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  1. Pretty sure Sony and nintendo are looking at what MS is doing and taking notes never to make the same mistakes. A devalued platform with 0 exclusives, lower-spec bargain games that launch day one into a $1 subscription, and a disc-less, always online ecosystem. Not only do sony and nintendo not want it, i don't think Nintendo could even do that on a technical level if they wanted to (but they sure as fuck don't). All of this talk is just nonsense from Xbox fans who want the other 2 consoles to basically commit suicide like Xbox did just so they can justify their purchase. It needs to stop.
  2. rofl, yeah so they'll be holding back multiplats + always have the worst versions, again. #PS5NoParity
  3. this poor damage control again? when you have to cross your fingers that sony will lower themselves to MS's level, it's time to give up on Xbox. Nobody is following MS's doomsday vision, they got rejected from the marketplace, only them. Nintendo and Sony will continue making exclusives for dedicated hardware.
  4. well, this once again proves they have no intention of course-correcting and becoming a hardcore gaming option again. the 360 days are truly never coming back, MS will never compete against sony like we want them to ever again. Losers!
  5. https://www.resetera.com/threads/kotaku-microsoft-is-still-planning-a-cheaper-disc-less-next-gen-xbox.157039/ All this after the hatred and backlash against the XBONE SAD edition. The gall of this company to just keep pushing their rejected ideas no matter what anyone says. these guys are truly out of touch and probably downright hate games, gamers and this industry. it's time to go MS, you'll soon be joining Google and Nokia in game-hell.
  6. i don't see what the point is putting these on PC, these numbers woukd be triple or more on PS4. PC shouldn't have got shit, just give up already MS. Halo is destined for PlayStation sooner or later.
  7. seems like a poor time, within 11 months PS5 will be out and outclassing the spec of PCs, and it will actually have exclusive games.
  8. well times are changing, sony's being left behind in japan and switch has crushed the PS4 relentlessly, it's time for atlus to adapt to survive. Switch is #1 therefore it's time to move on. different circumstances.
  9. god dammit i better start saving now, another $300 collectors edition is surely on the way. if it's a nemesis statue i'll cry
  10. glad we can get this soft launch beta out of the way, now we can move on to news of the switch version.