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  1. I get a kick out of these fucking idiots that can't follow simple logic... because they're massive circle jerking cunts who spout the dumbest bullshit imaginable and think they have made a point because another butthurt bitch comes in to back them up. I've owned a PS4 since it launched. I bought and played PS exclusives on it. I've gamed on PC that entire time too. I vastly prefer PC as a platform.. and that's where I spent that vast majority of my time gaming. Towards the end of the gen, my PS4 is literally collecting dust. I play God of War 2018.. and my PS4 breaks. I just
  2. Now I own a PS5 again... I'm buying PS4 versions of games because I just can't admit to SW that I own a PS5............... this fucking logic Jesus christ... Look at this thread and you fucking idiots SERIOUSLY ASKED WHY JONB AND DYNAMITE don't post here anymore Continue circle jerking each other off... go on.
  3. Imagine your insults to someone being "you don't own a profile of your own" Listen to how completely embarrassing that clown is OMG
  4. No. It's best to just play them.. if and when you can, or want to. Again, your entire argument rests on the fact that you think I should want to play these games day 1.... and that I should buy the platform so I can do that.... except I'm telling you that they don't mean that much to me.. like they do you. I'm not buying a platform I don't want for a couple of games that I'll just play later if I choose. But your fanboy-ass can't seem to understand that basic thing.
  5. Because I have the platform You've never heard me tell you... You have to play this now.. because next year it wont be good... have you? That's literally some cow exclusive fuckboy dumbass logic
  6. LOL this thread was embarrassing for cows before... but it just got 10x more embarrassing now that Jerky's go-rounding and tagging people to circle jerk him Enjoy clowns
  7. bubu you HAV TO PLAY DA GAME WHEN IT'S IMPRESSIV Jesus fucking christ And anxious to play something... meaning you can't wait.... not anxiety
  8. I beat God of War: Ragnarok a bit after it released .. and already traded that shit in for Steam gift cards But yes, I have played more PS games on a PS console than Jerky has all year
  9. No it doesn't. And no, I didn't buy Forbidden West so I wont be buying it again. But I'll probably buy it and play it before you do
  10. Next to the amount of effort you put into playing this game... everything seems like a lot to you
  11. I bought God of War on PS4.... I didn't buy Horizon:FW on PS4. And I bought God of War... because I wanted to and already had the console to do it. LOL you little fucking twerp.
  12. Mad cause we put more effort into making fun of this game than you have attempting to play it
  13. What the hell is "their actual peak"... that's such a fanboy response man. I know it might be hard.. but I mean just consider the fact that I just don't want a bunch of consoles anymore.. I've owned all the damn consoles every generation... it's not a matter of money.. never was. It's the simple fact that I just don't want to own a bunch of gaming devices anymore. You're just completely wrong about the age thing man lmao... The age means I'm not an anxious kid anymore. If I felt THAT anxious to play Sony's latest games... I'd own a PS5... because again, it's not ab
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