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  1. The Vive instead? Anyway... yes, hopefully this blows up in their faces. I'm not buying anything from the Oculus Store anymore. Any VR purchases I make will be on Steam.
  2. omfg "This is what first class feels like" ..he says, as he dusts off his grandmas' knitting table with his old ass 13" monitor for some indie Switch games to tide him over till a game he actually wants to play releases on a different platform. In other news, I have my DualSense controller pre-ordered and paid for. One less controller for an ugly smelly cow to have And It's already confirmed to work with PC out of the box
  3. And why did whoever remove the "estimated" from the 6800XT results? Lol.. it would be nice if AMD were competitive.. and it looks like they will be.. but just wait for the benches.
  4. Lol... there's plenty of ways for them to grow their console business
  5. I don't beg for anything. I state what's coming Case in point.. you don't see me begging for Demon's Souls or Spider-man on PC... If they come, they come. Idgaf. No more consoles
  6. I'm not planning on it If Sony wants any more of my money.. they'll be supporting PC
  7. You're one of the worst ones bubu PS5 and PC for me LMAO grow a dick and dump the shitty consoles once and for all
  8. They put more effort into this than they did Mario for his 35th Anniversary
  9. Only the Early Access period will be exclusive to EGS. When the game officially releases it will be on Steam as well. https://steamcommunity.com/app/262060/discussions/0/3007801544740683275/#c3007801544740845087
  10. Looks like they did a great job translating the 2D look of the original to 3D models now.
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