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  1. Dinosaur gaming You don't know about the epic story and all th- PLEASE INSERT DISC 3 lmfaoooooooooo 😭
  2. FFVIIR btfo the original Picking commands from a menu it was SO good guys! M-Maybe if I move the cursor and choose att- 😭 lmfaoooooo David p and Remipee still seething, still getting owned, will keep getting owned
  3. lmfao that quote got me weak Jederpey got Hiroshima/Nagasaki'd
  4. Jederpey getting owned will evolve from a daily ritual to a new religion, losing is his god
  5. Jesus that's sad It's like a 95% off bargain bin of indie trash games
  6. We can rule out suicide by firearm since he keeps shooting blanks Looks like all the firepower went into getting blown out of space, not Even Elon Musk could help him land back safely
  7. Where would you rank this amongst all the Zelda games you ever played?
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