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  1. your opinion matters not, the devs themselves are telling you that this is the complete/BEST version. it's right there on the box ^^^. Switch = Complete every other version = Incomplete
  2. https://www.amazon.com/Wireless-Controller-Adapter-Nintendo-Raspberry/dp/B07B7LMM52/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=ps4+controller+adapter+switch&qid=1571091139&sr=8-2 or get one of those adapters that coverts the signal so you can use a Dualshock 4 or XB1 controller
  3. the Hori pad is probably your best bet. only $20 but it's wired only. https://stores.horiusa.com/horipad-blue-for-nintendo-switch/
  4. half the studio bailed Last 3 games in franchise scored 6, 8, and 6 universally hated studio will be another feminist propaganda campaign and dead MP
  5. yup, this whole 'let's post it at NASA satellite image resolution to make it look good' hyperbole needs to stop it - this game didn't impress anyone no matter how bad the win10 familia wants it to. it's another lukewarm MS game studios reveal, one of which is once again already scaring potential buyers away with the horror stories of its development and the unusual studio turnover rates. Employees are literally running out the door to get away from this project. this game doesn't deserve to be compared to other graphical powerhouses in the industry, it just doesn't. oh well $1 in gamepass
  6. you were celebrating a 65yr old japanese man leaving sony's board room for retirement Here's the facts: This campaign mode is beyond fucked and anyone who takes a look at it leaves 343i studio screaming and kicking up a trail of dust behind them. We can assume that whatever 343i's squad of low-level coders and SJW quota hires have cooked up is so horrifying and shitty it will make gears 5 feminist campaign look like goty material. Halo is dead
  7. "pilot" was the star of the reveal trailer of their headlining exclusive... poor excuse. they're lucky Chief wears a helmet. ... and so are we. or else their amateur modellers would probably make him look like that ^^
  8. The least impressive 'first next gen game' reveal we've ever gotten. Even Perfect dark zero preliminary screens was more impressive.
  9. you guys done giving eachother the reacharound? game still looks average and no one is impressed.
  10. it was pretty good. also cements batman as a completely unlikable super hero. fuck that rich prick and his shitty parents.