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  1. Thinking of all these PosC nerds raging hard and breaking their neon keyboards because they can't beat it makes me happy
  2. Damn Sekiro sucks major ass, ugly ass game too.
  3. No collusion The wall is being built Trump 2020 re-elected This is your reality, bookmark that
  4. Literally nothing from the Mueller report, libcucks just keep on losing
  5. please be good please be good please be good! It's gonna suck get real
  6. I bet fans of the first will mod out everything they don't want to see Lmao Americuck politics
  7. "let's patch some shadows in to make these early adopters shut up and spend their money " -RTX game patcher lmfaoooo early adopter garbage, you can barely tell the difference fuck you shillmiji
  8. seems like they're feeling the heat from Epic's game store