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  1. That's diving gear, the sunken ship must be close to Xbox HQ
  2. TCHBMFAR! Damn now I hope someone burns down Naughty Flop's studio at night so all the code gets detroyed and rids us from this filthy liberal propaganda piece for good
  3. Lmfao at the resident leftnuts praying that the likes of Trump and Boris Johnson die because they see it as the only opportunity to make things go back to how they used to be
  4. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/06/world/coronavirus-domestic-violence.html "A New Covid-19 Crisis: Domestic Abuse Rises Worldwide"
  5. https://www.metacritic.com/game/playstation-4/final-fantasy-vii-remake Nailed it
  6. From what I've played I'm expecting something like 87-89 at Metacritic
  7. Having a good time with FFVII Remake. Didn't play the original past a few hours because it was so damn ugly when I picked it up a few years later so it's all new to me. Game is absolutely gorgeous and the attention to detail is amazing, even the NPCs have their mouths animated when they randomly talk. Also unlike games like Flop of War and Horizon ZD it runs perfectly quiet on my PS4 Pro without the fans going full speed, Japanese expertise at work Dialogues in the cutscenes are kinda cringey and gay sometimes in typical Japanese weeaboo fashion but that's maybe the tone from the English voice actors that makes it worse. Tifa's boobs and abs are amazing. Pacing is good and fast, there's plenty going on with quick changes of scenery and a lot of battles so you're never stuck for too long in the same place. Might be disappointing if you like to explore a lot in JRPGs, there's like 6 side quests in the beginning and there's not much else up to chapter 8 where I'm at atm and where that smelly cow Madmatese is. Combat it very fun and blazing fast. Takes a bit getting used to at first since you can control all characters on the fly with the D-pad. It's hard to keep up with everything that's going on-screen but it gets very satisfying when you start to link your attacks and abilities together with your party members and keep switching back and forth for massive damage, it's very satisfying when you pull it off. Only thing that annoys me in the battles is the camera sometimes but mainly the locking target cursor that moves all over the place and switches from enemies and boss appendages as they move around. Maybe there are options to change that I'll have to look for it a bit later when I feel like it. It's great so far but not always perfect
  8. Did they really change Jill's OG outfit into shorts? PC version for me I'm afraid, I'm not gonna support this kind of cucksole censorship of the same game 21 years later