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  1. Ive added a few others.
  2. This is the picture that spawned . Also, if anyone else remembers:
  3. How would this cause u to not need condoms??? You still ejaculate into a vagina=you still get a bitch pregnant. Except your dick will never get wet so you wont get as much lubrication.
  4. I dont hate Apple, they make a wide assortment of great products but the Ipad blows.
  5. I have my debit card out, how do I buy this shit so I never get pruny fingers in the pool again?
  6. I guess it is a philosophical difference that you wont see me using a 10 inch tablet to listen to music in my car. I really can't even believe you admitted to doing that, you need help son.
  7. I can stand behind the ipod touch, a fantastic device that serves tons of purposes and it fits in your pocket, thats fucking sick. The different mac laptops are all cool and sleek and good at what they do, but the Ipad is far and away one of the most overrated devices in the history of electronics. It is shocking the lengths people go to convince themselves this device is worth a damn. I'm not sure why any of the other electronics companies even bother making their own tablets because it doesn't matter what they add to it, not the hdmi-out, real multi-tasking, desktop-like web browsing experience, expandable memory; none of it actually matters because the buyers of ipads aren't looking for functionality or a useful device, they are just looking for another device made by Apple.
  8. Did you mean to put buy it from the Apple Store? Your fixation on the music aspect of this is funny because that is just one example of the things that are hard to find on mobile youtube. The idea of a tablet is already stupid in it's own right, but the Ipad proves that with the right marketing and rabid fanbase, that anything can be sold.
  9. Playbook isn't the perfect device, neither is the Ipad or any other tablet. However, this image of the Ipad being far and away the best tablet ever is the reverberation of pretentious douchebags talking about how great it is in a desperate attempt to justify buying a giant Ipod touch that can't even use the full version of Youtube. It can have 10 billion apps, but what the fuck does it even matter? How many apps are there nowadays that arent made for Android? How many of those apps are created because the browser on the ipad doesnt cut the mustard so they have to make a work around?
  10. It's 2012 and there is still no real multi-tasking on iOS, that's all that really needs to be said. You dont need a blackberry playbook to make the Ipad look silly, plenty of Android tablets blow it away as well.
  11. lol poor guy, I guess it would be kind of inconvenient to be able to find music on youtube. I'll cross my fingers and hope it comes on Pandora instead
  12. yeah comparing a 2012 device vs a 2011 device, a 800 dollar tablet vs a 200 dollar tablet .. good one. Ok we will compare ipad3 vs the new playbook later this year and see how it stacks up. HERP DERP YEA COMPARING A 2011 OS TO A 2012 OS GOOD ONE lol PB was actually a $500 tablet before PB got desperate. stop trying to floss it like it was built to be a $200 tablet. it couldnt compete with the iPad because it pretty much sucks ass. you're still comparing a $500 tablet to a $500 tablet. It couldn't compete because of the fact that it isn't made by apple and by the time it came out, RIMM's reputation was tarnished, not because it was a bad product.
  13. Has anyone used the mobile version of youtube? It fucking blows and 90% of the time you can't find the music you're looking for, especially if you're just looking for a studio version and not some wonky band cover or something. Fuck that