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  1. I'm DOWN AS FUCK for an open world Bioshock. Imagine being able to explore an entire realization of Rapture? Being open world doesn't inherently make something bad... Bioshock is all about the environment and immersion.. and an open world game could be perfect for that.
  2. No. Halo SP will still be playable after they do that... I mean the authentication server for your console itself.
  3. You're going to pay over $1000 and lose yours when Sony shuts down the authentication server
  4. @Delita Air Link... dedicated wireless connection between the headset and PC. This could very well make "Virtual Desktop" unncessary going forward. Will have to test it out and see how they compare. 120hz mode is fucking awesome too Also.. Oculus announced they are having a Gaming Showcase conference for upcoming games. https://www.techradar.com/news/oculus-gaming-showcase-how-to-watch-the-vr-event-and-what-we-want-to-see Lone Echo 2 is going to be shown Oh.. and Resident Evil 4 VR (Oculus Exclusive) might be shown a
  5. Another PC banger conference
  6. What Sony needs to do is before it shuts down these networks, they need to push out a new firmware that enables physical games to work... at the very least. If not... you're REALLY fucking over your userbase.
  7. I sincerely doubt it. Just because their contract ended for Demon's Souls right after the game launched doesn't mean that they no longer have a relationship with Sony. It could be that Demon's Souls was completed and had no real issues, so they immediately concluded the contract so they can begin working on the next project. With a game like Demon's Souls.. and the fact that it's a remaster.. means that the support is essentially done once the game ships. If the version has no real impactful outstanding issues.. they move on quick. I doubt that Sony would make a stup
  8. Once your CMOS battery dies, and Sony's authentication servers are closed... you're shit out of luck. Your PS3/PS4 can't play any games because once the battery dies, if you put in a new one it has to connect to the server to authenticate the console.. if it can't (because the servers no longer exist) then it's a brick. Consoles
  9. Makes sense, what with Infinite coming in the fall. A Switch launch of Halo MCC alongside Halo Infinite on PC and Xbox in the Fall would be massive for Halo. Also, that image is fucking cute
  10. Something is definitely happening with MS and Nintendo. Supposed to be announced late summer or early fall. MCC seems likely.. leading into Infinite.
  11. If it's well done... I'd take a good Snowboarding/Skiing/Snowmobiling game over all the other ones. SSX and Sled Storm Otherwise NFL Football all day baby
  12. You've been begging for Halo and GP on Switch for YEARS now You begged for Ori... and begged for Cuphead... then it was Halo and Game Pass. Bethesda games too... begging for ElderScrolls 6 and Fallout "MS wouldn't make the deal if it wasn't to stay multiplat guiz " Beggersan
  13. Who would have EVER thought at the start of last gen... that MS would fully embrace PC gaming... and Sony would start releasing their exclusives on PC? LMFAO... nobody. And here we have the sheep trying DESPERATELY to keep the conversation about "how long people are waiting" instead of the fact that they're coming in the first place.. which was always the real ownage and REAL indicator that the entire gaming market is changing and evolving right before their eyes Sheep waiting for GamePass and Halo for years now Sheep got late ports of Ori 1
  14. You just know Capcom wanted MH:Rise to be day 1 on PC as well... but Nintendo moneyhatted it. Oh no... what will PC game players do to get their Monster Hunter fix until MH:R comes out? Oh yea, play MH:W or just emulate Rise... and any other MH game out there
  15. Console fanboys can't even sleep tight at night anymore being sure that their first party games will stay exclusive
  16. And the NEED that incentive... because the platform holders KNOW that people would buy them on PC instead of console if given the option
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