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  1. Confirmed New FF7 Trailer Ghost of Tsushima trailer longest at the awards streams: https://mixer.com/thegameawards
  2. Anyways I'm out, will check for announcements after.
  3. Sucker Punch's Ghost of Tsushima launches in Summer 2020 for PlayStation 4
  4. Cerny's PS5 article was trending number one everywhere, this piece of shit isn't trending anywhere. Anything with the name PS5 hits number one worldwide.
  5. It's a fucking ugly ass PC tower.
  6. I bet if it had a LOGICAL name like XBox Infinite, and not something stupid like XBox Series X, it would be trending 10x higher. It's extremely confusing and stupid, the name for the average casual.
  7. I think even the PS5 dev kit looks better...
  8. So it will be. XBox Series X XBox Series S I feel sorry for the average casual.
  9. After like 25 hours you go to a new area of the map and cant return to the old one. After the mediocre slog that is the start. Fresh new well written characters, interesting plot, fun powerful guns, powerful interesting enemies. This is seriously a huge wtf moment, there really is a gem hidden in this game. But it's a long ass grind to get for he good part. First 25 hours are like a 6/10, then the new areas is a solid 8/10. I bet most reviewers never even beat the game. This is OG Nier level turn around where the start was a spot then it turns into a damn good game.
  10. No console minded person would ever greenlight a fucking PC tower. Seriously. Not that it matters, but it shows a certain logic loop.
  11. XBox Series X though is a terrible name, like Wii U level bad.
  12. The name is terrible. Like abysmal. I don't care how a console looks like, but let's put it this way, no one was expecting it to look like a PC tower.
  13. I don't really give a shit how consoles look, but after the Series X, I fear for how PS5 will look like...
  14. The thing is hilariously ugly, that size... maybe they can go 500-600 for this thing?
  15. Damn Switch gets another awesome JRPG.
  16. Is the controller identical to the current XBox, no changes?
  17. Series X confirms the Lockhart and Anaconda dual model setup right?
  18. If this thing is a tower PC, and PS5 has a console size box. Then they have the hardware edge.
  19. He's doing a great show, nothing bad about him making money of it.
  20. To be fair Midgar done WELL with PS4 level visuals is one hell of an undertaking. It's not pre rendered screens that are like 512 kilobytes.