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  1. Demon Souls rumour is the only one backed with a legit reputable journalist. But it could be a thing that BluePoint is now capable of handling multiple projects.
  2. Never played it, but I hear the whole point was that it came out before GTA3 and played different because of it.
  3. Saints Row 3 remaster is 1440p but with unlocked 60fps. Going to be great with boost mode and instant SSD loading.
  4. 1. The PS4/One userbase is huge and needs to be serviced with more games. But greenlighting cross gen games at this point is stupid since by the time they come out PS5/X will have which adoption rate. 2. Remasters will probably all have a PS5/X patch anyways making them appealing to the growing next gen base. That's why everyone is massively remastering games. From EA with mass Effect, Crysis, and Activation with THPS etc. Companies that didn't play much attention before. Basically they are a great way to service both current and next userbases at the same time. Pure win/win imo. Especially for the huge PS4/PS5 userbases that don't have access to the PS3 library in BC form.
  5. I don't do SJW threads but this is too good. This is apparently recognized by the academic body. https://mobile.twitter.com/HPluckrose/status/1262448283701706752/photo/1
  6. That's quality design that gives games depth. You can run straight to the final boss in Zelda BOTW without doing anything and in Dark Souls you can miss whole levels.
  7. Sony had such a great balance for being AAA games, niche games from Japan, Indies and first party that the consumer faith in the brand is so strong that you can buy it because you KNOW the games are coming.