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  1. Capcom are fucking KILLING IT! I can't fucking wait!
  2. Fucking Deeno man... You talk to him about the possibility of a PC release of MCC.. "nah man, the game is essentially 5 engines ducktaped together and barely functions as it is"... then you talk to him about the Xbox version "It's been solid for forever now... problems were greatly exaggerated"
  3. Then you buy a PSVR... and continue acting like Xbox doesn't exist
  4. It was never promised, just highly assumed to come over after one year of apparent exclusivity.
  5. I wouldn't be so sure of that Dumbocop
  6. Saying something will be best on PC doesn't mean I give a shit about it... take Super Lucky's Tale for example
  7. Bhytre buys an expensive Xbox... gets to play no games and no VR
  8. And I think you still haven't realized that Idgaf... the VR mode is some shitty 3h tacked on shit. Worst on Xbox either way LOL
  9. Oh darn... So I guess PS4 is the best version... LOL TLHBFR