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  1. I've bought two PS4 Pro's since Xdone X came out. I've bought a Switch, 10 games, a $200 imported tea kettle, a new sofa set for my mom, an oil change, and a new set of winter tires since the x Done X came out. all of those things are infinitely more useful than Xdone X, a.k.a the PS4 jr. minus all the exclusives. I. Don't. Want. One.
  2. DAMN, it's so blurry and smudged out on the Boner X! What the hell is happening over at MS, they've turned their console into the retarded red-headed step-child of gaming, much like the PS3 was. Atleast the PS3 had exclusives, and marketing deals though. Another Worst-on-Loaf, no exclusive content, no marketing deal game for the 1 &1/2-2 lemmings left. Good grief.
  3. digital foundry results are in... Worst on XBoner X
  4. holy shit at those #'s!! Switch is a beast. This is going to net switch so many new games. developers must be shook as hell seeing those #'s. time to start cancelling XBONE or BS4 versions of multiplats in favour of switch.
  5. 8.8 IGN 9 Destructoid 9.5 Game Informer 9.5 EGM We back
  6. would have preferred 10, but It's been 14 years since Resident Evil was AAA to the mainstream. we back
  7. +Macy's gift card, + 5 games, + $20 rebate in unleaded gas, + mail in rebate for $50 @ your local Pharmacy + 2 rainbow deco controllers (Also works with Windows 10!)
  8. TOWN, Fire Emblem, Daemon Metroid Prime 4, BAYO 3, Shin Megami Fucking Tensei V WOW! Our exclusive lineup is insane. Even better; these are all real exclusives, on one platform, never going to be ported to any competitor's system, never going to be defiled by multiplatform status. This is real gaming. This is the POWER OF N.
  9. For those with both platforms, think long and hard before you get this for the 'Loaf. I know, because I got RE7 on 'Loaf and it was a completely second-class, second priority experience. PC is dead last, 3rd rate too. Every step of the way, Capcom will back the PS4 with this game. Early DLC, Early skins, etc. I remember twiddling my thumbs for 2 weeks with RE7 because all DLC was delayed on 'Loaf. Never letting that happen again, especially not with a title of this calibre.
  10. Classic PS1 models for Leon and Claire, costume DLC, available on Japanese PSN cards at launch and then free for everyone march 22nd.* *Xflop Done version not sold in Japan (lmfao) so we don't know if the 'Loaf will get these. GOTY in January, OMFG
  11. i bought that trash for $60 at launch because it had Inafune's name slapped on it. Tapped out after 2h it was so terrible. Another half-done, phoned in fauXclusive from MS.