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  1. Gynacop HBFR. Another Sega dude called Dreamcast guy and its his favorite game if that rings a bell.
  2. According to a statement by publisher GungHo All I know is they published Let It Die. That's it.
  3. Lemmings are suggesting the monthly sales of a holiday season will be equal to months like June or August. Are you fucking retarded treating all months equally?
  4. Wow that post becoming an internet meme killed this guy's life.
  5. Japanese games are really hard to beat in the soundtrack department by default because most Western game music is forgettable Hollywood style bullshit. Stuff like Elder Scrolls is rare.
  6. But Chads are emotionless pussy slaying machines with super powers!
  7. So the black Chad is Tyrone from what I understand from reading this Internet culture. Asian Chads don't exist.
  8. It's not even a clever meme. Chads don't even remotely exist in real life. Or are Putin and Trump Chads? By what definition.