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  1. I don't give a shit about who publishes what... I care about the games with the best visuals.. and them being best on my platform. LOL
  2. Noooo. You post my profile. You claimed something... now post your proof. That's not my profile that you posted.
  3. MORE from the list are on PC than are on PS... retard
  4. Yes... I do. Because they are on my platform... and BEST... on my platform. LOL.. and Sony doesn't even have the most on the list.. .they are TIED with MS
  5. Post my profile proving I haven't played them. I'll wait. Then I'll post yours.. proving you haven't.
  6. Sweetie... PC wins any way you slice it... and LMAO YOU TRIED SLICING IT EVERY WAY POSSIBLE IN THIS THREAD And Phil is the boss of DOOM now bitch... now go on and display your butthurt
  7. I have.. and we can talk about them. I'm checking your profile though... and you haven't played them yet... so...
  8. What it does... is shows how PS got BUTTFUCKED hard by PC. Take it up with DF sweetie... their list ain't changing because you're busy crying And DOOM is now a MS IP. Deal with it
  9. You should spend more time playing games instead of arguing stupid things like.... this^
  10. I don't care who the developers and publishers are... I care about the games being on my Platform... and 6 out of 9 are on PC LOL I love how you literally tried to make this about publishers.. where MS still beats Sony
  11. Funny thing is that even if I did that... I would have still played and experienced them more than you
  12. There's not even 10 spots you fucking idiot and PC takes 6 of the top 9.... Sony couldn't even WIN #1 with TLOU2, PS5 exclusive Demon's Souls... NOR Miles Morales with RT That's last gen... next gen... and RT... they lost in EVERY category
  13. I like how he's saying "TLOU2... is the winner... of last generation visual techniques" Then when you add "next generation visual techniques"... TLOU2 gets obliterated... and MM loses to CP2077 Like I said... he loses every way
  14. And new gfx techniques resulting in BETTER GFX... are not gimmicks The desperation.... the hilarious thing is that he's ruling out RT.... VR.... and AI.... from future PS5 games.... He's doing it to himself
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