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  1. I've eclipsed my old account's post number too and have almost as much as Jon. When there's less people you end up responding to the same people back and forth. Jon and Dynamite and I have all responded to each other lots. There's less people than ever to talk to, so the back and forth between certain posters is higher than ever. It's essentially a discord real-time conversation at most points...
  2. The resolution parameters aren't going to change, just like they didn't with Gears 4... These ARE the final results... Doesn't matter if some textures and models change a bit... this is the budget for the game.. that's what they are working inside. It's not changing dude. And you MOST CERTAINLY weren't expecting 1440p/1080p GTFO
  3. There's too much game there already 150h+ probably now I'd love to try the 2d mode.
  4. lmao... dude.. why are you denying this shit. As I said before.. it's completely obvious with regards to how well the game performs on PCs. It's not a native 4K game.. that's all there is to it. The price of 60fps... You thought it was going to come out of thin air?
  5. The resolution parameters will remain. The game is no where NEAR native 4K most of the time
  6. No it's not. lmao Thanks for bringing it up though so I have another thing to make fun of
  7. The resolution isn't changing homie. lmao shit's dropping to 1080p at points
  8. Yes. I'm basing it off of what's been presented. Resoultion didn't change at all between Gears 4 Beta and Final... it's not going to here either. And there was 5 months between the Gears 4 Beta and Final release. Here there's less than 2. It's the price of 60fps
  9. Versus Mode: Min res - 1440p Max res - 2160p Rarely hits 2160p resolution and uses temporal reconstruction when it doesn't Bootcamp Mode: (Campaign) Min res - 1080p Max res - 1800p Rarely hits 1080p and uses temporal reconstruction to build 4K image LMAO Dynamite.
  10. but but the X1X is native 4K 60fps they said.......... This is worth a new thread
  11. Who fucking cares you guys? It's a popcorn flick... Nobody gives a shit about the accuracy of it.