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  1. Trash consoles keep pulling up this babysitting shit, don't even know if I'll be buying any next gen system to be honest. Beta nerds and feminists with a chip on their shoulder need to be eradicated from this industry
  2. I don't agree with banning abortion when it comes to rape, one reason they may have included it is so there won't be an abuse with false rape accusations to get an abortion after all. And if you follow the news you know that women aren't shy of playing that game. Either way it's a good call even with this collateral damage, take responsibility for your actions LOL. We're turning back the clock and becoming decent folks again, no more free baby murdering choose your partners carefully
  3. PosC market tearing itself and its dumb fans apart... It's beautiful
  4. Most older PosC parts are still worth nothing, why is this different?
  5. lol walking around in pictures... BEST GAME EBER!1 ROFL
  6. Gameplay looks quite horrendous, I guess it's following its original design closely
  7. Asian girl are thirsty af BIG WHITE 13.webm
  8. How quickly the sheep tried to change the subject Just DMC1 LMFAO, TSHBMFAR
  9. I think the flight back is gonna be really hard on you Drop a coin somewhere so you're always reminded that you need to come back for it
  10. Why patent it when its made for Microsoft employees
  11. Becoming so irrelevant you have to release something from the past again to try and stay relevant and keep your head above water
  12. raped 1556996142245.webm
  13. Serial killer looking ass nikka You should definitely try and teach there for a year if you can, it's not like you have anything to lose No regrets or what ifs later on and you'll see for yourself which direction you'll take going forward. Canada or Japan, either way you'll be surrounded by foreigners