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  1. lmfao you can't be this fucking stupid. He's gouko-rounding me.. You commented on me and what I imagined....... then cried when I doubled down on my point... telling me to "argue with NPD because Nintendo is successful" I don't need to argue with the industry you fucking clown... Nintendo no longer directly serves the market I imagine them being successful in.. with the product I imagine them making.... because they weren't successful... due to the DIRECT competition which WAS Nintendo is ONLY successful when they tap something where there is n
  2. I don't need to. By your own admission Nintendo serves multiple markets... which Sony and Xbox don't. I imagine Nintendo still serving the same market directly, the same as MS and Sony.. with powerful consoles. I imagine that... because they don't. You think NPD is going to argue with me that Nintendo doesn't serve multiple markets which the others don't? NPD tracks PC sales... and yet that's not the same market as consoles is it?... Imagine.... Nintendo competing directly... with PS and Xbox. No portable. No waggle gimmicks. Just a powerful dedicated conso
  3. I already explained how it correlates to what you're saying.. and your point. So I guess the only thing left to do IS argue with myself.. since you seem to agree with me
  4. But not one where Nintendo competes in a dedicated powerful console hardware market... which is what I imagine them doing.. Please though... keep reiterating how successful Nintendo can be when they're not directly competing with................anyone and serving multiple markets
  5. I'm making the point dumbass. It directly correlates to why the Switch exists in the first place, and why it's successful... which is what you keep lording over everyone else.... especially people comparing it and the Deck.
  6. They weren't trying to... because the other companies were successful in their core console business.... Nintendo wasn't
  7. I have no issue with it my dude. It's just simple facts. Nintendo could not compete in the console market alone, so they made a hybrid. You know it, and I know it. And.. you quoted me about what I said.... which was that I imagine a Nintendo that didn't have to do that.. and one who actually competed with Playstation and Xbox in the dedicated console market.. with powerful consoles. We're not living in that reality.
  8. No, in the real world, Nintendo is serving a different market which the other two aren't. That's where there success is coming from. I know, and you know... that Switch is a hybrid... because it couldn't compete directly. So uh.. thanks for agreeing with me. Because if Nintendo COULD have competed directly... there would still be a Handheld line and separate console line.
  9. I wasn't trying to disagree with the statement... the point is to clarify why it is. You called other portables "half assed attempts" ... but no other portable attempted to.. because that company was successful in it's core business unlike Nintendo.... So congrats... Switch succeeded at something no other portable attempted to do and only "achieved" it... because they folded on the aspect that Nintendo sucked at... which was competing directly in the console space alone.
  10. That's not what I mean by competitive. They're catering to a different market. I imagine one where Nintendo could compete directly. They couldn't. Thus the Switch. They're massively successful because there is no competition lol
  11. Get out of here with this shit man lmfao... Consoles and portables were separate in the past for valid reasons... Technology simply wasn't where it needed to be to ensure the types of experiences that you could push on console. PSP was INCREDIBLY well supported and had a lot of console quality titles on it despite that fact. Vita was less supported for various reasons.. and Sony hasn't bothered since then. Also the "indiefication" of gaming and the prevalence and success of it, allowed Nintendo to build out a library which easily blurred the lines. The Switch only exists because
  12. I imagine a Nintendo that actually stayed competitive with Playstation and built powerful consoles too.
  13. I always liked Ed Fries. That core Xbox team was awesome. Imagine what that original team could do now with MS fully backing their gaming initiatives? They're all long gone though.
  14. It's an incredibly important and necessary job though... which is probably why they want to unionize.... so they finally get paid what they are worth in contribution to creating a shippable product.
  15. Got my notification around just 1h ago
  16. I didn't read the article, but that's good to hear. Hopefully everything works out for them. As for Xbox, it's sounding like it's going to be Forza Motorsport, and an apparent Gears Remastered Collection (ala MCC) for this year. Yep... we've gotten Halo, Forza, and Gears again
  17. Yea I know. Their games are doing well regardless. Might as well use this thread to post this image I literally just saw on reddit about the evolution of game graphics. Pretty crazy isn't it? PS1 to PS5 right there. Well, that's actually the PC version or perhaps an emulator shot because the PS1 was not even that high res and it didn't have filtered textures... but the point still stands.. More polygons in her eye lashes alone than the entire Lara character model from TR1. If Kojima is working on a Death Stranding sequ
  18. Bundles. You have to kinda feel bad for Sony at this point. They could literally be smashing every gaming record right now if they had proper stock Covid + other world events have severely limited their ability to capitalize on the hype for the PS5. It's kind of a shame because it would have been incredible to see where they could have been at by now, compared to where they are.
  19. Will add it to the list of games to check out! Damn, so I just missed it then haha. Oh well, it will go back on sale eventually. And yea, I did.. and just from the demo I can tell there will be some difficulty there. I've died multiple times haha. Very charming game though. I'm still kind of debating if it's better to play with a mouse/keyboard, or a controller though.
  20. We're all right. Hot Sauce and I are right in the sense that MS would likely not have created anything outstanding for Marvel, but you're right in the sense that MS is stupid for not at least taking Marvel games out of Sony's hands. Insomniac created the right style of games for Marvel's IPs... and with them firing on all cylinders now, it's going to generate billions and billions for Sony and Marvel. That could have been prevented.. but there's not much that can be done about it now. That relationship is built and there's no going back haha. Not the first thing that MS has done
  21. Xbox needs to fix it. It's an issue, and deserves to be called out. You also have MS talking about preservation and backwards compatibility... which ultimately means nothing if it all goes away because a connection is lost. I say keep calling out Phil Spencer whenever he alludes to preservation in the industry.
  22. I don't think Marvel games mean much outside of Sony developed Marvel games. I think Hot Sauce is right. They would have just put out mediocre Marvel games. Sony is the cinematic, high production value games publisher. Their games do extremely well, because they naturally lend themselves to exciting cinematic driven story experiences. Sony and Marvel is literally a match made in heaven for those two companies. It all happened the way it should have, imo.
  23. Yea it's quite an old game (1993) inspired by Secret of Monkey Island and other point-and-click adventure games from back in the day. It was really quite a charming and captivating little game and looked really beautiful. I remember running it on my Tandy 386, and being amazed that it would run at all haha. It ran quite well actually, but since my computer didn't have a sound card I missed out on the voice acting. The game had built in captions though.. so it was completely playable. It was so cool because it came with a big manual which al
  24. Very cool style and type of game. I had no idea about this one. Did you get it on PC? I checked Steam and it was $23, so I'm assuming you got it on console? Anyway, I downloaded the Steam demo and tried it out. I quite like it! Will definitely purchase when it goes on sale again!
  25. I have no qualms with Epic. I support them with what they're trying to do. The problem is that the client just sucks. It's gotten worse the more content that is put on it. Things are woefully slow now. I'm not really a big fan of the layout of things. I don't like how the actual Unreal Engine launcher is part of the damn client. It's just clunky. I have no problem with playing and buying games on other clients... but if I have any option, it's always Steam... and it doesn't look like Epic is pushing very hard to change that. My Steam client has 1100+ g
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