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  1. Yakushit's gameplay over its iterations has been so simple and repetitive that this switch in its combat might actually be more fun to play
  2. I think I'll play RE3 and sell my PS4 right after, the console's gonna be useless with PS5's BC in mind
  3. bhytre


    Cows are starting to panic
  4. Probably same for me as far as higher budget games go. Fighting robots in a Gears game with a team of twinks just LOL. Played like 2 chapters before I binned it
  5. They definitely will release some next gen versions later to make people double dip
  6. Recuckera cows are losing their shit, unable to hide their Sony bias any longer Sheepets fuming itt It's over
  7. SNES was better overall but Genesis was cooler to own from what I remember, Sega's marketing was way more aggressive in that regard and the SNES had more censorship.
  8. Bangers after bang- ...