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  1. So we're is the 69 kilometer convoy because everyone was swearing it wasn't fake news. Or 60 Soviet planes flying from Poland with Ukrainian pilots? All these things are presented as "facts" and if you deny them then it's Russian propaganda. The amount of garbage and fake news currently fed in the West somehow manages to surpass Russian internal news.
  2. Lavrov said that they US position apparently is changing from hardline to finding a compromise. When all of Novorossiya, Malorossiya are taken and Kiev falls I assume the US has prepares positions.
  3. Humanitarian aid to Kerson and Kharkov. Hopefully soon thru fix supply logistics so local shops can be supplied.
  4. Zelensky's change of tune is amazing. Russians and Ukranoans are one brother nation, we fought and defeated the Nazis together. It's going to be amazing how the tune changes when Russia takes even more territory and obloterates the remaining army.
  5. I'm not sure how you imagine a Russia invasion. This isn't napoleon or Hitler times. Biden riding in on an Abrahams tank into red square?
  6. The point is to lay down arms and not listen to idiots like Zelensky that sends civilians to certain death. Molotov vs a tank and people with guns that know how to use them. Fantastic idea.
  7. In a month or so when the regime is changed partitioning of Ukraine starts the West will start to have a much more "negotiable" position and fatigue will be already kicking in. With Ukraine's fall which is inevitable it will partly d escalate the confrontation.
  8. Kharkov and Mariupol the civilians are contacting and giving the Russian army coordinates to bomb the nationalist battalions with precision bombs to prevent civilian lose as much as possible.
  9. First Molotov ambush attempted in all the 5 regions Russia is in. Molotov are a police operation using them against trained soldiers is suicide. Here is the ambush. All of them dead before they managed to throw a single cocktails...
  10. The IUS will threaten nukes easily. Just not over something as far away and fairly irrelevant to them like Ukraine. Russia threatened nukes so no one else gets involved. Nuke threat? Taiwan and China Cuban Missile crisis. US will threaten nukes over something more relevant. Nuke threat was mostly so the US pits a leash from Poland getting involved. That's about it.
  11. Plus if two nuclear countries go into high alert it can cause unneeded mistakes. But I'd like to remind you China was going to take back Taiwan during their civil war, and US stopped them because they said they would nuke them. So that position... Is very relative.
  12. Dude. This Ukraine. No one is risking nuclear war for Kherson, Kharkov, Zitomir or fucking Lvov. For the US Ukraine isn't much different in terms of perception or importance than Gabon or Burundi. The only value it has is that it borders Russia and you can put missiles and military infrastructure next to Russia. That's it. If Georgia didn't border Russia do you think the US would ever give any flying fucks about it for example? This is a very wise decision.
  13. The area was taken in the first 2 days. They are WAY South of it surrounding Kiev in the outskirts now on the North. Don't worry.
  14. US just stopped it's nuclear launches to demonstrate they aren't in high nuclear alert unlike Russia. Really good news. Looks like US is giving signals nuclear threats are off the table. Good for everyone IMO. The Pentagon called Russia on the second day to make a channel about nuclear control between the two. Russia didn't pick up the phone.
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