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  1. they want all statues of white men removed pretty much, they won't be happy until they're all gone. they have this perverse hatred of white men and white people in general and want any contribution or facet of history done by white men erased. the scum keep trying to rewrite history and replace monuments with ones more suited to their new bizzaro-world faux history and views.They have a massive inferiority complex. these are very deranged lunatics.
  2. left wing indoctrination of children @ 58:00 Cancel culture talk @ 1:00:00 left wing fascism/SJW 'rituals' of allegiance -1:01:00 This man is truly one of history's greatest political figures. This presidency is a once in a lifetime event. One of the bravest, strongest persons i've ever had the pleasure of listening to. How he's continued on after all the harassment, unfair press, belittling and gross treatment he's received and will continue to receive is proof of his resolve. This man is a leader through and through. THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP! Here's to another four years!
  3. Police were promptly called, of course. Driver kept going as they would have been murdered by the crowd. crazily enough they didn't die, they've been hospitalized. HOLY SHIT at that hit. looks like he was funneled into one lane by the parked cars.
  4. I was wrong about it too, it sucks and got boring 10 hours in. Also Norman Reedus is a dork.
  5. liberals control every medium from games, music, movies, and whatever else you can name. they're the evil empire. they need to be destroyed with no mercy. they're evil-incarnate, scum brainwashing, scum-sucking devils.
  6. $1300 rent for 1 bedroom studio on hipster avenue $500 organic squash, organic soy, quish, mush, f*ggot pies (Wierd groceries) $300-500 weed, drugs, some other nefarious substance $300 gay Camera, art or sex toy equipment $25 tyrone's fee to bang their wife lot of expenses, of course instead of choosing 1 or two games a month, they are entitled to every new release and will spend their gov't money to ensure they have all the latest and greatest games.
  7. imagine stanning for this crackhead with 0 talent, she gets to play every female character, black, white, mexican, it's always only her rearing her ugly dumpster of a throat to fuck up another IP with some lame lesbian voice for some man-looking ugly pos fem-protagonist. she fucking sucks, it's about time gamers got on her ass. fuck her. nobody's going to rape her or fuck her skull, she's just a weak SJW POS looking for sympathy points. Welcome to the internet you dumb F*ck. Don't like it, retire, you over sensitive weakling POS.
  8. Imagine watching these monsters scissor and enjoying it, imagine playing as these hags OMFG
  9. imagine being a straight male playing some gay ass trash like the last of us 2. it's a game for teenage lesbians. Fucking useless sub-males in this society i swear. Play as some buff tranny and get your rocks off.
  10. LAURA BAILEY: You don't get to playa s marcus fenix anymore LAURA BAILEY: You don't get to play as Master Chief anymore LAURA BAILEY: I beat up Drake and you don't get to play as Drake anymore LAURA BAILEY, AGAIN, FOR THE 12th FUCKING TIME: You don't get to play as Joel anymore Wake the fuck up people. She's a figurehead scumbag and a propaganda piece, she has no talent, she's forced into every game and she sucks hot ass. She should be banned from the industry, she's ruined every ip she's touched. SHES A QUOTA HIRE YOU DUMB MOTHERFUCKERS!
  11. she can fuck right off and go to hell, she's profited like a conwoman hag scumbag off the back of this gay push to write out all white male protags. these dumb SJW scumbag writers, most of which are gay or closet gay, have literally taken this talentless hag to the top of the industry overnight as they write her into EVERY FUCKING GAME. She's the main character in Gears of War, She's the main in Halo, she's the main in Uncharted, she's the main in the last of us 2 now as well. SHE IS IN EVERY FUCKING GAME AS THE MAIN CHARACTER. I don't give a shit what this talentless whore thinks, she's been handed the industry on a silver platter by these cuck loser writers. she has 0 right to complain when the real fans get pissed that she reared her ugly cocksucking head, AGAIN, for the 12th FUCKING TIME, as the new lesbian main in a once male-centered IP. FUCK HER.
  12. I see absolutely nothing wrong with this, gamers have rejected her shitty career, propaganda/failed characters nobody likes, and how fucking gay and lame the last of us 2 is. No one is seriously going to harm her or her children, it's the internet. It's as if these dumbasses have never spent 5 minutes online before. Nothing will come of this, people just hate her shitty quota-hire characters and this shitty game. This conwoman has laughed all the way to the bank with this dumb ass push for lesbian protags. She can go straight to hell as far as i care, she's the definition of privileged, she plays pretty much every character in every game. she's a Crybaby scumbag.
  13. you can just tell Obama and Michelle were in on this rape ring as well, Obama's lanky, meek bone structure and Michelle's bodyguard build alert me right away that the two were into some wierd shit. glad Trump could out these conmen and catch Ghislaine alive. Hopefully the Trump administration will get to the bottom of this and the Obamas and the Clintons will not escape without the truth coming out. Thank you PRESIDENT TRUMP! 4 More Years!!
  14. Yeah this is great news, libs have proven they’re deranged psychopaths who want everyone else to grovel to them or be dead and buried. it’s about time we start treating them like the dangerous, deranged looms they are. They need to be eradicated, no more playing nice with these whack jobs. they deserve no respect and no platform.