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  1. It wasn't superior in the ways he stated. So no.. he wasn't.
  2. Yes.. it does.. if you're someone who's already played those games years before (which we have).. then Switches 2019 looks like a fucking drought shit pile
  3. In a way it's worse than Steam... because this shit is actually regulated
  4. Gamers seem to disagree. ResetERA's Platform of the year 2019... even Xbox beats Switch.
  5. He said "compute-wise".... and yes, I agree with him. Nobody said Switch is a 7th gen console...
  6. He wasn't kinda right... The "reasons" he states for why that is... simply weren't the case for the first game... And he was speaking about Ori 2 "will be superior"... except for the fact that it's essentially impossible for it to be superior in the ways he states.... unless you think a potential Switch version is going to run at 120fps and have 120 frames of animations for Ori? LOL So he was completely wrong.
  7. Not in the ways he stated though More frames of animation on Ori =/= higher FPS....and Ori doesn't run at a higher resolution on Switch. And this is a thread about the game going gold... So it can't be a beta... and there's literally no chance for a potential Switch version to be better this time around in the ways that he states.. lmao.
  8. Dat collectors edition Sure to be one of the best games of the year. March 11th
  9. Before when we were younger, we wanted higher resolution to reduce the shit aliasing and shimmering that games had. That was the biggest reason for higher resolutions.. those nasty edges. Then we got to the point where aliasing was a bit better, but still visible.. but then we realized just how much actual model and texture detail we were missing at the lower resolutions. Art that was there all along, but could never be seen. Then we got higher resolutions like 1440p+ and better AA solutions so that hard shimmering edges were all but gone. Now we basically just need enough resolution to show texture detail so that we're not losing too much of what the artist intended us to see. We have methods of bringing out that detail from lower resolutions and info accumulated over past frames. Edge aliasing can be all but eliminated.. so it's not REALLY an issue anymore. Like Aza said 1440p-1800p allows that information to mostly remain there, while providing huge performance improvements to be used into actually making the content and assets better overall. Targeting native 4K is a waste given these new techniques and advancements. This coming gen needs to be about asset quality, physics, and AI... not image quality bumping.
  10. Those people are idiots. Consoles are NEVER going to have developers just focus on one thing... or have a platform holder mandate that all games hit a certain number. The people pushing visuals will target 30 as usual, maybe we'll get 60fps modes with cut back visuals more often than before? but that stuff wont ever change. I'd be disappointed if Sony didn't target 30fps and push visuals as far as they could with their key studios. Depending on the game they are making, those story driven SP experiences don't require 60fps at all.
  11. Not necessary at all. 1800p with good AA is the sweet spot.
  12. Damn, that PS4 fall off from Nov to Dec.. What the fuck happened there?
  13. Can't wait. RE7 was really good outside of the ending segment. They have lots of stuff they could improve upon. Better level design more in line with the beginning of RE7 than the end. Better boss encounters and fights. Actual enemy variety... different creatures, zombies, and molded.. could be awesome. Maybe they'll redesign Chris again, or at least tweak him a bit to fall more in line with the quality of the RE2make and RE3make? That would be great as well. I think it's great they're sticking with the first person formula and improving upon it rather than making another third person one. We have the REmakes for that, so this is good.. better to build off that foundation and give people something a bit different.