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  1. Media Create reports that the PlayStation Classic sold 120.000 units in Japan on its first week.For comparison the Famicom and Super Famicom mini consoles did 260.000 & 340.000 units in their respective launch. Who is buying all these retro shit ROM dump consoles.
  2. FFXV - Press circle to win. Spam revive on your retard comrades that you can't control. Xenoblade - Here is a slow ass MMO combat system that takes forever to kill something with ghetto recharge timers, and MMO position/stance dance... In slow motion. God JRPGs are so fucked. Where is the fun and pacing of the pre PS360 era.
  3. This pretty much confirms remasters for people new to the series, and a new NMH game is cool. Looks like Travis Returns is an appetiser.
  4. No Cygames just has infinite money from their mobile games and wants to expand into high end AAA development. Basically their target platforms are PlayStation and PC. Since they don't want to do low budget stuff.
  5. GranBlue is super high budget and they want to compete with Final Fantasy worldwide. This will butcher FFXV. They said they really want to focus on high end graphics which is awesome.
  6. Xenoblade plays like a very very bad MMO. Even FFXIV with its slow as GCD is a fast paced action game in comparison.
  7. https://imgur.com/a/ldCNALk It's even on PC, what a slap in the face to XBox and Windows store.
  8. Borderline CGI achieved even on 5 year old base consoles that are $200 bucks now.
  9. Kingdom Hearts 2 on hardest is one of the best action JRPGs ever even if you ignore the story.
  10. https://wccftech.com/next-gen-xbox-dev-kit-anaconda/ Looks like they are already out in the wild for devs. Windows Central has been doing controlled leaks forever. That's a bit early for a system that people assume will launch in Holiday 2020, which is two years away. So stick your PS5 2020 release date up your asses. " “The next-gen Xbox/dev kit is codenamed “Anaconda,” in-keeping with the reptile theme”, he wrote. Please note that this codename only refers to the name of the console’s development kit, and not the console’s actual name. The dev kit for Microsoft’s Xbox One X (Xbox Scorpio) was codenamed Chuckwalla, while the codename for the Xbox One was ‘Durango’." While many have reported that ‘Xbox Scarlet’ will be Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox console, several reports suggest that ‘Scarlet’ is in fact the name Microsoft’s next-gen project that includes a family of devices broken into several tiers.
  11. Valve is going to get it's ass handed to it soon.
  12. Whats your point again. It's doesnt have the scale, complexity of Ark. You're using a last gen game to point out what exactly.
  13. It's just a filler game by their younger team members it seems. They basically flatout said that. It was never supposed to be anything big or defining for Grasshopper.
  14. New Sony heatsink patent. https://imgur.com/gallery/lfPx7MI#4fYXedc
  15. https://www.resetera.com/threads/takashi-mochizuki-via-david-gibson-translation-nintendo-delayed-2018-titles-into-2019-switch-revision-in-2019.87193/ Things looking good. Though another Switch revision confirmation whatever it is.
  16. Target specs and development software. I assume 7nm might be already in there.
  17. Damn its insane how modern this feels for a Dragon Quest game.
  18. Dev kits 2 years before is is fast tracking.
  19. It's a Cryengine game. Check the Benchmarks for them.
  20. Well XBox is 2020, but to put it lightly Sony got them fast tracking this shit ASAP.