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  1. Good shit. This is my 3900X at 4.5Ghz lmao the ST performance of Zen 3 just demolishes Zen 2.
  2. iight cool. Yeah, 3800 will be no problem for 3600mhz memory. Those are decent timings too. I'm happy for you man. That's a sick fucking PC you have there. *actually.. that's 2 sick ass PCs you have there
  3. Ok. Is 3800mhz what your RAM is, or is it 3600mhz?
  4. Yep. I agree 100%. I'm gonna have to sneak in another playthrough coming up soon. They've improved the game so much since I played it first. Usually every patch that drops I hop back in and try it out.. and the recent patches have done some amazing things for the game. It's so much better now than it was at launch. You picked the right time to experience it, that's for sure!
  5. Also @Carlos Vela make sure your XMP profile is enabled in the BIOS lol..
  6. PBO always overvolts.... it's literally designed to do that to push the CPU. With stock conditions the CPU should never hit 90'C on an AIO. It should remain in the mid 70s, maybe high 70s going on 80... but 90 nah. Now with PBO and Auto OC, of course it can because they get carried away with voltage... which is why nobody should ever use that shit.
  7. Yes! That place was awesome. Glad you're enjoying it.
  8. The Medium Settings ConsolesHBR
  9. Yea, it makes a pretty big difference. I know the bad compression isn't helping things but it looks like the Pro could be rendering at just 1080p in CP2077. All that skin shader detail is lost pretty much in the hands and colors just look off as well.
  10. Hmm, that's odd. Changed sites. Do they work now?
  11. No way. Are they? They work for me.
  12. I really have no idea how this one is going to turn out... but I'm definitely interested in this one. It seems like the male character in this one could possibly also be a playable character?
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