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  1. I just hope they reveal the Jet Set Radio game at XBoxs conference. It's all I ask for.
  2. Phantom Blade X is also confirmed to be PS5 exclusive https://www.reddit.com/?utm_source=embedv2&utm_medium=post_embed&utm_content=header
  3. No platforms But probably switch, ps, PC.
  4. I agree with their GAAS push. I love the 70s atmosphere of Concard though even if the teaser was short as hell
  5. Let's hope so because Sony buying this team seems like a waste of money.
  6. After the Medusa that smiling thing is creepy.
  7. I'm getting this at a discount. The first had a good demo.
  8. I just realized Firewalk studios revealed their game. But apparently it doesn't have a single player like rumoured. Can't tell shit from the trailer but it's probably 2024.
  9. Isn't that like 400 bucks old school with inflation
  10. Whats wrong with a Silent Hill 2 remake exactly. I wonder if you even played the original.
  11. Sounds way better than a Fuck up like Twin Snakes god that game was shit. The fact it's faithful if anything makes it more hype worthy.
  12. Stalker is a timed exclusive and Hellblade is not coming in 2023. Sorry XBox lost this year like it or not.
  13. Wait what. We got FFXVI that will kick ass and Spiderman that will sell 20+ million. Stfd. XBoxs only hope is Starfield
  14. It's just a new graphics card there is nothing to max. Set a game to 4k game native 60fps or push a 60fps PS5 game to 120fps. Possibly up the settings a bit.
  15. The whole point of a Pro is to make a console that can rival PCs, and for people to have an equivalent console version. It's a niche anyways not meant for the average user. An extra 200 realistically isn't that much assuming the hardware is great. It's for the people that buy 20 games a year not 3 like casuals
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