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  1. Only good thing about Steam is they make Capcom and Namco a lot of money. Otherwise.
  2. All this. If people are making more money sitting at home doing nothing than they did on minimum wage, it goes to show how fucking broken the system was to begin with.
  3. retired

    Lil Dicky

    I literally randomly watched this freestyle last night lmao.
  4. free GTAV for all the hobo gamers out there
  5. GD is a better person than all of you! Except when he's murdering people and chopping up the cadavers in the backyard shed but we don't talk about that.
  6. Lemmings defended Xbox One for nearly 7 years. There's nothing to "get" about Lemmings.
  7. Japan doesn't make games like that, stop being so dramatic lmao.
  8. ^^^ The gaming experts who think Microsoft didn't get fucked in the ass this generation weigh in.
  9. In before "t-t-that's not really impressive! "