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  1. 4K is a waste. But 1440p-1800p is the ideal resolution for everything, better than 1080p in noticable ways without the performance hog.
  2. Nibel @Nibellion Rumor: first potential Resident Evil 8 details have leaked - Ethan from VII is the protagonist - first-person - zombies return - new enemy type: werewolves - new stalker enemy type - Chris Redfield will return in some form
  3. 2019 goal was delayed because of BC issues supposedly
  4. This is also kind of true. But still curiosity is killing me.
  5. NVM Third Party, delete thread.
  6. Cause that sure isn't a PS4 controller, and probably not a third party one.
  7. People want anything at this point. We literally don't know anything about the PS5 outside of some crappy wired article.
  8. Jason Schreier ✔ @jasonschreier No invites here! 22 04:43 - 27 Jan 2020
  9. For reference Sony sent invite January the 31st last time. Basically give it a week. If not invites. Then we're fucked.
  10. With zero leaks of anything, I think that's what will happen. We got a legit PS4 spec leak in mid 2012 in comparison with Orbis. Right now we have jackshit.