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  1. When is Polish punk releasing? I think jederpey should be banned for a month if he hasn't built his PosC on that day and posted proof because it will mean he's been lying the whole time. The perm ban bet can follow later
  2. Those look like brochure cutouts for santa's wishlist
  3. Somebody noted jederpey's address last time? Let's send him some sandpaper and varnish for that table
  4. I don't care enough, but I'll reply all night to you to get the last post
  5. Jederpey is already boiling a pot of water to soften the glue on the box seals to own you, careful there
  6. How about honor your perm bet with Jonb first bunkbedrey normal people don't need to create all this secrecy and drama over some electronic parts they claim to own, they just post it and end the discussion right there. But this clown lies so much about everything and doubles down on everything to keep the lie going it's pathetic and nobody buys it, you're getting permed and no other forum will ever accept or listen to you
  7. He's probably taking the year 2077 quite literally
  8. Bunkbedrey building fortresses with PC component boxes with his brother since they can't build a complete PC
  9. Gekkosan was trying to claim ownage with sheep having this to look forward to
  10. Call it what you want, but they're sitting everywhere but your bunkbed bedroom
  11. People with no PS5's and no completed PCs trying to claim ownage with said devices still sitting in depots and shipping containers Povertywars
  12. Triple post fuming, maybe there's some truth to the height
  13. I love you guys the drama peaks always keep me coming back
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