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  1. Pretty insignificant sales, doubt Sony will put much else in pc after this. What a complete waste of time. if anything does go, it’ll be old PS4 games while everyone else moved on to ps5. also, blood borne and demons souls will never be one of those games. 🤹‍♂️
  2. Only one problem: THE GAMES ARE ALL MULTIPLATS! it’s basically a non-deal when Xbox does it. Either make the games exclusives or this means nothing.
  3. Depends, after eBay fees and wasting your time to box it up and ship it off, you’re better off just taking the GameStop credit
  4. I would get the series S at $99 to play the 360 games available on BC.
  5. The game will be tailor made for ps5 and have exclusive content and VR.. lol capcoms once again in Sony’s back pocket for all of their projects.
  6. $725 for ps5 disc after tax and $103 for demons souls. get 10 games for your console and you’ve spent $1000
  7. Series S is literally still available everywhere lol, was going to snag one to flip but I doubt the gimped model will be in much demand
  8. Both still available on Canadian Best Buy. And holy shit, sx is $599 here, ps5 disc is 629.99 and still it sold out in 1 minute. sony really fucked us on exchange rate
  9. Not on pc and and any mention of pc scrubbed from the books enjoy an 18 month wait ala ffxv
  10. It means nothing because elder scrolls, doom and fallout will all still be on PlayStation. Even then ff16 exclusivity is worth more to me than every ip Beth has under their belt lmao
  11. Snagged a ps5 with disc. Won’t be bothering with this lol
  12. This would be huge news but you know they’ll still be making ps5 and pc games so it means nothing. when they actually have the balls to make elder scrolls, fallout and doom only available on console then well talk also, Microsoft owns tango game works and evil within ghostwire still ps5 only though lmao these deals suck so much ass when ms makes them
  13. MacBook Pro 💻 nothing on the market comes close, everything else is defunct
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