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  1. Tranik lemqueef lives! The cow rape is complete and irreversible today
  2. Eat lots of pineapple it will turn like a treat for her
  3. Game looks too average to spend that much time on
  4. Just watched Ex Machina, if you like AI and robots and think about the future it's a great watch https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0470752/
  5. Hope you turn things around and come out stronger zwarrior
  6. Even though we've been losing members for years and it's very slow right now, know that I appreciate all of you guys and am glad I got to know you. Hope your 2022 goes incredibly well
  7. It was a great unique take on war games, deserved a bit more praise just for trying something different.
  8. hdtoday.tv and yts.mx for HD movies and series. Other interesting content only available on TikTok 😀
  9. Should have asked for a Switch
  10. The best part is all they'll have to do to remaster the games is flush them down the toilet once
  11. Why do I believe this could have actually happened in your case?
  12. Merry Christmas faggets What did you get and give this year?
  13. The towns were the worst parts of the first one with nothing to do or interact with. Soulless trash
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