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  1. You have to remember that it's a demo, and Capcom have already stated that the items are placed differently, and ammo is more scarce in the actual game. The game DOES have a very strong vignette, and maybe that's the reason for it? I didn't realize though that it was THAT strong until a guy on ResetERA posted a gif of it on vs off. It's there the entire time too, and it is largely responsible for fucking with the brightness of the dark hallways as well. Why in the world would they use such a strong vignette, if not to maybe cover up the lower resolution? I think it's a decent possibility. It's not the WORST thing in the world.. the game still looks amazing to me on consoles, but luckily though on PC you can disable it.. which I've done. It looks SO much better. Reshade then cleans up the softness of the TAA implementation and gives better contrast. Default brightness settings + Rec.709 colorspace Adjusted brightness settings + no Reshade PC 4K Adjusted brightness settings + Vignette Removed + Reshade I mean, fuck.. look how much brighter the lights become and how much easier it is to see, especially along the periphery... despite being more contrasty. It's a night and day difference, and looks awesome. This also goes for the dark hallways. It's dark like it should be, but you can actually see. Just compare the first pic to the last pic. Washed out and soft, then sharp, clear and much brighter and contrasty. I'm not joking when I say this game looks phenomenal after the changes. To me anyway... This is 100% how I'm going to play the game
  2. They're lowering the install size Almost half the size of before This is also due to them changing how updating will work in the future, so it's a necessary evil. The best thing is that this just goes to show that they have no intention of stopping supporting this title... because it actually did very well. Awesome shit
  3. You speak your mind. And you have a nice game room I'm actually jealous of
  4. With the kissy smiley I know what you said was in jest We all need to use some more
  5. You guys all need to be nicer to each other.
  6. Yea there's some previews floating around. ResetERA is down now, so I can't remember which sites, but impressions seem really good. Also, don't worry... you apparently go underground quite a bit as well :)
  7. Soon enough. The game comes Feb 15th. I'm just hoping they have the RTX shit ready for launch. That would be a nice change of pace for once
  8. It's "wide-linear" I think. In this game, they've left the Metro and are travelling along the countryside. There's levels-within-levels so to speak, so there'll still be some nice tightly focused level design in there, I'm sure.
  9. Yep. Looks pretty incredible. Extremely clean and sharp. Looking forward to the DF vid. The image is really temporally stable and clean. Whatever form of TAA they're using, it's looking awesome.
  10. This is Xbox One X footage. 4K/30 fps. Really incredible visual fidelity. Part way through the video the guy says it's the best looking thing he's ever seen on consoles and yes that includes God of War and all the other Sony games. Can't wait for this