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  1. I guess we need to play this to get the full planned experience for the FF7 Remake part 2/3
  2. It's brutal how much better the PS5 version is.
  3. Lazy developers don't exist. Budget and time constraints do.
  4. Their problem is Sony might be cooking up a lot more than thier lined up plus third party exclusives like Stellar Blade, Silent Hill etc.
  5. Microsoft misses Xbox Game Pass subscriber target for second year. https://www.axios.com/2022/10/27/microsoft-xbox-game-pass-miss
  6. I thought Sony would ran out of steam with all the games they released in th last days of PS4 making them have a slow start. While MS was "holding back games" and had Halo Infinite saved up for launch with tons of newly bought studios. Also that whole 12tflop and bigger SOC for Series hasn't really anything for multiplats when PS5 is matching or even winning the face offs. Nintendo kinda dropped off the map with some point with amazing games but the performance is so bad you're better of emulating on a PC if it's even remotely well specced. The Switch load t
  7. The fact Nintendo and Sony are never going to adopt this shows MS's plan is bust. Who bets everything on XCloud and phones to make it sustainable for god's sake
  8. Could be just bad optimization. The game was made through online during COVID with people in 50 different cities.
  9. Remakes like TLOU and Demon Souls use a collosal amount of effort and budget. Remasters improve games and make them available on easy to access hardware. Or are you going to put out a PS360 to play Lollipop Chainsaw or get the remake on PS5.
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