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  1. I hate you more than I hate TLOU2 and I've never threatened you.. nice try fgt
  2. Hey @Ike BLM, don't forget that these controllers get regular firmware updates which improve all functions of the controller as well as reducing latency, and general bug fixes for multiple platforms. My controller was Firmware 1.03 when I got it, and now they're on 1.34.. there's been a lot of improvements. You can download an Upgrade Tool from their website, and easily update the firmwares of any 8bitdo controllers you have: https://support.8bitdo.com/firmware-updater.html
  3. God, some people are so fucking pathetic Laura Bailey is easily one of the best in the business and always does an incredible job. How the fuck could you not like her?
  4. I mean, I get it. It's understandable that if we want games to continue to raise the bar, they're going to have to charge more. The only reason why it's a tough pill to swallow now is because there's just simply SO MANY GAMES out there asking for your time... and tons are cheap... or even free. Due to the nature of the video game industry, the $60+ game is constantly being devalued. Games lose their value insanely quick... unless you're Nintendo. So essentially... something has to give. AAA Games are WAY too risky these days for most publishers to really even experiment and give us a solid full price experience without trying to tack tons of other shit on and get people to keep paying and playing. Raising prices to $70... you better have a high quality product that's worth that amount. It's not outlandish... but it's going to become increasingly harder to justify $70, when indie devs and mid sized devs are putting out very high quality looking visuals and more risky games trying new things. $70 for a game that takes a company 5 years to make isn't asking too much IMO, when you've got a good 20h of high quality content there... But $70 for yearly Madden games that don't hardly fucking change at all, and yearly or bi-yearly sequels to mid-sized franchises is not going to fly for a lot of people.
  5. Lmao cows damage controlling 60fps+ Ready for more 30fps Sony games that are going to look and run better on PC Twinshit?
  6. Playing the best versions of all games..... now featuring your favorite console's games...
  7. Bubut wait... lmao TCHBMFAR These are OUR games now... stay mad
  8. What even on that list is a console port.... ?Halo and RDR2.... lmao WOW.... no choice eh And yeah how terrible that people look forward to console games... lmao.. you say that like they suck or something Lmao wait though... this is a shit tier bait post... you play more PC than console
  9. Undoubtedly. I mean, Windows is their platform... it was stupid that they focused on solely console for so long in the first place. Back in the day it made sense to push the "box in every livingroom" strategy, but MS has always had an advantage that they never really took advantage of.. and unfortunately it had to wait until they stumbled on the console side to really see it... but now it's crystal clear that the goal should be to have multiple platforms where they can now reach literally every type of gamer out there with their products (console, PC, and mobile) They fucked up with the Windows store, but recognizing that they can reach a huge audience with Steam and accepting that fact is a great call on Phil's leadership. And honestly a lot of the different kinds of games MS has been making generally do well on PC to begin with. Games like State of Decay, while I'm not saying it's been a hit on PC, is the type of game that can create a decent community on PC and they will play those games for YEARS. I think we're seeing that with Sea of Thieves... there's a BIG dedicated player-base that will play that game for years to come. It's always far more important that a publisher can be successful and those funds generated can be redirected back into funding more games and new IP, than it is to keep some "exclusivity" to a certain box or whatever.
  10. It's honestly incredible that Sea of Thieves is at the top of the list this long after launch with no discount on price at all... while also being on GamePass. MS also keeping MCC consistent with the rollout over time. Still ODST and Halo 4 to go too.
  11. Yea I guess It's working Game looks awesome to me.
  12. Facebook developing an AI-assisted supersampling technique for real-time rendered content https://www.roadtovr.com/facebook-d...ring-performance-high-resolution-vr-headsets/ Comparison images: The samples are 1/16th resolution.... so for an output resolution of 4K, they would only be rendering 960×540. There's a link to a video showing it in action, and while it doesn't look as perfect as the reference, it looks absolutely incredible being 1/16th of the resolution... You can imagine how good it would look at 1/4, or 1/2 resolution. I'd love to see it compared to DLSS at the same input to output resolutions. PDF link to paper describing how it works: https://research.fb.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Neural-Supersampling-for-Real-time-Rendering.pdf Direct Link to video of technique in action: https://research.fb.com/wp-content/...ersampling-for-RealTime-Rendering_vid.mp4.zip
  13. Oh it's not eh? Then why does their trailer do this? You're not fooling me Capcom producers
  14. Yea, I fucking love mine. Probably going to buy a couple more for the future. The only thing better than a SNES D-Pad is an NES D-Pad. It feels so nice playing retro/classic/emulated games with these controllers. Very good battery life too!
  15. The thing is.. its hard to say when or if they will either. Nvidia has specialized hardware in the GPU for exactly this.. and they've poured tons of R&D into getting it to where it is. Does AMD even have the capacity to focus on that stuff and create a ML model to do it? Nvidia has been doing it for a long time and has quite an advantage with all this AI and deep learning stuff. Series X has hardware support to accelerate INT4 and INT8 operations for AI and they've put a lot of work into developing their own ML upscaling.. but since its actually using the shader cores, its taking precious resources from rendering performance... so there's a tradeoff. PS5 doesn't appear to have any support just yet, but who knows?
  16. LMAO reception to the trailer was so bad, they are delaying the game a few weeks to improve it.. lmao... idiots. You take one of the most renowned graphical games of all time, and "remaster" it, and it very clearly doesn't even reach the bar set by the original.... yea, people are going to rightfully mock the shit out of it. Not sure if a few weeks is enough time to address all the shit that is obviously a step down from the original, but w/e lmao