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  1. Shut up idiot. Nobody said Nintendo would go full streaming in 2019 ROFL... You said Nintendo wouldn't ever do it.. and it was only 3rd parties that were doing it here and there. Nintendo themselves are smacking you in the face right now... and MS is gonna make that happen
  2. No. I said it before, and I'll say it again... consoles' days are done... especially handheld shit. Once streaming catches on, everyone will just do it on their phones. 'member when it was just Japan that was gonna get a streaming game here and there? Now they are in discussions with MS for their own service One more gen of shit type WiiU sales, and they're gonna say fuck it.
  3. https://www.gamesradar.com/george-r-r-martin-fromsoftware-game-e3-norse-great-rune/
  4. No. What it reads like is what it is written like. Remote play turns a PS4 (the one you have) into a server which streams your games to your other devices. It's "closest to you" because it's in your home. You can't connect and remote play from other people's PS4s... you have to be logged into your account and the system has to be paired. Remote play requires a PS4 to stream your game content to your devices.. PS Now doesn't require owning any PS hardware.
  5. The more important thing isn't so much that he had a big involvement in it... rather that it actually exists and the fact that he consulted on it lends to the type of game that it is. This could essentially be a new quintessential next gen RPG experience from FROM and Namco. Hopefully we see something at E3.
  6. He essentially confirmed it in a blog post he made after the Season Finale of GoT. He said he did work consulting for a Japanese video game. http://georgerrmartin.com/notablog/2019/05/20/an-ending/ A FROMSOFT GRRM game is coming
  7. No... people will use what they already have... You NEED a PSVR to play VR games on PS.. you don't/won't need a PS tablet to remote play... it's a useless waste of resources to make a tablet lmao.
  8. Dino Crisis this E3, RE3 remake next
  9. Kojima was just recently asked about the PC version and he didn't deny it.... It's probably coming... just much later.
  10. It's not. Their slides show exactly why they don't have to make a fucking tablet.. cmon dude, use your head.
  11. They aren't making a fucking PS tablet dude... it's streaming to any shit out there with a PS Remote play streaming app. They also aren't making a split controller