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  1. I just hope they reveal the Jet Set Radio game at XBoxs conference. It's all I ask for.
  2. Phantom Blade X is also confirmed to be PS5 exclusive https://www.reddit.com/?utm_source=embedv2&utm_medium=post_embed&utm_content=header
  3. No platforms But probably switch, ps, PC.
  4. I agree with their GAAS push. I love the 70s atmosphere of Concard though even if the teaser was short as hell
  5. Let's hope so because Sony buying this team seems like a waste of money.
  6. After the Medusa that smiling thing is creepy.
  7. I'm getting this at a discount. The first had a good demo.
  8. I just realized Firewalk studios revealed their game. But apparently it doesn't have a single player like rumoured. Can't tell shit from the trailer but it's probably 2024.
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