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  1. Nier was a KGB Masterpiece and also got a 5, look how that turned out
  2. Female game reviewers No such thing
  3. You jinxed it with your previous post Cows GONE
  4. Sheep collectively lose their minds when a sales thread doesn't go their way, it's all they have after all
  5. 9/10 on Ditch as well (the box art print quality)
  6. It's a huge time sink but the insane amount of details brings this game to life like no other game will for a very long time. Most relaxing game I ever played, I was just cruising around most of the time and doing dumb shit, making my own fun. But it really does feel like you need to put your real life on hold to continue it in this game Arthur is also one of the best protagonists ever created, Sony mascots HBFR. I got newfound respect for Rockstar when I finished it because I never expected them to deliver like this, coming from juvenile shit like GTA
  7. Andrew Yang seems like the most level-headed candidate to run against Trump but he has like zero charisma. Knowing how American'ts vote he stands no chance against Trump. I'd even put him slightly below Mitt Romney on that front
  8. Building $3000 PosCs to brag about Minecraft with better lighting, hermshits LMAO
  9. Out of bounds details... I thought this was gonna be about the Switch version
  10. No sight of Goukosuck who was defending this pos port Well it looks playable For Switch