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  1. Ok it'll have to wait until I get a chance.. I'm working ATM lol
  2. No, that's wrong. Do you really want a long winded explanation why?
  3. That's not true... but I'll spare you the details.
  4. https://www.gematsu.com/2021/09/castlevania-advance-collection-rated-for-ps4-xbox-one-switch-and-pc-in-taiwan This comes after the rating in Australia.. so it's definitely confirmed happening. It will likely include the 3 Castlevania games for the GB Advance.. which is pretty awesome.
  5. LMAO the Jerry ownage continues.. he should have just shut his trap about what was painfully obvious. Guy never learns
  6. Holy shit 8 hours in before taking on the first lord? I did it in 4 and some change and I wasn't rushing anything at all.
  7. So it took them 4 years to figure that out... lol
  8. So what changed between now and then lol?
  9. I dunno, but the PC version is sitting at estimated 200,000 - 500,000 according to Steamspy right now. There was 60,000 concurrent players a few days ago, so that likely puts it on the higher end of that estimation. I'd say maybe 350K on Steam, 550K on PS4/5, and 100K on Xbox. Something like that.
  10. Damn, that's almost unbelievable I also went through 2 PS2s as well with DRE errors. Outside of the PS2 and 360 though, every other system I've ever bought never gave me issues.
  11. Yeah, Bluetooth is really spotty at times. I find the BT in the Xbox controllers to be really unreliable as well... at least on PC anyway. Sometimes you get double inputs, or sometimes dropped inputs as well... but then switch to regular wireless with the adapter and its perfect. I was doing some reading in some of the threads out there about the Switch and this BT update, and yea unfortunately it seems like there's quite a bit of lag at times. Probably still best to just connect a wireless headset dongle through USB.
  12. I had 2 360s shit out on me with the RROD. I still have one of them sitting in storage. I was thinking of trying to fix it some day.. but eh. I do remember the EBGames here doing the same thing. They really had to have them on for a while to make sure they wouldn't overheat.
  13. So fill me in because I'm not really up to speed on the Switch's compatibility. The console supports 8 bluetooth connections simultaneously right? So each Joy-con would be a connection, so there's your 4 players, correct? So with a BT headset connected how many controllers can you connect? I'm guessing 3 then? Or maybe just 2 players, so each could have two joycons and a BT headset each? Anyway.. Nintendo was dumb.. they should have just included a BT receiver in the Dock itself, specifically for this use. Either that or an extra USB slot for a dongle.
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