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  1. No.. it doesn't work like that. It's essentially working like a PC and the CPU us decompressing the assets... and just like many games... its not using many cores to do it.
  2. That's a backwards compatible game.. not a game designed to take advantage of an SSD.
  3. Lmao you're so dumb. As he said.. if they knew why.. it could be fixed already... Lmao you thinking devs know why everything is happening and the only issue being how to fix it... Omfg... if you know WHY the issue is happening..fixing it....isn't an issue. Lmao Cluelesssan
  4. God you're dumb.. lmao. Devs understand why they have every issue they have... Bubu the debugger maybe you should watch some dev talks dude
  5. BAHHHHH AHAHAHAHAHA Jesus fucking christ you are clueless... bubu teh error code say D53F1001G... dat meenz da isshew is X an Y..... LMAO development doesn't work like that you fucking clown... The dev kit ISN'T AN ENGINE... they need to figure out and code their engine to the hardware... and PS5 doesn't tell you why YOUR ENGINE isn't working properly on it.. you dumbnut
  6. LMAO ReeeeERA says the game has some major issues on Switch lmao it's not 60 locked... it's buggy, and crashes a lot.... no HDR either.. bububu teh opimizashun
  7. And I'm laughing at you for thinking developers know why every issue they encounter is happening I can't believe you ACTUALLY think that
  8. That's exactly the thing.. he has no reason to want to make Capcom look bad.. He's just commenting that he's heard the game is having dev issues specifically on PS5... beyond that.. whatever will happen will happen. I don't think they're "typical" dev issues... they wouldn't even bring those up to him... they're quite clearly having struggles with PS5 specifically.
  9. This isn't typical "games have issues during development" this is a "PS5 has issues and we don't understand why" thing... There's a big difference there.
  10. You don't have to take what he says as fact dude... The game can release and be fine... and yet what he said can still be true. Judging from the trailers though... and how badly it performs in certain scenes.. I definitely think there's truth to what he's saying. It's a game in development... and he claims it's having issues on PS5 that it's not having elsewhere. That's all.
  11. Do you really think he has any real reason to say Capcom is having issues with PS5 development if he didn't actually hear that was the case? Has he EVER talked shit specifically about Sony in the past or something? This is quite clearly out of the typical "game development issues" scope if it's being brought up like this.
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