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  1. Remij

    Godlo Infinite

    Not a SINGLE FUCKING ONE And even worse are the ones who still have ancient 16:10 1200p displays
  2. You are. Because despite all the evidence in front of you... you cling to that profile... JUST LIKE YOU DID WITH GHOSTZ... but the hilarious thing is that you don't realize how pathetic it makes you look... and honestly... I put that on the mods around here.. Because every time there's very CLEAR evidence that you're wrong with the shit you're claiming.... you get away with it. Fucking up multiple threads with it. They should ban your ass every time you bring up something as being "proven" when they're just your own baseless claims... but they don't... be
  3. No I didn't. Just like you claim you played multiple systems... I played multiple systems. I rep'd the cows on system wars.. doesn't mean I wasn't a hermit. All those years I had beast PCs... You've already lost... but can't accept it. That is where you're at right now.
  4. No I don't. And yea, you could... but you never have. Because we know you use your current one... You also know the reason why I'm not giving you my new one. You also know that it makes sense that I created and used a different account... because I've showed you I own the console, I've talked about playing PS4 games in the threads on their launch days... I've posted pictures of the games.... and GD even fucking TOLT your ass... and you're still a dipshit about it. You're HIDING behind an old profile of mine... because that's all you can do... despite ever
  5. I don't need to get around it. Other people know... and I've posted in the What you're playing thread about playing games like God of War in 2018... LOL completely destroying your bullshit claim. So all that's left is you clinging on to an old profile... desperately. Looking MIGHTY pathetic... and I'm fine with that
  6. No.. I wouldn't do that... because I'm a fucking man and I wont be told what to do by a couple of forum bitches.... unlike you who was told to play a game.. and complied like a bitch
  7. No you didn't. I have played PS games since 2014. I have the console, AND I have the games... you've already seen them. And since you can look at my OLD profile and conclude that I'm was a PS gamer... you can easily conclude that I PLAY the games I buy... unlike you... unless you're forced to And no... lmfao... it's not logical that GD could tell you... I can show you the games... and the system... and you'd conclude that I haven't played them.... after just accusing me of being a MASSIVE PS fanboy Not logical at all
  8. Remij

    Godlo Infinite

    No.. it IS your primary monitor. Nobody... and I REPEAT NOBODY who is serious about PC gaming..... has a Living Room TV... as their primary monitor. Jerky.... we ALL have 4K TVs you dipshit.... The sooner you realize that you having an OLED is nothing special.. the sooner you'll stop looking like a fucking lunatic loser. 3090 connected primarily to a 1200p 16:10 60hz monitor 60hz ffs .... and it's scratched up to hell too
  9. I wouldn't denounce Phil Spencer You listen to yourself? You're pushing 40 and you're asking me to denounce a video game company executive God you guys are on some real clown shit GOOD LORD
  10. I changed PS profiles ~ 2013 the time TLOU came out. Me and CM both created new profiles for the PS4. I've done most all my PS4 gaming on that profile. The one I share with my wife... and the one you're mad about me not sharing with you So yea, with the PS4 gen I started caring less and less about consoles... as I realized by the end of the PS3 gen that PC was simply better these days. That's very public information. The only issue is despite me posting images of the games, and the console... you continue to claim that I've never played any PS4 games since 2014
  11. Look at these fucking clowns How old are you retards again?
  12. Remij

    Godlo Infinite

    No, You said your part and I responded. You chose to continue on speaking about that... and that's because that's what YOU wanted to speak about. So I started talking about YOUR monitor.. LOL Don't get mad because you came into my thread to troll me and I responded back to you in kind... and you jerry-go-rounded it by never shutting up about it. Then when you finally did shut up... Gouki comes in and presses the start button again and you're all too happy to start it up again.. then you hypocrites claim we're the ones not wanting to talk about what the t
  13. My location "Nvidia Headquarters" Look at my profile details... Interests "4K, Titans... PCs with Titan GPUs" LMFAO Jerky doesn't know what the hell I am. He's been trying to say I'm a hardcore COW... but that I haven't played one since 2014... but then he just said I own a PS5.......and hated on PC because I said a game was stuttering on PC and smooth on PS5 I have this dude twisted like a fucking pretzel
  14. So either that account belongs to me... or it doesn't.... You JUST SAID you don't know if it's mine or not LOL. So you were trying to use it against me... claiming it WAS me... ...but now you're not sure.... because I ALSO have posts from over 10 years ago where... I'm praising PC Idiot And yes.... that post is clearly speaking in the context of SYSTEM WARS....
  15. Shut the fuck up I'm a HermG these days 110%. FUUUUUCK all consoles. Every last one of them. Won't be buying them shits anymore neva.
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