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  1. They forgot to add a few polygons
  2. My favorites are burpees and using a heavy slam ball with pivoting side throws against the wall or overhead slams to the floor. Releases the inner caveman in me
  3. Never tried 3 but I can tell that's gonna be a challenge Farmer walks are worth doing for the forearm DOMS alone
  4. Locked out cross-play, locked out internal controller access, locked out from gamers' wallets
  5. Graphics are nothing special looking at the trailer but that will look great in VR, similar VR titles have much less going on right now. Object interaction looks good too, there are a lot of small objects on that shelf which looks a bit more serious compared to all the oversized things you usually see in VR games. Best of all THHBFR 15 years later still no HL3 go buy that VR headset and controller pair Gabe needs your milk money
  6. There's Bitchute but I don't think it's that popular so far
  7. That's also the best they'll ever do this close to launch lmao
  8. Pointless and very mismanaged. At least they got a good controller out, but even that needed batteries
  9. Nothing flopped harder than Germany
  10. All these years of waiting and begging Vavle and hermits still didn't get what they want
  11. Piccadilly lmfao, those busses that block eveything in the middle with that small passage in between, infuriating shit Aniyah Palace is like a ghost town even with 20 players, was probably a Ground War map before it has to be Euphrates Bridge, fucking sniper sanctuary Though I eventually found a strategy to get to the other side and spawn kill everyone time and time again which was the only fun I had on that filthy map Man the maps really piss me off, it's not like Infinity Ward didn't have any experience before making them what the hell