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  1. http://deathgenerator.com
  2. When your more expensive PC VR headset is even worse than PSVR's offering
  3. This one's my favorite
  4. AC7 VR best on PSee "Available on" below for devices this product runs on. It won't run on this one
  5. Remipee, buys expensive PC and VR. Gets to play Xbox games and no VR games
  6. I don't think PC gets VR support Remipee
  7. Fuckin nice, day one!
  8. Game has online play 2-3 players
  9. Lady Pre-order bonus Xbox you unlock Buster arm instantly.PS4 you get the theme.Steam you get the wallpaper. THHBO
  10. And still way under an RTX 2080 Ti PC budget I spend $2500 to play Xbox, TLHBO