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  1. nope.. i eat or give away everything
  2. thats all without weights.. all body weight exercises .. refocusing on longevity training.. ie: workouts that enable you to be able to have a great quality of life in your 60s+
  3. lychee is one of the most delicious fruits in the world... hard to describe .. I grow: 30 mango varietiesAvocado (10 varieties)Meyer lemonValencia orangeRed dragon fruitMauritius, Brewster, SH, Bengal, Emperor LycheeLonganBananaBarbados cherryCherry of the rio grandeJujubeWax jambuMalay AppleSugar ApplePurple passion fruitPanama passion fruitLoquatGrumichamaPitombaMulberryPomegranateSapodillaJackfruitCaimitoJaboticabaPersimmonStrawberry treeFigMoringaPeachCarambolaGuanabanaTamarindGuavaHog plum
  4. Im always good during lychee season ... weeeeeeeeeeeeeee playing the mouse game and astrobot on PSVR... made me enjoy video games again..
  5. Pretty much exclusively on PSVR now. Sold everything else.
  6. Javier 2019 yes thats tiolet paper behind me.. taken at the gym.. before the muscles disappear again
  7. Got jealous of all the switch users. PS vita is pretty fucking awesome. Can't believe how hardcore it flopped. Should've been a success. Velocity 2x is fun.
  8. Because like apple, they can. Nintendo is hot right now. If you could charge more for something you would too. Everything gets cheaper with time, who the hell buys games at launch any more?
  9. wasnt there a RamzaBullzevsa (mispelled it bigtime) at GS systemwars.. and it was a chick (or at least pretending to be) This isnt that one is it
  10. It's unanimous ! Ok ill get it this weekend.
  11. I barely played my vita, and I doubt ill play the switch but since the news of it becoming hackable it's made me want one before the hardware revision to fix the hack.