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  1. that tweet, aahahahahaha ! this guy needs to go away for atleast a few years to straighten him out. He's been running his mouth for way too long and has gotten away with multiple assaults. He's a legit danger to society and this is all no surprise coming from him.
  2. here's how he treats papparazzi. thank god he didn't shoot him in cold blood. let's really open his eyes, life in rikers. Perfect fit for a terrorist murderer.
  3. what's random about it? he has a history of violent and unstable behaviour behind him. He shouldn't have been cast for the role/actively making movies still. https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/16510281/inside-alec-baldwins-hollywood-life/ he's always been a scumbag and i'm not surprised he's responsible for such negligent behaviour. Lock him up.
  4. guy who hits it is lucky, double blowjobs seem completely possible. i'm not sure of their tongues could touch eachothers though, i'd need confirm enough mobility in the necks of each before i committed to anything.
  5. all they had to do was until dawn 2 this dev is so stupid 'The Dark Pictures' LOL what a marketing/mismanagement catastrophe
  6. looks so lame and shitty this franchise won't recover from this, dead ip
  7. another developer that left sony and started producing slops afterwards. this whole trilogy bullshit they started was a complete and utter disaster, all that momentum from until dawn lost.
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  9. CD Defekt is in shambles, finally they've been outed as talentless trash. Witcher 3 is a 7.0 game tops POLISH TRASH
  10. 2 years and counting ⏱️ Philly cheese and steak gaming Part 2 is due soon exclusively all over again
  11. all hearsay until it gets announced NEVER ON PC
  12. Never on PC caviar and champagne gaming you got to love it
  13. yep censored h*m* trash. what an insult to this great franchise.
  14. great news, lets hope it continues to sink. clearly, this is not the future.
  15. you seem like the kind of guy who would Kroeger's 5% off Coupons for christmas gifts
  16. i see that and i raise you leon, taliban version
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  18. welp, looks like this series is dead without bluepoint moving forward. it's going to be tough to play this after Demon's Souls PS5. It's starting to make more and more sense for bluepoint to be handling bloodborne II. Sony's really going to want to knock socks off with that game, and these BAMCO-funded multi-format From slops just aren't going to cut it. looks like another dark souls II situation, killed by PC and Xbox.
  19. reflecting on life and time as we know it...
  20. trying out the bar glass from Yakuza 6 collector's edition
  21. 1 more. nudie mag collection. Some of the pages are stuck together but still really good condition. @GeorgeW1000
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