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  1. NVN is the native API of the system... Vulkan, OpenGL, and OpenGL ES are graphics specific APIs supported through compatibility.. much like they are on all hardware...
  2. It also appears that Final Fantasy 15 is getting a Vulkan renderer.. which is awesome news. The more support for Vulkan the better. https://www.dsogaming.com/news/battlefield-5-may-support-real-time-ray-tracing-via-nvidia-rtx-technology/ In the Battlefield 5 Alpha, if you enable stats from the command console it brings up this info So it seems like RT support will be in for DirectX 12. Of course this goes along with Battlefield, Eidos, and Square twitter accounts tweeting and showing teasers for the upcoming Nvidia event. I'd say it's pretty much on lock
  3. 2020 homies.. What you don't realize is that you're actually being TOLD what it is... Rightmij
  4. I didn't scale back anything... I said 2020... and predicted Holiday 2020.. then I got information stating that it was indeed spring 2020... which guess what? Is STILL 2020. Everything is pointing to 2019 you say... except even the very source you just linked in this thread And no... the best "source" so far (besides myself ofc) is Jason Schreier.. and his DEVELOLPER sources stating that 2019 is extremely unlikely. You're fucked Aza.. but please continue to be condescending about it... it's going to go from bad to worse for you
  5. LOL.. you're awful cocky considering the very source in this topic said that it could be delayed to 2020... ROFL It will be as I said MONTHS ago... Spring 2020. And how is it going to be hilarious when it comes in at $399 when that's the price I said it would likely be? The REAL hilarious thing will be when it doesn't come with a split DS4 for VR and then I bump that thread that I made killing you
  6. Repeat what the fuck you said before man... PS5 is releasing March 2019? That's what you're saying? Just state the fucking date you think it will launch. Because now you're changing your story It's 2020... and you're the one who's just making it worse for himself