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  1. What a shit developer, fishing for ownage lmao You know what runs smoothly in 4K though?
  2. I don't like it but seems we're heading that way anyway, collectors HBFR
  3. Looks like Jederpey didn't get the last word, useless even at his own shtick
  4. We got Remipee so riled up he had to open Photoshop at 1 AM
  5. "after the flute, they came on stage with a banjo. The next year, Sony cancelled the show completely. I pretended I didn't care and that we were winning this way, it was hard to deal with. Thankfully I had the help of this guy who pretended to be a PC gamer, I can't say his name but let's call him Arthurmiji. He had a lot of free time back then since he didn't get this game called RDR 2 on his $4000 PC, it was nice of him to help me out but even he couldn't put up with the lies anymore... He bought the PS4 version and turned blind from the low resolution, I haven't seen him since..." "It's ok Lynuts, it's ok"
  6. Hey Remipee RDR2 X Remipee BTFO