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  1. I told him.. but he had to go and make threads saying it for sure wasn't happening lmao...
  2. Game is looking damn good visually. I love the lighting.
  3. You're just proving my point. N64 - 33M units sold Gamecube - 21M units sold WiiU - 14M units sold Besides Wii being the outlier... their traditional console business is dead... it's been dying for a while. The Wii was a success because it was a new interesting concept and it was something the entire family could play and had games like Wii Sports and others trash which tons of soccer moms and partents bought for their kids to play. On the other hand Nintendo's always done well with their handhelds. It's supported them throughout some of their worst times... It became clear to them after the WiiU failure that it wasn't going to work again. There wasn't going to be another Wii level success. So they did what they had to do and folded their markets together both accessible by a single product. That's the reason why "Switch is so hot".... It's serving the handheld market as well as the "me too" console sidekick market who just wants to play Nintendo games. There's no Switch at 60M and a handheld product doing similar... THAT would be a huge success because it would show Nintendo could actually be "successful" in the traditional market on it's own merits. But they aren't.
  4. That's what serving two markets gets you when you're Nintendo. I love how you think showing high Switch software sales changes anything about what I said..
  5. Fair enough. VR sets are supposed to in the future, but admittedly nothing has really been happening on that front as of yet.
  6. Yep, good catch on the fact that it's a PCIe3.0 cable. Many people overlook that and think it will work at whatever speed their MOBO is. It will be a problem going forward. Considering you're buying a PCIe4.0 MOBO and GPU.. you'll be bottlenecking your GPU just for something purely aesthetic. Another thing to keep in mind is that when mounted vertically like that, temps can be hoter due to the close proximity of the GPU fans to the side panel with less space for positive air pressure in the case to push air through and exhaust the GPU heat. It's nice looking... visually, but there's no real positives to it besides looks. If you like the case, that's fine, but I'd definitely just keep the GPU plugged directly into the MOBO.
  7. Kinda surprised at TLOU2 dropping out... lmao GTA5 back in there again
  8. I wouldn't get a case without USB type C ports if I was buying a brand new case.
  9. It will also go on sale before the consoles release. I told Dynamite it exists
  10. Yea. They folded hard cause their console business completely died. Nintendo is resilient though. They had the foresight to focus on their strengths and consolidate their business. Definitely a great move by them.
  11. It's not normal when said console is the "lead" console... and when you have a marketing deal with said platform. And OTHER devs have stated similar things for the PS5 versions of their games. Yea, I'm really sure the PS5 version of the game is getting less attention than the Series X version...