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  1. Yep, me too. I always buy the Ultimate Editions of these games.
  2. If Xbox One can run this shit at 1080p 30... you'll be fine I'm sure. These guys optimize their games extremely well nowadays.
  3. It's gonna be sick. Lmao Tobias Isreal racing
  4. Nah, I was referring to console class visuals.
  5. Man Ratshit didn't hold best visuals for long
  6. LMFAO Ghostz is a sheep, and this bitch talkin bout Xbox again Xbox just got an 86 meta title, and a 92 meta title. When was the last time you played your PS5??? Oh wait, I don't have to ask... I know it was over a month ago and it was a PS4 game
  7. It looks so fucking amazing. And yea, the amount of content and shit to do that this game will have is going to be incredible.
  8. "And I'm the one doing mental gymnastics he says... NO, THIS IS WHAT YOU SAID AND THIS IS WHAT YOU MEANT. " Yea, remember, he has the power of observation!
  9. LMFAO Jerry kicking up the Jerry-go-round on Ramza... The Time Wasting Turnabout
  10. Lmfao the sheep acting like this is some massive event for them
  11. AAA PC/XBOX exclusive Coming right off the heels of the near AAA indie Banger Death's Door. Got Psychonauts 2, The Ascent, FH5.. and then Halo
  12. Want to hear a real female vocalist? She's from the Philippines and she's known for her incredible live performances. Basically she's the Mariah Carey of the Philippines. She has an incredible range and beautiful tone. You may think this song is sappy, but Idgaf.. she absolutely kills this shit.. especially the 2nd half when she starts belting for like 14 seconds and the incredible whistle notes, as well as incredible breath control throughout. You have to remember this is all sitting sitting down, and live.. obviously super hard to do with such control.
  13. Yea, I love extremely high refresh rates. So smooth in motion. I've got a 38GL950G-B. 175hz. I can't ever go back to regular widescreen. No way
  14. Yea, it's pretty crazy. He's married though and a brand new PC wasn't very high on the list for many years, understandably. He had talked about it for a long time, but always said his wife wouldn't have it Well, his patience has paid off... finally.. and ironically it happened during one of the craziest times in PC history with prices being sky high. He didn't tell me what he paid, and I didn't ask, but he just said considering everything, he feels he didn't pay too excessively, and is extremely happy with the performance. He's really looking forward to BF, COD, and Diablo 2
  15. Oh I'd enjoy that too. Maybe there will be something like that? I fucking LOVE the animated comics that released that depict some of the events leading up to the first game. There's SO much there to work with. They really built an incredible world around the series. I understand you being pessimistic about it.. but let's just wait and see what happens first. Do a great job with this game, and then we'll see if they deserve to handle the franchise in the future. If we're happy and it does well.. then I'm sure EA will be interested in building upon it.
  16. @Cooke just noticed you have an Ultrawide too. UW is the shit
  17. Yea, it's ancient. It was a massive upgrade in every sense. HDD to NVMe drive...an old (in his words) ugly bland case, to a nice one with a tempered glass window. He can't believe how fast Windows 10 boots. It was cool because I could just feel the excitement coming from him. Building PCs is fun... but there's a different kind of excitement when you go from something pretty old, to a completely brand new system with all new parts.. running on a brand new OS and getting it all set up how you want it.
  18. Of course not... not to you, or me. But perhaps to the team, yes. It's safe for the team to essentially have a guide and build and work from that. And I'm well aware that this doesn't really mean anything other than, we're getting a remake of the first Dead Space. But even if it's just that... I'm happy as fuck. I'll be honest though, I feel like the game Dead Space itself doesn't need a remake at all. It still looks good, plays good, and all that shit. But my reasoning behind wanting a Dead Space remake (or at least remaster) is 100% selfish. The PC version of De
  19. I'd like to watch it in it's entirety preferably. Thanks for the link though. I'll check around a bit later.
  20. Nice. A friend of mine ffrom work just got a brand new PC. His old one had a GTX670 and some ancient processor and low amount of memory.. but his new one has a 3060ti, 8 core CPU, and 16GB of RAM and he's like man it's incredible how much better it is... haha I was like yea no doubt.. coming from a 670.. He's having a blast playing a bunch of new games now Fucking awesome stuff. New hermlords errywhere
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