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  1. Rumor: New Crash Bandicoot reveal is imminent as Crash fans receive random gifts
  2. Halo MCC PS4 and Switch would be a wise idea going by Steam sales. Come on Phil, that one final betrayal is at hand.
  3. The new Navi that's coming is apparently over 40CUs. Getting close to 12tflops is very realistic if they manage to get all these insane clockspeeds stick. Next gen is going to be mind-blowing.
  4. So 16 gigs for games and like 2 GIFs for OS I assume? Memory bandwidth is more important that some trivial tflop differences.
  5. PS5 GPU is clocked at 2.1ghz (WTF) 18 gigs of RAM CPU is 3,2 GHz as expected That GPU clock works out to PS5 is either 10.24 TF or 10.75 TF. The cooling for this thing is going to be insane. Expect some sort of PS5 Dev kit level cooling monstrosity solution.
  6. MS is gobbling up the low value consumer. The reality of the console market is that it really isn't 160+ million or whatever the hardware sells. It's literally 30 million people that but 70 percent of all softwate and services. The person that bought an X for 500 will buy 20x more software than the dude that got a SAD for 150 on BF. Jim Ryan was talking about this consumer as well. They are the absolute pillar that everything else is built on.
  7. Dark Souls 1 is easily the best game of the decade imo.
  8. Phil working hard for that one dollah. Enjoy
  9. This patent just came out. Wtf am I looking at.
  10. One year old video. Some big downgrades for a low performance boost. Looks like the tech has improved a lot over the year.