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  1. He's right. For a large majority of people, these cards aren't worth it. The 1080Ti can be had for cheaper (around $550 USD 2nd hand) and performs largely the same as the RTX 2080 as it stands right now. This is really one of the first gens in a long time where fundamental changes to the architecture and graphics pipeline are being introduced.. with no real world examples to take advantage of them. You're essentially promising people that something is the future without them being able to clearly see why that is... and that's a problem. Currently, out of what's been shown and benchmarked.. Wolfenstein 2 shows us what could potentially be a game taking better advantage of the Turing architecture because it already supports dual rate FP16 and async compute. Something which Nvidia has improved greatly for Turing... and it shows in those benchmarks. With Vulkan, that game fucking flies. Other than that.. the other tech they are demonstrating doesn't have real-world controllable examples. Yes, in the FF15 and Infiltrator demos it works.. it can sometimes look a bit better and sometimes look a bit worse.. and the performace is greatly improved.. but there's no games that actually support it yet.. so it's still an unknown. RTX... the biggest aspect and focus of the new cards... wont be available until the October Windows Update and when BF5 launches and Tomb Raider gets patched. So that's another thing largely unknown. The hesitation to recommend them is understandable. They aren't immediately necessary. But in the future, you'll start to see these cards pull away from the previous gen I'm sure. The 2080 seems like a wash to me.. but the 2080Ti from someone on a 1080 or less will see a huge performance jump.
  2. For sure. BF5 looked insane in the beta.. and that's the MP aspect.. SP will look incredible. Forza Horizon 4 is definitely the top contender for me personally... considering all it's doing technically as well.. we have full time-of-day cycles and 4 seasons which all look completely different. That can't be understated. While the different seasons don't change in real-time naturally.. it's still an incredible achievement to have designed all these assets to have 4 different variations with varying snow/leaves cover. There's lots of amazing looking games though.. and yes, a lot of them are Sony first party games. They're definitely hanging at the top. The Last of Us 2 is yet to come as well.
  3. Forza Horizon 4 is definitely up there... and so is Shadow of the Tomb Raider. I actually think Shadow of the Tomb Raider looks better than God of War in some cases if I'm honest. Spider-Man is also up there. But yes, those are all contenders for sure.
  4. You're a dumbass.. we all know you can't formulate your own thoughts when it comes to what's presented to you and need DF to do it for you without question.. And you calling anyone biased is fucking hilarious... riding my dick as hard as you could any time when I was defending Xbox One X Fucking Clown
  5. No... wrong when there's a valid reason to believe so... I even told your dumbass the exact reason why I think they are wrong when I do. Every time I've questioned them.. I've done so given the results of other testers who also have proven track records, whose findings fall in line and better explain my own thoughts regarding the performance of the hardware as compared to PC benchmarks for said games... knowing the performance characteristics of the hardware tested... I don't just blindly accuse them of being wrong... When two or more choices are presented to me, I tend to go with the one that makes the most sense to me given the information I've seen, and know myself. I'm not like you... someone who really doesn't understand or care why DF say what they say, just that they say it... which you blindly assume is true. If it was an Xbox thing then I'd be doing it all the time... for all native 4K that DF tests for it... cause yea... I've really done that
  6. Playing the Forza Horizon 4 demo... again. I can't wait for this fucking thing! Here's a couple pics. The environmental detail in this came is fucking amazing. If you look in the windows and shit the houses and buildings actually have modeled interiors too.. using what appears to be the same tricks that Spider-man on PS4 uses. It's extremely convincing.
  7. DMC5 is already #4 top global sellers within hours of it being available to pre-load on Steam This game is going to do well for Capcom I think lol.
  8. Wrong when they are wrong, and right when they are right... that's essentially the standard they should be held to dumbo. I never said don't trust them... I said don't trust that they are always right when numbers differ and are called into question. There's a whining thread for you if you have any more problems with that.
  9. Yea it looks impressive as fuck. I'll wait till I play them both though to reserve that judgement.
  10. Well... you said UE3... ...and it was a general statement... between this and RE2 looking so great. Different teams.. both great visually. So, I never said or implied that it was purely responsible for the game looking so good... I said largely.. because a good engine enables and empowers those artists to do what they do as well as they do. And yea, LOL I'd say the Engine is more capable than UE3... SSS support, TAA support, HDR support, photogrammetry.. there's lots here that that engine couldn't do.. I'm sure.
  11. Granted that's a large part of it too, but..
  12. Well, I think you have to be a bit understand of people like that.. because at the moment, Capcom APPEARS to be course correcting. People are visibly seeing that and coming to the conclusion on their own... not just being told by Capcom that they are. There's many ways in which IMO the same holds true for MS... but people don't see the same as me. For MS, they really need to get a couple hits out there.. and trim some of the fat which isn't working for them. Whether you like them or not, you have to admit that Sony has almost all of their big studios pumping out hit after hit. They're selling really well, and scoring really well.. because they've fostered the idea that Sony's AAA studios aren't in the business of making low quality games anymore. They visually stunning and remember, as I said.. regardless of what you think of them, they are what people want to play atm. The next game from SSM or Guerrilla Games, regardless of whether it was God of War 2 or Horizon 2, will be highly anticipated because people simply don't think they will go from a great game to a bad one. They are improving... and it's visible. They've proven that they can create new IP and succeed, and they've proven that they can reinvent old IP and succeed. MS really needs that... and honestly.. despite not seeing much (or even any?) of the actual game at all... the Halo Infinite trailer did that for me.. because just from the trailer design, the music, and the art style alone... it took me and others back to a time where Halo was undeniable quality. They have to PROVE it of course... but just those things alone give me that impression that they understand what needs fixing... which goes a long way. So people need to start seeing that. People are also more receptive to changes when a new generation transitions. Now's the time where MS can make that happen and hopefully change these people's minds.