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  1. https://www.resetera.com/threads/next-gen-xbox-controller-packaging-leaks-mentioning-xbox-series-s-lockhart.265224/
  2. He worked only on fighting games, screw him.
  3. The DS and Wii market no longer exist all the non gamers bailed to new ways of playing, mostly mobile. Successes like Nintendogs or brain traing would be DOA today.
  4. Nintendo will never reach the success of DS and Wii combined. But they are still killing it.
  5. Third party exclusives for PS5 are happening because they are cheap to buy due to a user base advantage. If PS5 had sub Series X sales, Sony wouldn't be able to afford an third party exclusives. It's that simple. I'd rather Sony grow and buy studios.
  6. Let's wait for the digital foundry comparisons. We are only 3 months away. The spec difference is small compared to Pro vs X, expecting a 1080p 60fps to 4K 60 on X difference for the PS5 is ludicrous.
  7. Control RE7 DMC5 Really wonder what they are adding to DMC5 aside from Vergil. RE7 probably a VR patch for PS5 at least.
  8. I hope they remaster Nightshade and Shinobi. Those games need the remaster
  9. I already own Bayo on switch but this 720p vs 1440p and better frame rate. Plus Bayo 1 switch is not a physical copy.
  10. They said that they are also talking to console manufacturers about ports. Looks like they are going full multiplat. I expect Persona 5 and SMT to go multiplat eventually. Finally won't need a PS2 to play all those SMT games.
  11. I never played Persona 3, so a remaster would be ideal.
  12. Nocturne is better than any persona game, and that's getting a remaster.
  13. No worries people dumpster diving on Steam will save MS game studios.
  14. I almost got suckered into buy an S for Scaleboud, Phantom Dust and Gears.
  15. It's okay MS always has Steam to save the day.
  16. If a game has say 70 percent sales on PS and 30 on XBox, MS would have to unload an ungodly amount of money to compenstate exclusivety unlike Sony.
  17. https://www.resetera.com/threads/imran-khan-sony-has-locked-timed-exclusivity-for-some-huge-and-widely-known-multiplatform-games.263403/ Bring it on Sony.
  18. I've read people on reset era that are XBox fanboys say they don't think Series X will match sales One sales after the XBox showcase. The underdog comeback story flopped.