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  1. LOL GTA is a piece of shit game for 12 year olds how it even made it this far is insulting
  2. you know you're old when Resident evil 4 isn't even in the running anymore that was everyone's defacto GOAT
  3. looks like a fucking 12 year old put that list together, bunch of grand theft autos, call of duty 4, and a slew of generic trash
  4. Let's listen to a real industry professional who has managed multi-million dollar productions before Yep, this is stupid as hell and clearly a sign that the game is in trouble GHOST STUDIO
  5. this dude was huge, me and some buddies used to watch him, got us all to go the gym. can't believe that was 10 years ago now Aeshetics Mirin' sick cunt
  6. yeah this looks phenomenal, best kirby title ever is on lock. could be the breakout title in the franchise tbh
  7. another worthless, NO EXCLUSIVES brand of gaming. what are these guys thinking backing platforms like this?
  8. it is unprecedented. maybe Square enix is offloading CD to MS, they've been entwined with that studio since the 100m dollar tomb raider fauXclusivity deal, and CD themselves are coming off a disaster project in Avengers. MS like the vulture, smelling the decaying stink of a dead studio, is moving in.
  9. it all makes sense. Phil announced a fake 1st party studio when his fans were begging for studio acquisitions, solely for damage control purposes. Now that real acquisitions went through Initiative will be swept under the rug. just like the fake games he announced (Phantom Dust, etc) - these announcements were made solely to save the xbox's reputation. they were never meant to be actually followed through with. now this project has been pawned off to crystal dynamics... we've been bamboozled again ladies and gentleman. this is why Phil is "the gr
  10. I was just about to make this thread, different title though: "Microsoft emergency contracts Crystal Dynamics to develop their skeleton initiative project, studio outed as a sham organization"
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