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  1. I guess I confused stuff. Anyways the next gen patents were specifically using the term checkerboarding and reconstruction with variable refresh rates. Make of that what you will.
  2. I thought all variable framerate did was duplicate a few frames if there was a few framerate drops in the scene, and this will work on any standard TV if baked into the console.
  3. I can't believe no one has done a PC game test of checkerboarding reconstruction comparison between 30fps and 60fps. How much the image quality improves, or doesn't based on weighed the reconstruction is 30 or 60fps. Due to higher frame count therefore accuracy.
  4. X has only two noticeable wins this year. Metro and Division 2. Everything else is arguably better on Pro or even in the worst case of spinning equal.
  5. 2019 has been an ideal showcase why checkerboarding done right is the ideal way to approach the resolution problem of 4K pixel counts in closed specced boxes. If the patented 4K 60fps checkerboard solution with variable framerates works out we are in for a huge treat next gen even with the modest GPU bump over the iterations.
  6. When I playing RE2 I hid from MR X in the clocktower room and interigation room, planning how to run around. Only after I hear the game I found out he can't even enter them, but damn it was fairly tense when I didn't know when I was playing.
  7. I think the issue is how do you balance it. So it's not too annoying, and actually scary. You can't have a running dude with a rocket launcher have the same function as Mr. X
  8. The issue is Nemesis is going to be super hard to get right. And a B team will fuck it up no questions asked.
  9. Shit sales = shit support. Lemmings should be worried that the MS Premium model will continue to get ass raped by a cheaper PS5 next gen, especially in Japanese games.
  10. They all obviously speak Russian as their main, but I can't understand a word of this.
  11. Ys VIII is an absolutely must play and one of the best games this gen.
  12. Online gaming on this fucking platform.
  13. This makes zero sense since Pro and X are more or less the PS4 equivalent hardware of their time like PS4 was in 2013.
  14. This gen all have the biggest CPU jump since PS2 to PS3. Looking at the GPU only is foolish.