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  1. - CPU: 7nm Zen 2, 8 cores - GPU: custom Navi, including raytracing support - SSD + custom interfacing to massively increase bandwith (Spiderman freetravel demo: 15 seconds to 0.8 seconds) - PS4 Backwards compatibility (other platforms not confirmed) - Physical media - PSVR '1' compatible - on-chip 3D audio support https://www.resetera.com/threads/playstation-next-generation-plans-2020-wired-exclusive-article.111777/
  2. Wait thiese guys made Bubsy 3D? Insane turn around like ND after Way of the Warrior, Guerilla with Shellshock Nam
  3. I have no idea how they pull this off, from 3/10 studios to master class. This is what the God of War team made before. I mean wtf is this. Looks like shovelware.
  4. One thing I hope MS shows off this E3 is Halo with ray tracing. We kinda need to see what these Navi thing can pull off. I expect something simple like the Crytek demo but with a very low performance cost in comparison. That's kinda my MS E3 hype. Maybe they'll go gay mode and show it off on a PC though.
  5. Replace my bullshit with the latest said leak from a reliable source.
  6. Also 7nm super slim PS4 revision for 200. Looks like Sony is shitbinning the Pro and not even revising it cause of PS5.
  7. So who is hyping Doom Eternal on Switch again.
  8. Relax, Navi is rumoured to have insane performance gains in real performance to tflops which is are just a theoretical numbers. It's possible a 4tflop Lockhart will outperform the 6tflop GPU in X. Rumour is a 30 CU Navi outperforms a Vega with double the CUs.
  9. Not sure people say this is a HBM heatsink patent from Sony.
  10. The DDR4/HBM rumour sounds like madness but it makes perfect sense pricewise, price reduction wise long trm, and lower power consumption is a huge plus for thermals. Also GPU has access to 8 gigs of super fast RAM without the CPU eating into the bandwidth directly. Its not comparable to the XBox setup, on One all the RAM was bandwidth starved had to run through the EDRAM from what I know for the GPU. It's a very interesting setup with potential, how the other 12 gigs will be handled god knows. But assuming devs don't even see it as split memory means it's worked out fairly well if it's a monolithic 20 gigs to devs. Specwise this by far the most interesting rumour we have hardwarewise. After RT and SSDs got confirmed all we can do is argue tflops and price, this kinda throw a wrench in the whole thing. Especially if MS has a different memory setup, and question is what they do there. At least it makes thing look a bit different than same shit with different clocks like people are expecting. I'm an retard and even I worked out the rumour works.
  11. Sony's plan to give us a middle system is sound. I don't want to choose between a guaranteed discless 1080p tard pack and a premium system which would be the only realistic choice. But if that memory setup better make them price reduce that thing fast, no way 399 flies for three years straight this gen. Price is both key, but also highly variable. The X is the same price as Pro no matter the power difference because it's DOA at 499. PC ports day 1, XCloud and possibly Switch are going to hit XBox hardware sales outside the US big time. They're going to lose a segment of people that initially got a One on the expectation of pure exclusives and they know it.
  12. Well ironically a revised small SAD could work for streaming.
  13. Lockhart is either a streambox or 1080p machine. It can't be both, it's one of the other. It either plays natively or streams. The insiders are all over the place with this thing, they probably have no clue what it is. Brad Sams showed his complete technical inept when he said it would run stuff at 4K 60. Even though he leaked it. Also where is the XCloud TV solution?
  14. DF. Also this thing, obviously just a rumour. Lockhart a pure streaming box outside some games?
  15. 36 compute units: 8.3TF 40 compute units: 9.2TF 44 compute units: 10.1TF 48 compute units: 11.1TF 52 compute units: 12.0TF 56 compute units: 12.9TF 60 compute units: 13.8TF 64 compute units: 14.7TF
  16. This looks like some busted PS3 port circa 2006.
  17. I wouldn't be surprised if PS4 BC tech analysis would be the biggest tech spec that people view. Can the thing so anything past faster loading times and a boost mode? I doubt it. But people I think expect their old games to be locked at target FPS. The value of old games being released from technical shackles would be amazing. Bloodborne with insta loading and locked framerate. At the start of a gen BC is a huge value proposition.
  18. Spec circle jerk aside, it seems people are more than satisfied with what we are getting with PS5. 10-12 is irrelevant, 2 tflops don't change shit in the grand scheme of things. Now the next thing to matter if they can nail 399, and a March release. If they do I think the vast majority of SW will easily buy it at launch, and that would be a huge win, and gamers in general. And of course some games, but I think better multiplats can carry next gen alone for a certain period of time. It's the next PlayStation. It's a safe bet.
  19. So once again 10-12tflops according to them basically. Stadia tflops.
  20. So people did the math and interpolated, the DDR4/HBM2 rumour would put PS5 at 10.8 tflops.