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  1. Not on PC (You can clearly see 60fps footage in the trailer)
  2. https://uploadvr.com/half-life-alyx-2-million/ Best game of the year.. most innovative and immersive. Stunning visuals and gameplay.
  3. It's funny the difference of opinion when you're the one in the argument with me. I think you take this stuff too seriously Jehurey
  4. Real talk, there's no excuse for Halo being like it was. I hyped the shit out of that game as the next coming... and while I still think the gameplay looks good... I was expecting more visually. I wasn't happy with Phil that day let me tell you
  5. With 100M consoles.. a lot becomes feasible. You put in the work to tone down the game and make changes where necessary. Developers are literally busy coding and updating their engines for next gen baseline anyway... they have a lot of work ahead of them, and in the meantime they might as well release cross gen versions of games that are possible on both.
  6. Visually the game could be toned down and released on PS4. The world hopping shit is impressive, but it's all on-rails... so I need to see more to be convinced. Quickly loading 7 second on rails flyby's of different worlds isn't THAT amazing.
  7. Exactly... there's nothing wrong with it at all. You'd be STUPID to not support your 100M+ console base with last gen versions of your next-gen games...
  8. Lyin Ryan believes in duping those cowtots. I mean, Demon's Souls is LITERALLY a PS3 game in code... to say that it couldn't have been remade with a bit worse gfx and 30fps on the PS4 is just... MM is on PS4 Jim told cows what they wanted to hear, and they ate it up
  9. I don't think he did. I think he inherited a platform that was all about TV and media... and had to make it about games again. I think he's had long enough now that we need to start seeing some good change and progress... for sure. I think picking up Bethesda and their studios gives them a solid first party. I think Playground Games is an amazing studio, and I'm excited to see Perfect Dark from the Initiative. Again, I'm not saying he hasn't had ample time to get some games in order, but I think they're going to have a solid lineup of games once they start coming out
  10. Nah, you're trying too hard to hate on Phil. Gotta respect Phil's hustle.
  11. There's a reason why MS went wide... and Nvidia went wide... and doubled the compute capabilities of their GPUs
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