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  1. Too late in the gen, highest userbase, next hardware cycle maybe. Not this one.
  2. https://www.windowscentral.com/why-xbox-game-pass-nintendo-switch-and-other-systems-smart These are the MS leakers of all the Scarlett shit, and basically a leak site for MS. TEH RUMOUR.
  3. B Rate Metal Gear? Fuck yeah.
  4. Obviously a rumour. An E3 2019 reveal if it's late 2020, basically confirms Sony having their own PS5 event and launching early. Enjoy your discless future. - Two Scarlett devices announced this E3: Lockhart and Anaconda- Lockhart = entry level device, no disc drive, digital focused machine- Anaconda = high end device, price similar to Xbox One X's launch price- Xbox should announce a disc drive less Xbox One in the coming months- Launch fall 2020- For the specs sheet, they say that this is what was rumored to be but can only confirm the presence of SSDs on both machines. They're NOT confirming the full sheet. - Halo Infinite is a launch crossgen game- Ninja Theory's game is slated for early 2020
  5. I assume MS won't even bother securing marketing deals for third party games soon, I mean whats the point of an XBox logo for some game, when fucking Halo is on other systems. Got to say the One fanbase has got to the be most used, and abused fanbase in console history. Zero fucks given about their core "fans" who made XBox what it is.
  6. If the specs for Lockhart are even remotely as ghetto as here, it's going to be like $300 launch and like $200 in a year or something on a sale. Probably making these to shove into a server blade or something.
  7. @ Jon. Let's say Doom is on the Eshop, and Doom is on Gamepass. That's a conflict of interest. Nintendo will never allow that. It will be curated by Nintendo. So you're never going to get Game Pass parity with PC/XBox.
  8. As for Forza, Halo and Gears. You port the biggest franchise, which is obviously Halo, I think that's the most likely candidate. Especially Halo MCC, since it has a big online presence potential vs Gears. Something Nintendo would want to push online subs. They probably want to build the audience up with ports/remasters for Halo, for Infinite's launch.
  9. E3 and Sony's seperate event are going to be fun this year. Switch getting MS games. Sony's next-gen hardware. MS needs to reveal something for next-gen or hint.
  10. Microsoft refers to Anaconda as Scarlett Pro and Lockhart as Scarlett Arcade. Think of Lockhart as the successor to the Xbox One S, whereas Anaconda is the successor to the Xbox One X. And to toss one more name into the bunch, Danta is the name of the Scarlett devkit that is based on Anaconda.On the xCloud side of things, there is Anthem; this is what Microsoft calls the Xbox One S version of its cloud platform. Anthem V2 will roll out later next year which will be based on a revised version of the Xbox One S that is focused on reducing the cost to manufacture the hardware. And of course, there is an Anaconda Cloud in the works as well.
  11. So an insider said that "Not all of the specs are accurate". But seems like there is some truth to it, which ones, fuck knows. I assume the lockhart GPU spec is bullshit. So one system is flatout 1080p? Xbox "Lockhart" Xbox "Anaconda" CPU Custom 8 Cores - 16 threads zen 2 Custom 8 Cores - 16 threads zen 2 GPU Custom NAVI 4+ Teraflops GPU Custom NAVI 12+ Teraflops RAM 12 Go de mémoire GDDR6 16 Go de mémoire GDDR6
  12. You faggots are arguing about barely noticable differences, in motion it's probably even more irrelevant.
  13. - a High profile Microsoft franchise ( Halo, Forza or Gears ) will be on the Nintendo Switch. However, they don’t know in what capacity ( 360 port ? Xbox One game ? ) I assume Halo MCC native port? Also Cuphead apparently will also be ported natively.
  14. Looks like I might have been wrong. - Nintendo and Microsoft had several meetings in Redmond regarding their upcoming partnership- More than 100 Xbox games will be available on Switch via Gamepass and/or X Cloud
  15. Question. Will Android block other streaming services for gaming on their phones?