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  1. Too bad they didn't release a physical release of Monsters Hunter Sunbreak on PS5. World load times even on PS5 are painful.
  2. Don't worry they announced Rune Factory 6 alongside it.
  3. Question 1: Is there an assigned game price? Not yet, we’ll discuss this issue with our partners when most part of the game is done. Question 2: Explain whether if the combat we saw was actual combat and how does the combat works on the different controllers (Phone, PC, Console) Yes, all combat scenes are captured in-engine, they are real. But we set a more “cinematic” camera to capture the trailer footage, some angles are specially set. The actual game will have a stable camera with larger view scope. The combat will look much clearer, but less impactful as it is in the trailer(or it’ll
  4. They have zero online or multiplayer games, so a well done gaas is welcomed. It's not like it's coming at the expense of single player games.
  5. I just hope they reveal the Jet Set Radio game at XBoxs conference. It's all I ask for.
  6. Phantom Blade X is also confirmed to be PS5 exclusive https://www.reddit.com/?utm_source=embedv2&utm_medium=post_embed&utm_content=header
  7. No platforms But probably switch, ps, PC.
  8. I agree with their GAAS push. I love the 70s atmosphere of Concard though even if the teaser was short as hell
  9. Let's hope so because Sony buying this team seems like a waste of money.
  10. After the Medusa that smiling thing is creepy.
  11. I'm getting this at a discount. The first had a good demo.
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