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  1. Yep, me too. I always buy the Ultimate Editions of these games.
  2. If Xbox One can run this shit at 1080p 30... you'll be fine I'm sure. These guys optimize their games extremely well nowadays.
  3. It's gonna be sick. Lmao Tobias Isreal racing
  4. Nah, I was referring to console class visuals.
  5. Man Ratshit didn't hold best visuals for long
  6. LMFAO Ghostz is a sheep, and this bitch talkin bout Xbox again Xbox just got an 86 meta title, and a 92 meta title. When was the last time you played your PS5??? Oh wait, I don't have to ask... I know it was over a month ago and it was a PS4 game
  7. It looks so fucking amazing. And yea, the amount of content and shit to do that this game will have is going to be incredible.
  8. "And I'm the one doing mental gymnastics he says... NO, THIS IS WHAT YOU SAID AND THIS IS WHAT YOU MEANT. " Yea, remember, he has the power of observation!
  9. LMFAO Jerry kicking up the Jerry-go-round on Ramza... The Time Wasting Turnabout
  10. Lmfao the sheep acting like this is some massive event for them
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