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  1. Yea in the case of the HEDT segment anyway. 16 cores is the sweet spot price/performance-wise. Ryzen 3000 should be pretty awesome for gaming and really give Intel a run for it's money. Intel is going to be assaulted on all fronts very shortly. Ryzen is already doing that, but being able to take both price/performance and top performance crowns will push people even farther to AMDs side. Not to mention AMD has a clear strategy for their entire lineups in every segment and is continually improving while Intel looks to fumbling with getting past their current issues.
  2. So the guy mid-way through his stream accidentally shows his discord which has a conversation between him and CarcinogenSDA (another speedrunner mostly known for Resident Evil games) where he says "sup nigger" to Carci as a greeting. Now of course Twitch stepped in right away as that's against the TOS, and rightfully should be. He released a video explaining what happened, but never really apologized for it, and actually seemed pretty annoyed that he was "caught" rather than wanting to apologize. So then later he posted another "apology" and isn't sure when or if his account will be unbanned. However the real story here imo is that ResetERA was just as quick to condem Carcinogen for not calling out and responding to his 'racism'. People are actually suggesting that Carci be banned as well for not commenting and is essentially "complicit" and must share the same views as his friend. Carci responded and basically said he got the message when he was live and he wasn't about to stop his stream to call out his friend for being stupid. Man some of the people at ResetERA are psychos.. White people definitely got to get out of the habit of thinking they're cool when/if they say it, or trying to use it in the same manner as black people do. It's not cool, and won't ever be for white people. But I think it's quite obvious that in cases where it's not being used 100% viciously as an attack, that people shouldn't be so quick to completely want to destroy people's lives over it. One ERA member said that he should not only be banned but "thrown in jail" I'm pretty sure every single white person here who's ever listened to hip hop has sang the word many times in private. Do black people actually think that's not a thing? It doesn't mean we're all racists.. like ERA would have people believe.. smh.
  3. "Did you even put the threadripper into game mode?" Dumb bitch.. Game mode performs WORSE than disabling half the cores... ie Legacy Compatibility Mode... He has a physics score of 20K with Game Mode and 29K with LCM... It performs WORSE. We know Game Mode limits the CPU to a single die with the 2990WX... we know that the Physics test scales with cores. 8 cores vs 16 cores... it's not hard to figure out. Apparently it doesn't scale much past 16 cores though.. Intel's 28 core processors don't even score better than 30K. So yes.. I was right. Eat shit
  4. No ROFL And to top it off... you posted asking to see Game Mode performance as if it would improve the score
  5. Uh... he proved my point fucktard. The fuckhead who tried to argue that overclocking improved IPC thinks he knows shit about CPUS. ROFL God damn you're dumb
  6. Speaking of that. If Sony really does have their own hardware based RT solution, then that means they're likely going with a lesser amount of CUs. I wonder if they're going to hit 1.8Ghz on the GPU as well? I think 10TF might be reasonable if they have real hardware based RT acceleration. Should perform quite well.
  7. 8TF PS5 would be extremely disappointing... 12GB RAM?? I can't believe that. It's gotta have 16 available to devs for games + 4 for OS at least.. Really, MS' 4TF Lockhart makes sense as a 1080p device if they knew that Sony was targeting only around 8-9TF. Anaconda will eat its lunch though at 12 or 13TF.
  8. Nice. You're an AMD lad aren't you lol. I'm going to build a Ryzen 3000 based PC when those drop within the next 3-4 months. Ryzen 9 3850X 16 core 32 thread @ 4.5-5GHz New PCIe 4.0 based motherboard 32GB of extremely fast RAM Tons of storage I think I'm gonna go big on storage for my next build. 2TB of SSD + 4TB of HDD isn't cutting it anymore. I'd like to ditch HDDs completely.
  9. @The Mother Fucker @Nya` Yea it's quite interesting stuff. What I'm wondering though is why the Graphics score takes a massive hit under the default setting? Can you confirm The Mother Fucker that both GPUs are being utilized.. or rather how much they are? Because in both other configurations they are being fully used. I assumed (pretty strongly) that only 1 GPU was being utilized.. but it very well could be that both are and there's simply a bug with TR and Crossfire above 2 dies, which impacts utilization. (That would make sense since the other Threadripper CPUs I checked didn't exhibit this behavior with Crossfire. Anyway.. what a beastly machine. Is that your own personal rig or do you use it for work as well?
  10. Seems as if that's gaining more ground. Yea. Richard I think could be throwing little tidbits in there like when he says "I think we should prepare for GPU compute throughput to be lower.. a fair bit lower in fact". It seems like he's tempering expectations a bit from the people that are expecting 14TF. Could be wrong though. They didn't mention memory at all though.. I was hoping they would theorize on that..
  11. Some idiot probably heard that PS5 dev kits had 8GB HBM2 and 16GB DDR4 RAM... which is exactly like what an early PC dev kit with Vega 56 would have (System memory doubled obviously. The actual console... I'm doubtful. Who knows though.. maybe they've cobbled together some shit that does well enough... but imo, this is where MS reverses the scenario from this gen back on Sony, if that indeed is what they go for. Hopefully both prove competent enough.
  12. Basically I think this rumor is complete bullshit. Like a poster on ResetERA said... you really think they're going to allow themselves to be reliant on bad HBM2 memory chips rejected from other companies to meet their production requirements?
  13. This is what I think. If they do this... this will be their Xbox level fuck up.. assuming MS goes for broke and has more RAM which is faster. It will be the exact opposite of what happened this past gen. Sony was going to skimp with the PS4 memory too... they have a history of not being smart with memory. Memory is extremely important, and you don't want to fuck it up now. 2019 wasn't the original plan dude... it was NEVER on the cards. That was bullshit fed to you to keep people talking about Playstation since people expected Sony to launch first. These insiders are fumbling their way around what little information they actually DO have. If it was originally planned for 2019 then EVERYTHING would have been finalized in 2017/18 and we would have heard more concrete shit. It's 2019 and these insiders can't nail down and all agree on what memory configuration the hardware will have?? ROFL no...
  14. Matt said PS5 was 2019 and you rode his dick into oblivion.. fuck that guy I'm not saying it's impossible or anything, but I'm saying it sounds messy.
  15. Yea, we saw how that worked for MS this gen And no... it's not weird they didn't mention memory... since that's a key component to the makeup of the system.. you can glean a lot of information just from the amount of memory and what type... so no.. not weird at all.
  16. I'm bookmarking this 24GB ram total 8GB HBM2 16GB *DDR4* 4GB reserved for OS Sounds like a mess.
  17. Exactly... so why the fuck are you guys saying I'm wrong that enabling game mode will reduce performance in 3dmark? lmao..