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  1. Paging mr. Spencer, it's time to brave Corona Virus and get your ass back on that plane for one of those 'Japan Trips'
  2. PS4 is seriously going to get 3 AAAAE this year if They Lezbius 2 makes its 2020 release, you know the GS hipsters will love that game.
  3. undertaker's intro was badass, metallica
  4. The combat was a bit wonky, and the scope of the game just isn't what people wanted. FLOP!
  5. I'm down for another RE7, we've been spoiled by RE2 and 3 so they can go FPS again.
  6. Junk MP where it takes a clip to kill someone + a 1/10, offensive propaganda campaign. Game deserves no higher than a 5/10, but paying any money for it is just morally wrong imo. awful. just awful.
  7. this franchise just got completely buried once COD took off. Halo's a relic of the past, and judging by 343's offering it should have stayed there. halo 5 has to be one of the worst game i've played in my lifetime, just an abominable piece of trash.
  8. now they should bump up astral chain, zelda, and luigi's mansion as well. They throttled all 3 of those below 9.0. I mean if junk like Half-Dyke: A-Lick is 9.0 worthy, then anything is, really.
  9. a 6.0 is an absurd score. It's the same engine, same gameplay, same fucking game as RE2 which they 9.0'd. GS is a joke.
  10. -Just as good as RE2, just half as long. i finished it in 4:30 but there's always multiple playthroughs. -Nemesis looks fantastic, despite that one scripted gif in one specific location where he'll always spawn, he does chase you, is scary, and is straight badass. -there's a lot less puzzles than RE2, but there's still a decent amount. For some reason there's no defense items (knives, flashbag, etc). Also no reload tool from the original RE3. -Keys, backtracking, etc. all still there. Who the hell is calling this a straight TPS? -For some reason the clock tower section was gutted, despite the clocktower constantly being mentioned in the game. WTF? -It's just more RE2 Remake... which is to say, one of the best games ever made. If you liked RE2, like the original RE3, I can't see how you won't love this. RGS: 9.0 (PS4) 8.9 (Xbox One, docked for poor frame rate) 1.0 (PC, fake bootleg versions will not be scored) GOTY so far