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  1. When they're including remaking old ones and spin-offs, then it's quite fine to me. It gives them 3 years or more for the actual new RE game. Nobody is complaining about the cadence in which remasters and classics are being remade. Those could happen every year and people would be happy.
  2. The real team will be working on RE8... even less people care about RE:CV than RE3. (And they probably don't even want to bother tackling a cross-dressing antagonist in this PC climate lmao) Anyway, the outline work and design documents were likely done in tandem with RE2 remake.. like I said a while back. They probably felt comfortable with handing it off to another studio to complete while they supervised and worked on RE8. Very likely the right call and a smart use of time/resources to have successful big game launches year after year. Some people will prematurely freak out over this shit though... until they see it.. then they will calm the fuck down.
  3. Ultra-wide support and FOV controls DS4 controller support with icons too... if you prefer to use a DS4.
  4. And actually reading it.. It's quite clearly talking about where the settings fall at.... and where they started their base from... it means nothing about which "version" they used for the port Dumbnux3
  5. I said developers will develop one version of their games in the future.... not that they wouldn't port games that are already in development from other platforms in the here and now, you doofus Did you think that in a thread titled "Stadia begins an inevitable shift away from consoles" that they are expecting consoles to remain a thing in the future? Use your god damn head a little bit
  6. You sound desperate to find a way to skirt around being wrong
  7. All you need to do is stop predicting and speaking about things you don't know about. Oops, there goes your entire posting privileges