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  1. GeaRsTX off lmao, stop defending this pos game because you're starving for something to put your GPU to work
  2. That smell of tooth dust I don't really trust anaesthesia, what if my butthole hurts when I wake up with my wisdom teeth still intact and the dentists just laugh as I try to make sense of the situation?
  3. Gonna have to do the same thing soon, one got infected a few weeks ago and it spread through half of my lower jaw. The pain was legendary Useless trash, I hate it
  4. Well, you have people who manage to support even worse things the same way, like... Street Fighter V
  5. Well it's not supposed to work separately, it's a handheld after all
  6. Looks like absolute trash Polish trash
  7. Vanilla Ice is getting too old for this shit
  8. After Anarchy Reigns this is the best multiplayer brawler people could come up with
  9. "Only in America can a person go to college and come out dumber" Top comment pretty much wraps it up
  10. Play my level please 234D-U3UD-FG3G-GE53-G343-T5V5-3Y64-46UV4-V425-H6JV-V56J-V5JV4-46U5-B87B-5V7J-57V7-TSHB-RAPE-DLOL