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  1. That's a good thing. We don't need Chris Pratt trying to be Charles Martinet... that would get really annoying.
  2. The fuck are you even talking about? Posts a thread of Sony BLATANTLY ripping off cows. LOL we made a PC version.... let's backport the enhancements to the console and charge for it again! Here's TLOU P1 again, $70 please. Cows also paying for PSN And Sheep need to just shut the fuck up about overpaying for games LOL Nintendo literally never drops the prices of their games because sheep enjoy getting bent over
  3. You're fucking stupid. Straight up We'll take Playstation's games... and cows (sheep) will get butthurt about it. You're a sheep with 2nd hand butthurt
  4. Exactly my thoughts. Honestly.. I love it. I think it looks awesome visually. Jack Black as bowser sounds great. Can't wait for this
  5. No you haven't. And Returnal continues to prove the leak accurate. And sweetie devs have been using Geforce Now to test builds for a LONG time already. Will bump this when Ratchet is announced. Anotha "Anotha one" if you will
  6. Yea, the "at least" was definitely intentional. They literally gave that exact phrasing... so you could do exactly what you're doing in this thread It's all about helping you feel better as it goes in
  7. The wording has changed. The "minimum timeframe" they state is getting progressively shorter.. Herman isn't going to just come out and say what YOU are saying right here... He's easing the fanbase into accepting it little by little.. and by the end.. he'll have slid his dick all the way up your asses, and you guys will be bragging about how you knew it was going to happen all along...
  8. Let Twinky have his fun. I just find it cute that the guy that was talking shit about PC and boasting about how awesome the Switch was this year... is spending $500 on a "Switch-like" PC
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