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  1. Definitely. This is the biggest abomination on all platforms I've seen in a long time.
  2. Yea I dunno. It is what it is though Actually it can't be a CPU issue.. the OG Xbox One performs just fine lmao
  3. Es una broma que tienes cojoones grandes y una gran verga.. o que no estas enojado?
  4. Mala que pasó? Por qué estás tan enjojado? Dime amor
  5. This is the one? I have tons of posts bookmarked where I'm going to trash you into the ground
  6. This is Lemmings in every thread
  7. Who would have thought that E3 would end up being the PC Gamer Shows? There's the PC Gamer Show, and then that other PC gaming conference that MS holds...
  8. Xbox sucks so bad Sony is like "fuck E3 next year"