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  1. To be fair PS2 came out 18 months before the other two.
  2. Detroit, Dark Souls Remastered, Life is Strange Before the Storm, Knack 2.
  3. https://www.resetera.com/threads/microsoft-wants-to-deploy-underwater-data-centers-to-reduce-latency.81640/ Lemming gaming future.
  4. MGS2 ran like shit on XBox where PS2 was 60fps locked in the tanker mission, and Silent Hill 2 ate a huge fog downgrade. Basicay PS2 GPU memory bandwidth was all it had. Sucked at everything else.
  5. I want joycon Pro which feel good, and are actually usable. How are they missing such an opportunity?
  6. Dyno said PS5 launching a year earlier than Scarlett isn't a problem because X will keep everyone busy, it can't even sell at bargain bun discounts.
  7. Nah it's a soft downgrade. Look at RE4 though.
  8. Too bad Grasshopper always releases the PC version and only then does PS4 physical. Lame.
  9. RDR2 is also the biggest game this gen.
  10. Switch is about to die. Any moment now. Also RDR2 couldn't even make the XBox beat the Switch this month, which I assumed would happen.
  11. Welcome to the best platform this gen.