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  1. Praising western trash like Outer Worlds and bashing Sekiro. What happened to you Mr. P
  2. I'll wait for PS5 to play CP77 since CDPR games tend to run like ass on console. The rest I'll play on PS4 Pro as long as they run well.
  3. I mean, Japan is just more interested in a handheld gaming device. It's been this way for a while now.
  4. One of the worst consoles of all time. Almost as bad as the WiiU.
  5. This game is incredible. My goty is either this or RE2. Lol @ giantbomb, stick CoD slobs.
  6. it's because Aza is a dumbass and doesn't link shit. https://gamingbolt.com/gears-will-continue-to-build-on-player-choice-open-world-and-branching-stories-the-coalition "With Gears 5, The Coalition took the criticism Gears of War 4 had received for playing things a bit too safe to heart, and changed things up noticeably in quite a lot of ways. Though at its core, it was still a classic Gears experience, changes to its world design, lite-RPG mechanics in terms of progression, and more options presented to players in how they wanted to tackle combat scenarios made for an experience that felt fresh and exciting, and one that successfully invigorated the franchise. And The Coalition only plan on taking those things even further in future instalments. Campaign design director Matt Searcy recently told GamingBolt in an interview that the open world sections, more open-ended combat, stealth sections, and the progression mechanics involving Jack are all things that The Coalition did in Gears 5 as a way to lay down a foundation for the future. According to Searcy, future instalments in the series are going to continue building on those foundations."
  7. Lowest score i've seen in ages. Maybe since Big Rigs lol?
  8. Vini's retarded ass doesn't like it? Checking this out asap.
  9. Nah bro don't sweat it, Fallout 3 and NV are ugly af and play like shit.
  10. runs at 720p or under, and the framerate is 25-30fps. What more needs to be said, this port sucks.