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  1. These are what Xbox WISHES their shelves looked like
  2. Yea I'm more optimistic than ever about Halo Infinite. It seems like they know they fucked up and are going to do what's necessary to fix it. I mean, it's Halo... all they really have to do is give us a story where the focus is Master Chief and Cortana, have us fight some cool epic battles, give us nice and big environments to do cool shit with... They're hitting the right notes with the art style and the music in the trailer is really fucking good. Also just from the trailer alone I can tell that the story telling aspect will be on another level from Halo 5. I already care more about this unknown pilot than any new character introduced in Halo 5 lol.
  3. This game hasn't been announced for PC.. at least not yet anyway.
  4. Game looks quite awesome visually. Fantastic stuff. Can't wait for this
  5. You do realize that he's talking about releasing A VIDEO TO THE PUBLIC of the E3 gameplay demo... NOT having a demo of the game for the public to play... right? This thread
  6. Nope. And that aisle isn't open to the general public yet. It's getting stocked with the freshest produce as we speak
  7. Nah, that's the RTXDXRC++ aisle
  8. Good move. I think we were all talking about how bad the presenters were and just how bad the show format was in general. Honestly though.. they need to fire Larry Hryb and get someone else who knows how to appeal to the community and do cool things for Xbox.