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  1. No you wont.. .you're too busy playing LOLnimal Crossing
  2. This year has been so bad for Switch they've literally gone back to review stuff that launched last year
  3. Yea, so you can expect Nintendo to support it in about 20 years or so
  4. *bookmarked* and I have my eye on the fools that reacted to it too
  5. Trust me.. there's a difference.. but its not worth the power required.
  6. Cows are going to say its the greatest thing even if it is a soulless husk if the original. Blueprint aren't great with animation and I already called that shit out with SOTC.. probably the same shit here. I'll have to just play it myself to judge.
  7. I'm going to be able to use the controller before you
  8. Very nice. I was hoping this would happen. I remember getting an extra Dual Shock 4 well before the PS4's released. The fact that controllers and other accessories are shipping early is good as well. Can't wait to see what it feels like and test it out on PC. Obviously there will be no games that support the advanced features, but 3rd party games could possibly do so in the future. We already have 3rd party games which fully support DS4 on PC. Anyway, since I'm not getting the console, at least not any time soon, I'll have to try it at a friends place. Still prett
  9. Ah, so Xbox Series consoles aren't ever going to have visually impressive games.. that's what you're saying, right? It's gonna be so easy to throw this back in your face
  10. LOL now REEEra is going after Keanu Reeves for being involved with the game. "If he hasn't made a statement condemning them, then it's safe to assume he agrees with them" "He always seemed fake to me" Jesus Christ
  11. Nope. First time I haven't bought a launch Playstation console since PS2.
  12. OMFG he actually said it This fuck plays around in the UE4 editor an now is trying to act like he's somebody with a valid opinion
  13. lol No, I never said I wanted them to hold back a patch. In my mind, it would be completely understandable for them to improve and add visuals/effects and further optimize the games for the new console over the PC version. Give it SOME reason to seem more next gen. I wasn't expecting them to go back and improve the PC version with these optimizations and visual enhancements.. but they are. It's nice that they're doing it.. and the Lems got owned. Gears 5 remains best on PC
  14. That's not what he said. How come you're so retarded dude? Seriously... you've been stupid as fuck lately
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