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  1. Usually not, I think i did it out of frustration. The part I recorded was actually the least noisy. The guy had seriously one of the loudest snores I ever heard Then it goes all quiet for like 5 seconds from his sleep apnea and it starts again, the whole night through like this. I don't even know if I slept that night I was in a state of sleep deprivation, drowsiness and numbness. Like I said this was the hardest part of the whole ordeal lmao
  2. I wonder how much woke propaganda they'll pump into this flop
  3. The only redeeming factor seems like you can be the bad guy and try to kill those wimps
  4. The demo has a new update with online play and a more difficult level to go through if you talk to the black guy in the Home Base. Demo progress should also carry over to the full game as well
  5. Should be called Outside Xbox from now on since there's nothing left inside
  6. bhytre

    Lol canada

    All these hypocrites with their holier-than-thou attitudes are the same, glad this cown is getting exposed
  7. Looks like I made it brehs, seems like not everything Xflop related dies All in all, that was a piece of cake. Barely have any pain either, just some Kanye West cheeks I thought I could go home by myself with a cab after all things were done but apparently here you need a chaperone in the first 24H to baby monitor you or you can't leave the hospital. So I spent the night in the dungeon of death. Honestly the hardest part was the guy next to me snoring like an elephant and having sleep apnea, I thought he was gonna die every time it went quiet https://vocaroo.com/i/s0SVRSYQvLmm
  8. Yet overall interest in Xbox has never been so low, something doesn't add up
  9. Finding a solution to clipping would be great too, maybe not fun if every action you take gets blocked by a wall or obstacle in games like Dark Souls, but I want to see how it could work out. Swords grinding against the wall or hitting the top of a door frame, limbs not moving through small obstacles, stuff like that.
  10. I don't know how it's in the US but I only got prescribed some weak shit like paracetamol, a 3-day antibiotic and some soluble powder drink to fight infections and a mouth wash. I really considered going with local sedation but I hate the thought of going twice through this. Plus a slight chance of dying would be kind of a relief for me
  11. It's my turn tomorrow, gonna have all 4 removed under full anesthesia With local sedation I'd have to go twice they told me If you don't see me post again I've either died or become a vegetable, carry on in my stead I love you all