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  1. People keep arguing about Tflops, but isn't memory bandwidth objectively a bigger concern and a bigger bottleneck than GPU processing power?
  2. They also said it will have downgraded geometry lol.
  3. I posted that today. The question is all this can be accelerated and improved, it'd be amazing if such hardware optimizations could be backed into the hardware like the Pro ID Buffer for checkerboard acceleration. The 4K barrier is the biggest pain in the ass for next gen. The pixel jump is just insane.
  4. Navi is more efficient hitting the theoretical Tflop number, and it seem MS and Sony are basically going to be using identical APUs. They both need some sort of hack to bypass the 4K barrier which is just a waste of processing power. They néed something like Nvidia's DLSS or some shit.
  5. Pro had a big profit margin regardless and PS4 was a lose. Added costs or not is absolutely irrelevant because a console can't teleport to your bedroom from a factory.
  6. https://www.pcbuildersclub.com/en/2019/01/four-versions-of-amd-navi-appeared-in-macos-update/amp/ Four Versions of AMD Navi appeared in MacOS update Four Navi GPUs appeared in MacOS Mojave In the TonyMacx86 forum (via Videocardz) a user discovered something in the MacOS Mojave source code. In a file called “AMDRadeon6000HWServiceskext” the GPUs Navi 9, Navi 10, Navi 12 and Navi 16 can be found. The chip might always be the same, while the names only indicate variants or expansion levels. It is still uncertain which expansion stages are involved. However, the number could be the number of compute units, which is why the Navi graphics cards in the source code are probably mobile GPUs. The largest of these GPUs could therefore have 1,024 shader units. Another theory is that these are already the finished chip names, which is why Navi 10 could also be the top model with 64 CUs. The fact that Apple is already adapting the first lines of code to Navi could also mean that the new graphics cards will come onto the market much earlier than previously assumed. Six weeks before the launch of Vega, the MacOS source code showed signs of it for the first time. Other sources mention a presentation of the Navi graphics cards at E3 2019 in June. It is possible that AMD might launch the mobile versions earlier, while the desktop versions will follow at a later date.
  7. https://patents.justia.com/inventor/mark-evan-cerny Tons of Cerny patents.
  8. Where is the link they didn't take a loss? https://www.polygon.com/2013/11/20/5125098/sony-nearing-breakeven-point-on-cost-of-ps4-hardware Sony expects to initially take a loss on each console sold due to other expenses, and will either break even or attain profitability as hardware costs decline over time.
  9. These technical details are completely irrelevant, because it was still more than an adequate cost saving solution. The point that given an economical solution, they increased the price, and took a hit with that choice.
  10. I know this. Even when they were at their lowest, they didn't cheap out on hardware. Even Cerny made a point on this. One thing we could have done is drop it down to 128-bit bus, which would drop the bandwidth to 88 gigabytes per second, and then have eDRAM on chip to bring the performance back up again," said Cerny. While that solution initially looked appealing to the team due to its ease of manufacturability, it was abandoned thanks to the complexity it would add for developers. "We did not want to create some kind of puzzle that the development community would have to solve in order to create their games. And so we stayed true to the philosophy of unified memory."
  11. Dont worry sugar will make you pre diabetic that kills everything from your Insulin resistance, cardiovascular system, to even your freaking joints.
  12. Link? I have never seen this. It was a lose on hardware alone. It's next gen, they neither have the profit margin of Pro/X or the same R and D budget for a mainline console. Even the XBox Penelo dude said that hardware price decline over time is shrinking. A year earlier launch will pay many more dividends than any delay, with PSN Plus subs increasing. Your point is completely moot.
  13. PS4 they took a hit. Took a game purchase and a PSN sub to break even. That's when they were borderline bankrupt and selling building in 2013 not to go bankrupt.
  14. R&D budget for a console that's releasing in 10 months, the same year. Genius. What were they doing before. Even Remij caved in and said March 2020 at the latest.
  15. They have a projection of a 35% profit lose over 2018, when their annual profits are increasing annually. They are clearly going to take a hardware hit.