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  1. So it was practically give away for free and it didn't even outdo Halo 4. Is this supposed to be impressive?
  2. It's kinda embarrassing how hard Sony's owned MS. A Death Stranding trailer generates more excitent than a new Gears of War game launch that's been practically given out for free.
  3. and based on this thread it's even failing there. The game is $2-5 to play, and nobody's even talking about it a week later.
  4. Gamepass really kills the perceived value of Microsoft games. It also makes me question how Gears 5 would have performed in terms of mindshare if they hadn't practically given it away. Would people have even bought it?
  5. @kazhow dare you insult PSO da gawd
  6. Yeah it happened some time last year in Redmond, Washington, where Phil Spencer decided to stab his most loyal xbox fangirls in the back.
  7. if we want to update the SW rules, I'd be okay with counting a Xbox/PC game as exclusive if it's not being sold on Steam or EGS. But Gears 5 is, so it's hardly exclusive.
  8. Oh okay cool, so Gears 5 is TIED for highest rated exclusive game of 2019 - if we ignore PC - if we ignore Switch - if we ignore the best current MMO on the market.
  9. and MLB 19 doesn't count because it's a sports game?
  10. Is Vini's gimmick saying stuff that isn't true?