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  1. yeah, i just follow along online. It's not ideal, but easy enough. Doubt this game will ever come over. It's so japanese and like 6 years old now.
  2. Aza, the sword fighting in Ishin is making it my fav. in the series. It's awesome. Japan only, i imported it. http://www.khhsubs.com/rggishinstorywalkthrough.html The fan translation dropped, only reason i ordered it.
  3. The guys who say "MS are making all the right moves" were the MS haters of yesteryear. Yeah, I'm sure MS is making all the right moves to people who don't own, and never wanted to own, an xbox -Rolling over for Sony and refusing any and all 3rd party exclusives -Tailor making games for PC and spending all their resources on appeasing PC gamers -Ripping games and features from paying console customers and giving them away for free on PC -Removing the $400 purchase of the console form the equation -Hand-selecting key titles he thinks Switch owners would like from his library and porting them over As somebody who doesn't own an Xbox, Phil must seem like Jesus Christ himself. Cows love him, Hermits love him, Sheep love him. Lemmings though?
  4. Think it was Snakey or JeDerpey that perm banned me from SuckScrollers. Or it was Liquid_Chimp. Either way they had that place down to a safe-space for like 3 people with mental disabilities. One of the worst forum ever imo. The FBI should have stepped in there too
  5. https://www.metacritic.com/game/playstation-4/judgment 79. around what everyone who plays these game expected. Remember, this puts it ahead of almost every MS release this gen. GS will never count here after their Days Gone review. 0 integrity
  6. this game makes state of decay and sea of Z's look like they're CD-ROMs that came out of a mid-90's cereal box.
  7. that's because it's a slightly right-wing leaning game. 9.0 RGS (Real Gamer Score) I can see 5.0 from an SJW perspective though. This game is a giant middle finger to them from the alex jones-style radio station, to the self-reliance, hunting, militia-forming, pro gun talk, bikes, mechanics, hetero-sexual love affairs, Deacon liking his wife's ass, and the white guy who pretends to be black being the baddie LMAO
  8. Looks better than every game on Done X, multiplats included. This is the game red dead redemption wanted to be. An actual fun and engaging open-world game. Gassing up my bike every few miles? Cool. Feeding my horse carrots and brushing his fur? not cool. DG > RDR2