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  1. Gaming will never turn into Netflix, that's not how you monetise many games and genres. So it's an irrelevant worry.
  2. AMD hasn't revealed their RDNA2 cards yet though
  3. The issue as always is price though. No one truly overdelivers unless the price is right. If it's 500 it's cool. If it's 600 then it's a no shit moment it has to be powerful.
  4. Yeah expectations have been surpassed. RT hardware, SSD, 12 RDNA tflops was fan fiction a year ago
  5. Mr.X was a cool novelty at first but then he got annoying rather than scary.
  6. Yeah except he made you run into lickers and other enemies rather than being a threat.
  7. Nemesis being a pursuer is fine it's in the title of the game. Mr X was annoying because the original RE2 did not have a pursuer design.
  8. I'm reading it's full RDNA2. Not RDNA1 with 2 features like many speculated.
  9. I wonder what's the status of Lockhart. If it will happen and what the price will be. PS5 specs and price would be great too.