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  1. lol yeah, the nu-MS cuckolds went in and ruined every game. Buck, the only white guy in Halo 5, was turned into a flailing, clumsy cuckold type character as well, who gets completely emasculated time and time again. he trips over things, gets rescued by locke as he dangles off cliffs, etc. halo 5 is one of the most offensive, worst games i've ever played. Of course Master Chief isn't around because he 'went missing' at the beginning of the game. MS can burn.
  2. i was at that point. I was playing pretty much only COD every year because the reality is that's one of the last games i like that's still available for Bone. rediscovering games with Persona 5, Nioh, Yakuza Kiwami and 0, bloodborne, i started to remember why I like gaming so much: JAPANESE. GAMES. Never. Again.
  3. Seems like this is an arbitrary poll made to exclude the Switch. Here's the reality: The Switch has exclusives not on PS4. The Switch has features and functions not possible on PS4. Two different experiences, two different platforms, both with AAAEs. The PS4 literally has *all* the games Xcock Done/Boner X have, plus more. Even if you want to count the fauXclusives (which are all 5 or 6.0 shit-tier games nobody wants to play) PS4 doesn't just win, it completely assrapes the 'Boner. POINT IS, Xcock Done occupies a fucking black hole in the marketplace. Your console is so pathetic you're trying to jerry rig a poll to showcase that the Switch misses out on multiplatform games that the Xcock Done shares with the PS4. Great. What does that do to make the 'bone a more attractive option to consumers? How does this help the 'bone in a 1 on 1 with the PS4? "Sheepets" they say. huh. This whole poll is orchestrated by Boners to shy away from a 1:1 comparison to the PS4. That's just pathetic, that's not the xbox I know, that's not the platform I backed last gen and that's not faction I led gallantly in battle with the XBOX 360. You've been cucked by Phil Spencer.
  4. nmh is like $40 lol still better than every single xboner or ps4 exclusive so far this year. fact!
  5. Poor excuse. The game was announced for Xbox One at E3, was huge 360 exclusive last gen and is a legitimately great game (AA+). There's simply no one on the console to buy the game.
  6. all of those are multiplat therefore don't really count for shit. and LMFAO @ this shit does xbox have the marketing deal for this game?
  7. xbox has been dead since 2016. it's crazy to think all it takes is one PR mis-step to sink a billion brand over night. I want to see the sales #'s. if you're bring in 8% of the sales in a 3-way split on a multiplatform game like tales of vesperia, how many consoles really are out there? Less than 30 million for sure. Switch has probably already passed the Bone.
  8. yeah, it's fantastic. full of additions not on 360 and has japanese voice track option as well .
  9. Vesperia was easily on par with LO as best jrpg on the360. lets put this into perspective. MS Showcased this game at e3. Not even that helped. any other console: that’s where Japanese game fans are at mentally, like we’ll play anywhere BUT xbox thats a huge marketing issue.
  10. i'll give a point to 2017 for cuphead, but ultimately you're talking about two zero exclusives years making it a tie: there was fucking nothing in both. '16 was just as bad in retrospect. This console is a fucking nightmare scenario. It's literally not even a competitor.
  11. suppose it turned out better than the last remnant. from 360 exclusive to not on xbox one at all. BONE really puts into perspective just how much of the 360 audience was actually Playstation 2 customers to start with. Truth is, MS's 360 customers are never coming back.
  12. Xboner owners have to be parents who picked one up on fire sale for Xmas. No way any informed consumer buys a console to play western multiplats and shitty fauxckusives downported from peeC
  13. 8%. who the fuck is left on this dead console. This was one of our best games last gen and they won’t even support it. N version on top. welcome home.
  14. thank god, great news! the game is out on PC now and its broken as fuck! YES! WARNING DO NOT BUY THIS!Framerate issues.Framepacing issues.Audio Channel Issues.Dialogue switching between English and Japanese randomly.Crashing issues.Save yourselves from my mistake. Don't do it.And because I bought the game from a code, I can't get a Steam refund.Super pissed off. Another clanger for PoC while PS4 awaits a new and improved ground up real version lmfao, i love the disrespect for PC on display here !!