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  1. LMAO look at us. What are we doing? I'm done for tonight. See you tomorrow Barney.
  2. ***We interrupt your scheduled newscast with a breaking report that CDPR has downgraded and significantly reduced the scope of their next game to run on current gen consoles. When asked about when we'll see the console versions of the game, CDPR remained adamant that there was no problems and commented that "We'll show them when they exist".. So there you have it. Back to you Lynn.
  3. "Allow us to downgrade this game from this initial gameplay demonstration" No console version in sight
  4. Dev tells fans "Don't be worried" .... DOWNGRADE
  5. I will... when they show those versions. It's obvious as fuck what's happening. They probably didn't want to even make this shit for current gen consoles but investors told them they had to release it for them. Pure trash how this game is being treated. Downgrade after downgrade.
  6. It's being downgraded from what... we've ALREADY seen... not just my expectations. When do YOU think we'll see the console version? They're so fucking scared shitless to show it. They've gotta show a couple more PC gameplay demos that will each look progressively worse than the previous until they feel comfortable showing the console version.
  7. No it doesn't. There's no driver you can download that would make that Tech demo which wasn't released work on your PC If you want to talk about non-hardware accelerated ray tracing... lol ok, have fun. If you want to talk about dedicated RT hardware... shut the fuck up.. because AMD doesn't have it.
  8. Look guys, I found 1 NPC popping in! This proves it was always a current gen game!! Next gen game downgraded and cut down to fit within the scope of shitty current gen consoles. That's EXACTLY what this was. End of Story.
  9. Yet you can take pot shots at ray tracing when your shitty AMD gpu doesn't support it?
  10. I did bitch. They're downgrading it. It was OUTSIDE the scope of these current gen consoles. Which is EXACTLY why we haven't seen those versions yet. If the X1X or PRO versions looked like that... they would have shown them...
  11. Get back to me when they show the console version of this game