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  1. Yeah, especially when these games will all be coming to 3+ platforms including competitor's consoles and PC.
  2. They're quickly becoming MS best developer, which is sad considering they were scraps on Sony's system but on Xbox they can shine as a top tier studio. It's too bad Xbox players don't like cinematic 1P games.
  3. such a beautiful game and truly one of a kind. I persona game where you're trying to become an idol singer and for some reason this is all mashed with fire emblem characters. Who the hell thought this up
  4. My god this game is good. One of the best JRPGs I've played in years to think this masterpiece was locked to WiiU where it could never be discovered by gamers.
  5. i think that thing looks fucking ridiculous, you're better off getting a Colorado with the ZR2 package.
  6. Bodycount N


    cross gen. next gen starts in fall and you know sony will announce yet ANOTHER wave of exclusive titles for PS5 that will put this to shame. Also, my prediction: 1/2 of Black Ops 5 will be exclusive to PS5 as well to counter Gaylo, lems might not even get the next COD at all. either way, ON PC ON PC ON PC ON PC so it doesn't matter.
  7. Bodycount N


    this is going to backfire so hard when Sony reveals the PS5 with juggernaut exclusives. The reality is Sony doesn't have to show shit, it's a one horse race and they're on top of the world. They've outdone Xflop in games 20:1, no one cares if MS goes to E3 and shows their yearly indie reel and multiplat slop, they'll still lose just like this year. 2020, from the announcementless, loser Jim Ryan 2020, from 'Good Guy' Phil Spencer IT'S A WRAP!
  8. Gears 5 hands down, probably the worst game of the past several gens as well. it truly deserves the E.T. for Atari treatment.
  9. disappointing. odd series of announcements, they legitimize the game by announcing for switch a month ago, and now they ruin all goodwill by going PC a month later. these devs are insane.
  10. Another best on Switch franchise is born. welcome to legitimacy, bioshock!
  11. first game was a boring, overly difficult slog. I uninstalled it from my NINTENDO(R) Switch in a matter of minutes. pretty artwork though.
  12. Bloodborne Resi 2 Resi 7 DMCV MHWorld Deadly Premonition Mass Effect 2 Bayonetta 1 and 2 Yakuza 0 Nioh too many to choose