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  1. I don't have to run anywhere 2070 Super > 5700XT... and that's 9.06TF vs "9.75TF"
  2. Epic and Unity both pulled out of the event.... yea.... the event will be cancelled.. no doubt about it now.
  3. About that, I expect machine learning to greatly improve animations in games in the near future. Physics models will also handle a lot of that animation as well. This will go for all types of games, not just realistic looking ones.
  4. Apparently it wont have cross-play though, which likely means it'll die rather quickly on PC. Some people are pissed because this is a surprise announcement and it means that the PC version (which releases worldwide) will release before the European PS4 version. Also the Steam version apparently wont come with content codes for the gatcha GBF game, which the PS4 version does come with. Ultimately IDGAF about that... I might get this when it's on sale... but I'm more looking forward to the Steam announcement of Granblue Fantasy Relink.
  5. Holy shit that looks good.
  6. Dude, don't even bother. Let's just talk about the Xbox. You know what's nice about the Xbox Series X? It supports hardware accelerated ray tracing... unlike the 5700 series gpus. Also 3TF faster. God damn
  7. Anyway... back on topic. XSX is gonna be a beast. The suspend/resume shit is pretty fucking awesome. It will keep your games states even if you update the console firmware and restart the system.. That's fucking cool.
  8. The 2070 Super is better. It just is.... Much better when you add RT and DLSS into the mix
  9. Yes it is. Dumbo. It's called RANGE for a reason fuckwad