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  1. What is there to hate about Biden? They keep him locked up in a room dementia pills and take them out for photo ops while others make the decisions.
  2. I don't think carrying weed in an international airport were they have the right to search your ass for drugs is a very good idea. But weed is great.
  3. PR stunt pulled out of his ass cause his rating are abysmal and the Dems November elections are going to be a disaster. PS. It's not going to help.
  4. Yes fake money backed by gold, oil, gas, wheat, metals and other commodities. I need to remind your retarded ass that the dollar is based on the oil commodity back in the 70s when they agreed to trade oil in dollar setting the standard
  5. Mean Africa, Middle East, China, South America abandoning the dollar paying in local currencies and a future BRICS reserve currency. Absolutely resource rich regions with 3.7 billion people moving away from the dollars isnt a complete disaster. When Saudis start selling their oil to China for Yuan you know the world is changing and are running dedollarization.
  6. Expect the same for oil, wheat etc and other commodities. So Iran or Saudis can sell for their currency,Yuan, BRICS currency or whatever.
  7. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov paid an official visit to a number of African countries - Egypt, Uganda, Congo, Ethiopia. Many did not pay attention to this trip against the backdrop of Ukraine and Nancy Pelosi's flight to Taiwan, but in fact, the visit of the Russian minister can be of great importance for the whole world, writes the AfterShock portal. The fact is that Lavrov brought Russia's proposal to Africa to create a new international standard for the precious metals market. We are talking about the Moscow World Standard (MWS), which will become an alternative to the standard
  8. Going to Crimea on August 14th on vacation.
  9. So we're is the 69 kilometer convoy because everyone was swearing it wasn't fake news. Or 60 Soviet planes flying from Poland with Ukrainian pilots? All these things are presented as "facts" and if you deny them then it's Russian propaganda. The amount of garbage and fake news currently fed in the West somehow manages to surpass Russian internal news.
  10. Lavrov said that they US position apparently is changing from hardline to finding a compromise. When all of Novorossiya, Malorossiya are taken and Kiev falls I assume the US has prepares positions.
  11. Humanitarian aid to Kerson and Kharkov. Hopefully soon thru fix supply logistics so local shops can be supplied.
  12. Zelensky's change of tune is amazing. Russians and Ukranoans are one brother nation, we fought and defeated the Nazis together. It's going to be amazing how the tune changes when Russia takes even more territory and obloterates the remaining army.
  13. I'm not sure how you imagine a Russia invasion. This isn't napoleon or Hitler times. Biden riding in on an Abrahams tank into red square?
  14. The point is to lay down arms and not listen to idiots like Zelensky that sends civilians to certain death. Molotov vs a tank and people with guns that know how to use them. Fantastic idea.
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