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  1. Activision would move out independently first, before completing the merger. MS could then close the deal and sell Activision games in the UK through a distributor.
  2. I'll jerk the fuck off to whoever I want David! Best belee I'm getting my $60 worth out of that bitch
  3. It's on the Nvidia Leak. That means it's 100% coming Except it's probably a remaster like Tactics Ogre was. Still though... all I want is for FFT to be on PC.
  4. FF7R is pure trash I think FF16 looks good.. but we'll see. If they fuck up Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster/Remake though I'm going to be pissed.
  5. No... absolutely not. MS went far above and beyond what they should have needed to. The CMA doesn't even have the right understanding of the gaming market. Since they clearly demonstrated that they don't... literally EVERYHTING they did, was meaningless. If you can't properly define the market you're supposed to be deciding over, then you can't make a proper decision, period. And bud, sorry to break it to you... but the CMA already looks like the laughing stock I'm not defending the megacorp... the CMA just literally doesn't understand what the fuck what the marke
  6. Yes they can. MS could give them a way to accept an expanded behavioral remedy which would allow the CMA to look like they still "won" something and that their concerns were ultimately addressed.
  7. Microsoft can't decide that on their own. Activision would have to independently move out of the UK before MS closes the deal with them. Seems like both companies really want this deal to go through though, so anything is possible. The CMA has been fucking retarded throughout this entire thing though, and letting them get away with it sets a precedent. Their market definitions are fucked up, their math has been fucked up. The CMA obviously coordinated with the FTC to put pressure on the EC to follow them and block the deal, which would have likely caused MS to drop out.. except
  8. I've been playing with both. Game handles perfectly. Some of the menu stuff take a bit longer, but it's all very intuitive, and feels nice.
  9. So yea, pretty much what I said. Looks great obviously, but not quite what people were expecting. I think most people wouldn't have any problem admitting that. We had higher expectations.. but let's see how else the game has evolved.
  10. Got to admit, they've been on quite the roll lately. Their releases have all been scoring well, selling well... seems like they've really found their groove with getting out high quality games at a regular cadence, and to back it all up they have their own proprietary engine which runs extremely well on everything. Good stuff for sure. Some people wont necessarily agree with that though.. and would say they're wasting too much time remaking games. The reality though is that: -Monster Hunter is firing on all cylinders, "World 2" will be absolutely massive for them and is an ob
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