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  1. I have the 3DS game, it both sucks and owns at the same time. Mixed feelings.
  2. Thats good news. But get an outside studio not modern rare.
  3. From his 80s drug addict movie. Victor Tsoi is a god.
  4. While true we can't really give a stat, But selling 40% in one year doesnt sound so hot. We'll see at the NPD.
  5. Come on I need to dudes to chill with and laugh my ass off. Plus I want to hear about your weird countries and life. Don't worry my english is good
  6. An American dude from SW/Discord linked me this. Laugh your ass off. We were dying on voice chat., from the LOLZ.
  7. Of course it's real, If you want to get fucked over and lose money. It's very real.
  8. BTW Ike in Russia we view most latinos as white people, so you know. This Latino/white division no makes fucking sense to me. Fidel Castro and Che Guevara are white people to us, not some seperate race. Thats some American bullshit.
  9. You can walk away with a mail bride lmao, I could actually help you to find something that doesnt completely scam you, and think you're a god damn creep going to Russia. If you got a Russian bro I can pitch you as a friend at least.
  10. Death Stranding took 4+ years to make $100 million easily. TLOU2 is the biggest Sony million, another 4 years + $100 million Ghost took 4+ years to make and easily $50+ million etc Sony is sitting on half a billion of games to push the PS5. They can't build up such a line up of 4+ year dev time from top devs from the PS4. Even if they started to fund tons of projects in 2016, and release the PS5 in 2020. It's barely 4 years and NOT their AAA teams.
  11. Did I ever tell you a negro prostitute in Russia costs 4-5x over a white on for the experience? The nice hot ass youngs ones that come her make megabux.
  12. Anyways if you think PS4 has games, they will still sell a lot there. Think Zelda Switch port and Mario Kart 8 one month later. Mega impact even not next-gen exclusive.
  13. Please don't go there. It will be a week ban. You know it happened thats enough.
  14. LOL this I admitted many times before. The negro prostitutes were a fucking laugh though... Just a little part of it.