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  1. lmao arguing about some old ass arcadey shooter the world has forgotten about... a fucking 2014 game. SHEEP You'd think they'd make all this noise for maybe a GTAV port at last, but no, Sniper Elite 3 !!!
  2. When's a good time to get a new PC then and for which hardware release?
  3. bhytre

    Road rage

    I wonder what the psychology behind people driving is, some are the biggest possible wimps in real life but once they get it their car they are all tough and seem to have a newfound bravado in their metal box Don't they realize how easy it is to break a car window and drag them out of their vehicle?
  4. bhytre

    Road rage

    Tar cannons at the back of your car or motorcycle aimed at their windshield should exist and be legal for this sole purpose
  5. sheep will still be playing on a damn handheld in 2020... just
  6. It needs to go down to this size eventually, it's better for everyone
  7. Nothing that really stood out the way Crysis did. Looked more like a console scrapyard
  8. They should have stopped at 3. Not a single studio under MS can make a good sequel now, just end it not all franchises need to go on forever.
  9. Finished Sekiro. Enjoyed it a lot, the start and getting used to it was fairly challenging but it wasn't that difficult afterwards. Loved the verticality of the levels but I'm still not a big fan of the combat. It's AAA in quality mostly but I'd give it an 8 overall.
  10. I love abandoned places but unlike games there's usually not much left to loot.