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  1. Sheep got unbelievably owned here. Monster Hunter World - 12.4M ( 11.9M ) ( +500K ) Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) - 3.1M ( 3M ) ( +100K )
  2. I can't believe how well Days Gone is doing. We gonna get an Uncharted/Killzone to sequel level improvement.
  3. This is from November 2018. Looks spot on and reasonable. It got everything right.
  4. It's the PlayStation CEO, commenting after his gaming division got a deal for PSnow. I doubt it. At a PlayStation event.
  5. Back on streaming. I think their big hope isn't so much new players subbing that don't own a PS5. But people that buy games digitally on PSN will pay an extra sub to play their games on the go.
  6. Sony has a PlayStation tablet patent. Wow 5.6 and 6 million. Teh difference.
  7. I can't believe how good the water in Besaid Island looks.
  8. If I can play Halo Infinite on PS5, and I can't play Death Stranding on XBox, it's over. Systems wars wise.
  9. Russia plans to create more "republics" in Eastern Ukraine that will later be the force used to take more territory to take make more "republics, and collapse Ukraine's economy. It will be soft power plays, with bribing the oligarchs, dismantling their army, buying out the generals to retreat and betray their army. There aren't going to be soft sort of "invasion" with tanks or planes scenarios. Slow collapse and dismantling of the state.
  10. If all their games are on Switch through XCloud, and porting on PS5 is on the table for their first party. Their hardware presence in terms of "system wars" can be disregarded. It'll be a bad generic PC with an added sub.
  11. Stalin annexed parts of Poland and Hungary after WW2, and today they are part of Ukraine. They want them back.
  12. https://vk.com/strelkov_info It's a leak site approved by the Kremlin, it's had some amazing info that gets confirmed time and time again over the years. Specifically the army/special forces group thats in conflict with the "diplomatic" branch of the Kremlin. It's leaked multiple Putin decrees around Ukraine months in advance. Leaked months before the Putin would sign citizenship for all Ukranian citizens within 3 months of applying. Next they are leaking Putin will sign Donetsk and Lugansk independence recognition, probably by the end of May. With accepting them into the Russian federation later. The unofficial clown of the Kremlin that expresses their unofficial opinion through media sources cutting the map of Ukraine on national TV. Showing which regions Russia wants back. Most popular political TV show on at peak time. Russi wants Novorossiya and possibly MaloRossiya back. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Novorossiya https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Little_Russia
  13. Sony said their goal next gen which will last till like 2027 is to reach 5 million PSNOW subs by the end of it in the best scenario. Anyone find that goal underwhelming for whats being marketed as "teh future"