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  1. I wonder if they can get a big budget again for their next game, instead of going low budget like Life is Strange devs. That would be super lame.
  2. I think the word "The Left" has been hugely changed, last time I viewed it was a political stance. Not the neo liberal insanity they have now.
  3. Streaming future starts somewhere in 2021 when PS5/Scarletts are in the cloud and not many people have bought them. No one wants the shit google is offering in 2019.
  4. i think playing PS5 with PSNow and Remote play would sell it much better than exclusive games at this point. But those would be cool too.
  5. PSnow and XCloud if you take away the console userbases using the services, would be a disaster as standalone.
  6. Actually they do, see PS1/PS2. The Vita scenario though would be ass.
  7. They can't let you shove any random SSD in there, its not an HDD. Plus SSDs dont even come in cases, they are basically a RAM chip. What if some idiot tries to shove a NVME 3.0 SSD or a cheap slow ass NVME4.0 SSD.