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  1. It's insane how Persona has become a same tier franchise as FF saleswise.
  2. Chasov Yar is in a cauldron and of course the Nazi Azov and Left Sector battalions refused to go to defend it. Sounds stable.
  3. 🇮🇱🇺🇸🇮🇷Netanyahu refused to retaliate against Iran - New York Times Several members of Israel's war cabinet spoke in favor of a retaliatory attack, but the lack of serious damage, as well as Netanyahu's conversation with Biden, led to its cancellation. t.me/RVvoenkor
  4. Russia isn't even on offensive it's just grinding down the Ukranian military as part of attrition that's why everything is slowly falling.
  5. And I quote : "Destroying the country's energy system is a legitimate military necessity" NATO press secretary Jamie Shea said in 1999 during the attacks on Yugoslavia. "And if at the same time the civilian population suffers, then this is solely the fault of the country's leadership." ---- Washington Post
  6. Yeah no shit Twinblade thinks people in the middle east can find Ukraine on the map.
  7. Iron Dome basically took out 99 of the 500 drones and 200 missiles impressive.
  8. Switch 2 might be weaker but it should be able to run most current games in some form.
  9. The reality is that the war will eventually end with Russia negotiating with the US splitting Ukraine into multiple parts and spheres of influence. Part will be a demilitarized buffer state.
  10. There was peace deal in March 2022 that was signed that Ukraine becomes neutral and it gets Donbas back as a federation. NATO said go to war. Now Twinblade is whining that he won't like the results of the war, ie the complete dissolution of Ukraine
  11. Fallout 4 felt more like a far cry game than fallout.
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