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  1. No one is buying an XBox for 6 or was it 7th Forza game this gen.
  2. Now imagine how bad the ratio is outside of the US now. That 9 to 1 ratio of PS4 to XBox sales is probably like 20 to 1 now.
  3. This fiscal year Sony's PS4 hardware projections were a 19 million -> 16 million. PS4 is on its way to beat last year's 19 million, their projection undershot by 4 million. Damn.
  4. I thought it was coming out in December. Then nevermind. I think it will easily carry the holidays but missed potential, since there is a huge hungry userbase just waiting to throw money. I think the Switch market could easily eat up another 2 AAA level Nintendo titles this holiday without hurting each other.
  5. If it has a YOY holiday drop, and results in a YOY decline overall, Phil is going to have to stick up a few more XBox cloud servers up his ass from the pounding he'll get from the MS upper management.
  6. I think Nintendo is fucking up with Smash. December is too late. That will do what? 6+ million guaranteed.
  7. Remember when Dynamite said Spiderman and God of War have no effect on Pro's shortage?
  8. Nah... Exclusives are for fanboys. We'll come back to this next year when a full Pokemon game releases lol.
  9. So that means Spiderman already outsold FFXV's worldwide sales across all platforms? That's insane.
  10. F2P Diablo like, but MUCH better than D3. Though I would only play it with friends.
  11. Serious question though whats a strong meme from the left/liberals?