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  1. It's apparently overheating chromecasts now
  2. And I just thought I'd mention that loading more often does not mean "longer loading times"...
  3. It doesn't matter how "big the games get"... what matters is that there's X amount of RAM and Y speed from the SSD to that memory. You're only ever going to have 20GB (let's say) to fill... so while he's absolutely right that it's possible devs could use the speed as a reason to do less optimization... assuming that the I/O has a bandwidth of 5GB/s-10GB/s.. you're really should only ever need a 2-4 seconds. It's going to be a substantial improvement in every regard.
  4. No.. it makes complete sense. The idea of course is that developers intent on pushing boundaries will continue to optimize and design their games around this super fast storage.
  5. They did sell me on Xbox... the price was their games on PC. They're selling you their games on Switch... They really don't care that you're not buying their box lol
  6. Nobody is trying to sell you an Xbox. Phil doesn't want your business.. it's much more entertaining watching you hype Switch versions of multiplats
  7. https://stevivor.com/features/interviews/project-scarlett-will-replace-xbox-one-s-project-xcloud/ Pretty obvious that was going to happen... lmao.
  8. I didn't say shit about owning a VR set. I simply said I'm not butthurt like you because I actually own one. You're the one coming at me trying to make me feel bad for wanting this.. how much of a fucking LOSER can you be? Who's saying ANYTHING like fuck HL3, Portal ect ect? . ..Jesus Christ. This is how you KNOW you are butthurt... you're whining because you have to talk about THIS game instead of those games bubut thiz is wah dey giv da fanz aftur we waitd so looooooooongg Cry me a fucking river dude and get over yourself.. you're embarrassing
  9. I wouldn't be surprised if it does with the Index, but defaults to the typical trigger pressure controls for non Index headsets. In both cases the game will animate your fingers accordingly. The Index controllers will simply feel a bit more 1:1. Right now it's only Valve with finger tracking controllers, but Oculus has it coming to the Quest as well.. with no controller required.
  10. Saying this after MS made you buy a $1000 PC to play the games you wanted
  11. They're the sensors. You need 2 of them I think.