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  1. I once had a mare named Mary. The whore was hairy, but not the mare Mary.
  2. The effect are pretty nice, not my kinda game though
  3. Madmaltits trying to throw a bone for the sheep who won't even enter the thread, it's all in vain they already bid their adieu BYE
  4. They're gonna feel so left out on Friday, forced to hide behind cows once more if they want to have any RE2 discussions
  5. Just being overweight is and feels disgusting. I don't know what kind of coping mechanism obese people have built in to let themselves get so huge and be ok with it, it's awful. Snacks and junk food also taste disgusting after you haven't eaten them for a while. Had some crisps and cookies the other day and was asking myself why I even bothered. The processed garbage is not even that tasty and only feels good for a few seconds. Actually sitting at the table hungry after working hard all day and not eating snacks feels so much better when you eat your meal. Say no to Amerifat cuisine.
  6. Nothing else for months, TSHBK
  7. In a way it's kinda sad how so many people can't discuss some sensitive topics without getting uncomfortable and shutting the conversation down preemptively. If there's really racist slurs being thrown around you can always wield the ban hammer. Even with dark humor people get all butt-hurt, but that's partially meant to happen
  8. bhytre


    If you don't enjoy just riding around and enjoying the scenery it won't be for you, along the lengthy story this is a big draw of the game and the map is huge. Personally I found it one of the best and most relaxing games I've ever played, production values and level of detail are insane. Best of all it's not on PC, THHBFR
  9. Just came to reply without reading any of this, spoiler: it plays in Raccoon City
  10. All I see is Cobra Kai colors actually matching my avatar, even trolling lemgods you can't do right LMFAO Lemgod sensei vs. sheepets, bovines and hemsmells who want to become manly
  11. Literally an unstoppable, funny and charismatic faction. We could even sport a tea set and you guys would still cry about us on the regular I mean you guys are so threatened from a handful of posters that you feel the need to change our faction's color, that's reality
  12. I always believed it from the moment I put the VR goggles on but it's just that the tech is really ghetto right now. But in 10-20 years this is gonna be insane, we started off with TV-games like Pong and look what we have now (like RDR2 *jab* ) Well, you better pray it continues growing, literally the only way PC GFX cards have any use