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  1. Black radical racist privileged terrorism is the greatest threat this country faces. They need the CIA and FBI constantly monitoring black racist terrorist radicals to prevent more of these attacks in the future. when will it end? RIP to the victims. right ahead of christmas. God damn the evil knows no bounds.
  2. self defense is still a right in one country, thank god. if only canada would follow suit...
  3. i remember having to work QA on games like Ride and MotoGP - they were unanimously considered the worst games in the office. everybody hated them so much that if you left an employee too long on the project, they'd inevitably quit. best motorcycle game ever.
  4. it sucks because her being ugly adds nothing to the game, it only takes away. it cost them a ton of sales too so i hope they learn their lesson.
  5. yup it looks like real life. almost felt ill watching it fullscreen. these race-tard games have so little to render and this is the result
  6. you off your meds this evening? Its been about 5 years since i owned an xbox...
  7. this dude is just a cut above everyone else in the business and sony can't pay him enough. Dana Carvey church lady motherfucker with a genius IQ.
  8. it's kind of crazy how things have turned around. Not saying Sony is looked at like 2013 xbox one, but the media is now officially on MS's side. Be it a combination of marketing, SJW tactics, grovelling and selling out to PC gamers, or bribes to IGN editors, MS has found a winning strategy here. They're actively being propped up. Only thing holding them back now is the same as always, they have no games. and no Halo and Forza aren't enough, still.
  9. i was going through all the games but stopped halfway through 2. i put about 20 hours into NGS1. NG1 still holds up and is a timeless masterpiece. NG2... yeah, its a good game, but damn if it isn't casualized to hell. the super moves are game breaking, combined with the easier difficulty of the sigma version, it starts to feel like dynasty warriors at times. the level design is also no where near as good. this game was and still is really disappointing NG3, god damn is it atrocious. played it for half an hour and gave up, it's still every bit as bad, razor's
  10. it's the enthusiast brand so it makes perfect sense. Nintendo is probably an even higher physical ratio. say a lot about the platform tbh. Most physical game collectors go with PS. Even shittier PS3 ports are worth more than their 360 counterparts nowadays. people just enjoy the continuity of having all their favorite franchises physically across the same brand, playstation 1-5.
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