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  1. Yakuza 0 and Kiwami 2 are so fucking good, both GOTG candidates easily. If Judgement delivers, it will be the most consistent franchise of the gen out of Japan. From humble beginnings off some sideline AA PS2 game, to some of the best a gen has to offer.
  2. Time for a port and localisation. Even though I have a Vita lying around somewhere. + Game system to lose sight of the advance is stopped as if the loop + A story perfectly matched with the system + Unique and unforgettable characters + Compatible with PS Vita TV - Only play on PS Vita and PS Vita TV
  3. This is going to cost big bucks if you get the special editions only 1000 copies. It's a most awaited Visual Novel. I got my $85 copy! https://limitedrungames.com/products/limited-run-232-the-house-in-fata-morgana-collectors-edition-vita https://limitedrungames.com/products/limited-run-259-the-house-in-fata-morgana-collectors-edition-ps4
  4. Wanted to bump this not for the limited print. But to raise awareness for visual novel fans.
  5. Ohh shit. Time to get it then. Edit - Only 15 bucks with free shipping.
  6. https://www.resetera.com/threads/microsoft-games-on-ps5-is-it-going-to-happen.125316/
  7. All the game pass threads are 90% PC gamers after that 3 years for 1 dollar thing. Also no exclusives makes XBox have even less of an identity, and it can't be a PS5 clone by default then.
  8. At resetera people post that "MS is making all the right moves" and "They are making a comeback/competing again for next gen" I don't get it. What are these people seeing here. What exactly is MS doing that's of any real value to XBox.
  9. It's kinda comical how badly the X performed against the Pro this year, when every game was supposed to be a "guaranteed" win.
  10. Dynamite didn't get the memo from MS. He isn't supposed to talk about Scarlett sales, rather the MAU growth from PC of people buying Halo on Steam and the people that signed for 3 years of game pass for one dollar.
  11. The 360 aged worse than the Wii because that thing actually has worthwhile exclusives that didn't get ported. Fuck the same even goes for Wii U, at least it has SOME exclusives.
  12. What happened is disgusting, they just beat the living shit out of two innocent women for no reason. Forget the LGBT bullshit.
  13. Will try it after I finish some of my backlog I have no doubt it's better than Spiderman. BC's Seal of Approval
  14. Next-gen is looking pretty fucking cool in the SSD/Load Times respect. We've killed an issue that has existed since the PS1 era. Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5 will set a new bar for consoles. So far, gamers expect a solid-state drive (SSD), ray tracing support, 8K resolution graphics, and possibly even a companion wireless virtual reality headset. All of these premium hardware features will help the PS 5 compete with increasingly alluring cloud gaming services. And it looks like Sony has even more where that came from.In fact, it looks like the PS 5 will attempt to make loading screens a thing of the past. This is according to a recent continuation patent filed by Sony and which was granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office on Tuesday. The latest version of the patent describes how a future gaming system could split up game environments into various segments to enable smooth loading transitions.If it performs as described, then gamers could smoothly move to any in-game area without having the game pause to boot up another map.
  15. Many PC players, play all the big games on PC. Then get a console when some exclusives roll in later in the gen for a lower price. For example Switch is a fanastic side system to anything, you just can't go wrong with that thing. MS basically eliminated the whole PC guys that get a console for exclusives. They could have at least skipped freaking steam and kept it on their store. Try posting "I'm skipping XBox and getting a PC" style post in any MS thread be it first party, or next gen and the tears just ROLL in. You're a fanboy stop posting ;( Cuphead ain't my thing but I'm glad I own a Switch for Ori.
  16. Ori and Cuphead physical on Switch with all DLC. Ditch'd by MS
  17. I've seen numerous lemmings on other forums say "Who would a PC over XBox" This topic is literally sweeped under the rug, and pretended it doesn't exist when talking PS5 sales Vs Scarlett. Playing on a TV and couch is not a good excuse get a console for many people. You can literally feel their tears as they praise MS for "options", then cry when someone suggests they will go PC and skip XBox.