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  1. lol cant have a thread about a multiplat without you morons arguing about it. Anyways day 1.
  2. Why are two of my favorite posters arguing about GoW
  3. Good shit, Sony will prob follow suit with the PS5. Also they need to add gifting.
  4. Well Eidos MTL was clearly good enough to make a formulaic sequel, but I would want to give CD the responsibility of coming up with something completely new for Tomb Raider.
  5. Crystal Dynamics have two studios now. Hopefully they'll be doing Avengers + Tomb Raider at the same time.
  6. They won't shelve an IP as big as Tomb Raider over one flop unless they want to reduce their overall AAA SP game output. Would like to see Crystal Dynamics be the ones to reboot it again though.
  7. The results would be different, but you'd find consistencies as well. Like Playstation bodying Xbox every time lmao.
  8. Yee. The Legend/Anniversary/Underworld. Uncharted did the chase thing first tho. edit: Not that it really matters since they lifted lots of other UC shit, but just saying lol.