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  1. defending one of the worst consoles of all time.
  2. Can you imagine we had people here defending and fanboying for the Xbox One for 4-5 years of their adult lives?
  3. This is why i don't like the gamepass model. It encourages quantity over quality. Not to mention GaaS games.
  4. Yeah. I'm not expert on this stuff, or not even close, but this seems nuts. Is MS using some kinda crazy tech? Stadia might get massacred just on the fact that their tech isn't nearly on the same level lol.
  5. I think display lag and input lag are usually separated, since everyone is using different displays. If this thread/article is telling me Halo 5 has 67ms of "input lag" (not including display lag), that is insane.
  6. MS might be saving their ammo for 2020 like Sony... but it really feels like Sony is going to destroy them again lol.
  7. How do you have E3 to yourself and end up in a worse position when the day is done? i guess gamepass on pc is looking good at least.