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  1. モンキー


    I forgot it exists. Well, back to forgetting it exists.
  2. excellent post from madmaltese. Makes 100% sense.
  3. I might give it a go later on this year with Persona 5 Royal. Which is ironic I guess because the reason i didnt play P5 was because its so long.
  4. Finished Sekiro. One of the best action games I've played in a long time, definitely scratched that ninja gaiden itch. Prob my runner up GOTY, RE2 being #1. Continuing my Indivisible playthrough now, which i had put on pause for Sekiro. I'm maybe 4 hours in.
  5. Praising western trash like Outer Worlds and bashing Sekiro. What happened to you Mr. P
  6. I'll wait for PS5 to play CP77 since CDPR games tend to run like ass on console. The rest I'll play on PS4 Pro as long as they run well.
  7. I mean, Japan is just more interested in a handheld gaming device. It's been this way for a while now.
  8. One of the worst consoles of all time. Almost as bad as the WiiU.
  9. This game is incredible. My goty is either this or RE2. Lol @ giantbomb, stick CoD slobs.