Hunter games, with no games to show for
  3. Yep, that will put them cards to use :tj: PC so poor lmfao
  4. I don't know how I'll live without 20-year-old game ports, so triggered
  5. studied the wrong field and born 50 years too early. No mechanical race horse for me
  6. ^ that's just where the smelly nerdmit programmers work, even without a nose the robot admits defeat
  7. Elliot Rodger, video was so unbelievably cringey the guy spoke like a bad movie psychopath
  8. God DAMN One day these fuckers will sprint at 50mph holding machine guns and make 10-feet jumps, killling any poor slob in its path with perfect accuracy and reaction time. Kids will get miniature toys of what we see in these vids now as Christmas presents, with more agility and fighting options. And we're gonna miss all of it
  9. One hit wonder franchise Is Kiwami 2 Yakushit 2's remake? I liked it more than the others I played
  10. Beta testers hbfr, brag more about sales