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  1. FFXV is a weird anomaly, it took so long to develop yet they still had to rush it towards the end leaving you with a weird progression in the story and its cutscenes, but because of that it was different in a good way imo. Your little gang are real bros despite their questionable looks, best display of brotherhood in a game ever Ardyn was also a great antagonist Flawed game sure but so is your life
  2. FFXV is dark especially towards the end "this game will be dark unlike XV. I haven't played XV" Just
  3. That's still $20 for Mario 64 in 2020 and $20 each for a Gamecube & Wii game All while they're just being emulated SHEEP $60 on 3 roms 🤣
  4. -full priced ports -mediocre ports -available for a limited time to create an artificial shortage -sheep will still buy it because sheep -TSHBR -
  5. lmao my PosC uses the same kind of clips to attach the fan, he couldn't figure out pre-historic tech LMAO
  6. A few months of extra waiting would have been dreadful as a kid, but now it's just meh got other things to do. Then suddenly you're reminded that the game comes out in a week or something and you're like, oh cool
  7. Even after building my PC 12 years ago I'd still know how to install a cooler, Twinblade hbo
  8. If I had to guess I'd think the team who made FFXIV online is working on this. Regardless the game will definitely own and look great on PC
  9. nah that's sheepet territory your kin knows all about it
  10. recommended is like 5-year-old hardware lmfao downgrade city Polish trash
  11. Madmaltears and the sheepet cheerleader really let the floodgates open itt What is sheepetsan even doing in a RE8 and next gen thread when he'll never get the game on his kiddy handheld, this brown-nosed cheerleader is so pathetic
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