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  1. How can you bash RTX then hype RT for next gen consoles. It makes zero sense. Stop being a retard.
  2. TLOU was last Gen's best game imo. Only second to Dark Souls.
  3. Apparently TLOU2 February release is apparently debunked.
  4. Witcher is meh. Let's hope Cyberpunk is better.
  5. Elden Ring obviously going to be boss.
  6. What if Ghosts of Tsushima delivers as well?
  7. The Pro has held up great throughout the year. Job well done Cerny.
  8. Too bad they'll show the Pro version. I want PS5 footage.
  9. https://society-reviews.com/2019/09/19/rambo-last-blood-review-discussion-a-sledgehammer-to-safe-spaces/ Sounds godly.