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  1. Halo looks so fucking good That campaign cutscene got me hype af
  2. "The Official Limited Interest Games Press Conference"
  3. Yep, which is why Jehurey lost the argument about me "not playing PS games since 2014"... lmfao. He can't prove what he claims either... and has actually had another poster confirm my claim.. which was that I had. He continued to lose his shit... and he'll do that again here too.
  4. Yep. I mean, only an IDIOT would spend $1500+ solely on a graphics card if he didn't agree with you.
  5. That game... that was only ever showed off on PC right up until launch..... which had people questioning the quality of the console ports..... wasn't PC centric developed game... don't you know?
  6. No you didn't. And let's not forget... YOU were specifically arguing with DynamiteCop that there was NO WAY consoles were running that game at the quality level that was being shown... (you bought your PC specifically FOR CP2077 too ) You specifically said they couldn't do it... LOL Now you're here saying it wasn't a PC centric game
  7. Why were you expecting Part 2? lmfao... setting yourself up hard there.
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