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  1. Imagine Ditch having a racer like this... yeah, imagine... TSHBR
  2. Women are here to serve men, if they don't want to deal with advances they should have stayed in their kitchen, lol.
  3. They probably asked for it but regretted it once the word got around lol
  4. It crazy and kinda scary how fast it feels time passed
  5. Should be a 6 tbh, most boring Zelda game ever created. I remember playing 1 hour tops when I stubbornly wanted to finish it but it was all I could stomach in one session. Also Fi is an annoying piece of shit whore, fuck you Fi, FUCK YOU
  6. Lmao most of my stuff is on my old PC, it's kind of a hassle to turn it back on but we sure had a lot of fun making all these memes when SW was at its peak
  7. Our strategy is to create something people don't want - Didyou Rikeit
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