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  1. Hear that Remipee, no abusing powers Have fun Mr. janitor lmfao, Jederpey ruining another thread on aisle 4, chop-chop go
  2. Demod this pauper Cocke, he can't be trusted Finger already itching to edit my post, I know how you feel
  3. The name's Remipee, at Systemwars I work for free since I have nothing to play on my PC
  4. Yakuza, the story got bad really quickly.
  5. TEW2 is so godly Health -> defiance skill is good so you don't die needlessly if you get hit when low on health Atheleticm -> Stamina & stamina recovery, always useful when needing to run away Stealth -> Prowler and Predator, move faster when crouched and start sneak kills from a distance
  6. They both have a place to exist, except on Ditch lmao. TSHBFR
  7. This thread just shows how pathetic existance as a sheep really is. Rejoicing over handheld sales ( )while you'll see none of the biggest games of the year on your system or those that already came out. "But this Diablo 3 port from 6 years ago that nobody liked means we're getting support, see! See! Let's quickly make a thread about it to show them SW folks how wrong they are!" Poverty gamers, absolutely pathetic
  8. degeneracy of the West will lose either way in the long run. Think you're gonna have your tranny parades once immigrants with a more aggressive culture highly outnumber the natives? lol
  9. Bubu Burundi Tea Maker and Super Bakery VR Price of a console for this
  10. Lmao poverty list. Also listing ZoE2 when you know damn well the demo was abysmal in VR, shameless padding
  11. Good lord, 4 years later and literally nothing has changed with Holyax, still the same beta loser just targetting other people now. "Leprechaun" (LMFAO) got obliterated itt Great bump Alphonso