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  1. The Division 2 pre-orders are through the roof on Uplay and Epic, and it's already tracking better than The Division one which was on Steam. I doubt Ubisoft is quaking in their boots. Like I said before in a different thread.. there's a real vocal section of PC gamers who have this Steam or die attitude.. but if you take the Steam version away and offer it on a different store... they're still going to buy the game.. so if that's from the publisher's own store or Epic's store, or whatever, then it makes little to no difference. I'm a PC gamer, not a Steam gamer... and LMAO Dynamite.. as if China doesn't already have your info. I guess it's cute that you think you're making a difference
  2. It's wrong in every case. I love how you're trying to rationalize it. That list... ROFL.. most of that shit I haven't touched EVER... the other stuff it doesn't really matter as there's tons of ways to already do that shit on PC better than Steam. No streaming ROFL... who cares? Nobody uses Steam Streaming No TV? Uh.. lol ok. Nobody cares about that shit.. People stream on Twitch... Oh no... No linux support? That's hilarious coming from you... truly.. thanks for the laugh. We all remember you and lynux arguing about Linux gaming vs Windows... NON ISSUE! No library sharing... LOL.. barely anyone uses this shit. It's a last priority at best.. Achievements are coming Cloud saving is coming 2 factor authentication is already there The platform already supports VR games.. who fucking cares that it doesn't have a virtual room to launch your titles from? Extended profiles are coming Refunds are the same as Steam You don't even fucking know their customer service... and Steam's is NON EXISTENT! Nice try... Epic are completely revamping the client.. it's being worked on. Sorting, different view styles, ect ect. Same with the store. It's getting more robust filtering and sorting tools. It's all being worked on... and I wouldn't be surprised if most of the shit is there and better than Steam by the time Steam actually finishes their supposed updated client they have been working on for years. Steam is fine... but FUCK Steam... No more resting on their laurels.. time to get to work Gabe. Crack the whip.. cause as the client gets better, these "hold out bitches" like DynamiteCop here are gonna cave fast.
  3. How about this... when these games sell fine, and Epic builds their store up, and more developers start supporting Epic.. and exclusive games get made for PC because of Epic... I'll be right there to tell you to go fuck yourself.. just like I am right now, because pirating games just because you don't like the storefront they are on is WRONG... and it's ESPECIALLY rich coming from the motherfucker who was accusing ME of being a pirate because of emulation. Asshat.. stop talking to me.
  4. Yea I can agree with you on that. It's mostly down to animation and the art style though. For example Miller.. his animations and scowl makes him look weird sometimes. And you're right, a lot of the dialogue and interactions when just standing listening to them talk doesn't look natural. 100% agree. A lot of the time though during cutscenes or sequences and there's all these highly detailed characters moving and their armor and shit is reacting physically and the crazy lighting and everything.. it looks damn fine. As I said though.. they'll look dated once TLOU2 comes out. Those characters are going to have more detail and animation that completely obliterates Metro. (important to remember that Metro doesn't use performance capture though.. it's actually quite well done all considering)
  5. It's a demanding game. But cmon man, it's really impressive. To me, this is hands down the best looking complete package out there. Red Dead certainly does some things better than this though. There's no denying that. But that's what a budget of that size and team of that size can get you. Scene detail though, and lighting with RTX.. I give it to Exodus easily. RDR2 has the facial animations, but Metro's character are more detailed over all. When a sequence is playing out in Metro, with the incredible motion blur at really high resolutions, it just looks sublime. And dude.. Anna in Last Light Redux Pic I took of Anna in Exodus.. The models are extremely well detailed and not last gen in any way. (But will look that way when TLOU2 releases ) Old man
  6. That's a lie. They are taken at extremely high res. Those ARE the models. And no... compare any of the characters to their previous game.. they are MUCH better.
  7. I don't feel I am too much. There are some weak spots. Not every texture is incredibly high res.. and the animations and things, especially the flying enemies could be better. Basically, most of my complaints from the visuals come from the animation. They are small blemishes on what is often a very striking looking game.. which is the same that can be said for pretty much any game out there. Last gen... the character models? Are you fucking kidding me man... LAST GEN?? This is an Xbox One X screenshot... the amount of visual detail and movement happening in this scene alone demolishes pretty much everything out there..
  8. Going from Extreme to High everything else on (Hairworks, PhysX, Tessellation) I get a ~10fps boost at 4K. Simply turning off Tessellation (which X1X doesn't use) gains me another 10fps. That's a 20fps gain just from going to Extreme with tessellation to High without tessellation. This is all with RTX turned off. Notice any remarkable difference in visual quality? LOL NOPE. Which is exactly why I've been saying lately, and specifically here that Extreme is needlessly taxing. This pic wasn't a good representative of the improvements Extreme makes though (motion blur is improved as well as shadows and post processing effects) but it's noticeably nicer in motion. Very filmic. High and Ultra look incredible and mostly the same. Most people could not spot the differences.. and it's certainly not worth the 20% performance cost. The biggest difference in quality between consoles and PC is in Tessellation, which makes things look quite a bit better in some situations, and RTX. So that is why I called him out on the benches he tried to post. Fuck right off with that shit. PC games SCALE for a reason.. and highest end settings are needlessly taxing. So it's fairer to compare it closer to console settings.
  9. I didn't say anything to him. I responded to YOU.. and posted benches that actually reflect reality. He's running an 8700.... You're clueless.
  10. You can run it better than consoles, and better fidelity
  11. I don't give a shit what you can and can't do.. I'm not telling you that as a diss... I'm telling you that I have it, and know what the performance profile is like during gameplay and that benchmark... I'm trying to be honest with what those scores you posted represent. You are NOT. And I find it REALLY hilarious that you were the one that was pining for the days that a Crysis-like game would come and push the hardware... now it's here and you're like "omg this is just terrible" Like dude... maybe turn the settings down to Ultra or high? Xbox is even a good deal lower than that... So don't fucking tell me that I'm lying and shit. I'm setting the record straight.
  12. From DSOGaming Before continuing, we want to make it crystal clear that we did not use the built-in benchmark tool. As we’ve already said, Metro Exodus’ benchmark is more like a stress test and does not represent the in-game performance. Moreover, we decided to use DX12 instead of DX11 as there wasn’t any significant difference between these two APIs. the benchmark isn't representative of in game performance, it's a lot more taxing that in game performance. It goes on and on... Another thing I'd LOVE to add is that you're trying to talk shit to a person who actually owns the game on PC and can veritably testify to that being the case. Saying I'm lying.. lmao you stupid fuck
  13. Nvidia released a news update that it's working on improving the quality of DLSS in Metro and BF5. They said they mostly only focused on 4K DLSS, and the 1440p and 1080p modes weren't trained as much... for what that's worth anyway. lmao