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  1. You know he's absolutely butt-blasted when he isn't using the laughing smiley
  2. Improved and outclassed in the same gen, only happens to handheld hardware Thanks for the free "exclusives"
  3. Damn I forgot how convenient PC gaming truly was, gonna be fun to play Astral Chain at 60fps minimum while sheephoes are stuck with the "official" 30fps cuckheld version Best of all it will all be like an afterthought gaming moment since it's just some side dish handheld experience next to all the other games that come out, but for sheep it's all they get
  4. Sheepets have been so delusional lately that they still forget the fact that they're playing on a handheld which even a toaster could emulate at this point You'd have to be a complete retard to play these titles on a fucking handheld with shit fps and shit everything when you can easily run it at 4K on a decent PC SHEEP
  5. I saw Twinblade mention it in the WAYP thread, who else? All I know is that it's some kickstarter Castlevania-like game from Iga that got visually upgraded at some point, don't know anything else about it. Did he make another banger or not?
  6. GeaRsTX off lmao, stop defending this pos game because you're starving for something to put your GPU to work
  7. The serie definitely left a void that no other titles were able to fill imo. The mysterious and demented atmosphere and amazing soundtrack that accompanied the titles were one of a kind. Comparisons with Resident Evil or the rivalry was always stupid since they offered very different experiences. Gameplay was junk but it worked for what it offered and was a typical console experience. lmao vacuuming ghosts. Fuck
  8. That smell of tooth dust I don't really trust anaesthesia, what if my butthole hurts when I wake up with my wisdom teeth still intact and the dentists just laugh as I try to make sense of the situation?
  9. Gonna have to do the same thing soon, one got infected a few weeks ago and it spread through half of my lower jaw. The pain was legendary Useless trash, I hate it
  10. Well, you have people who manage to support even worse things the same way, like... Street Fighter V
  11. Well it's not supposed to work separately, it's a handheld after all
  12. Looks like absolute trash Polish trash
  13. Vanilla Ice is getting too old for this shit
  14. After Anarchy Reigns this is the best multiplayer brawler people could come up with
  15. "Only in America can a person go to college and come out dumber" Top comment pretty much wraps it up
  16. Play my level please 234D-U3UD-FG3G-GE53-G343-T5V5-3Y64-46UV4-V425-H6JV-V56J-V5JV4-46U5-B87B-5V7J-57V7-TSHB-RAPE-DLOL
  17. PosC gaming literally didn't mean anything before Xbox LMAO. What did MS even have for it, some old flight sims? LOL Xbox literally fed the hermsmells, but a little too much as the years went by
  18. Germans would just use their alien-shaped dildos and turn it into some weird porn movie
  19. They absolutely deserve to fail for the treasonous route they've taken, it's not even really Xbox anymore so who cares at this point? At least they had the decency to push their fans away and not turn them into cucked handheld gamers though