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  1. Right outside of this one console townThere's a RGE road to a whole lot of AAAEGot a deed to the games, but it ain't my devThis is Nintendo countryWe pray for xbox, and thank Him when he gives us Ori'Cause it brings a AA and a little bit of multiplatsWe put it back in the plateI guess that's why they call it nintendo country
  2. Another unhinged seattle SJW with mental problems. Gay Sea of Thieves logo shirt. Gay Gears twitter handle. Gears of War studio head marching at gay pride parade. something is very seriously wrong with this team. Please, if you have children, keep them far away from Xbox. God knows what these people are up to behind the scenes.
  3. the guns really pack a punch in this. seems like finally a realistic next gen cod.
  4. omfg this game owns counter strike for a new generation. MPGOTG
  5. I have to narrow my purchases in september down to 2 games. damn near impossible.
  6. All of this + we get all the lemmings games.
  7. even more AAAE bangers Stop it, please nintendo, my wallet can't keep up. it's just too much now.
  8. All the Pros are on PS4. There is no contest, the better players are on PS4 and there are many more of them, period.
  9. almost made it two weeks. Next time It'll be longer.
  10. Went up early For the Players ONLY Sorry Win 10 fam: