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  1. First Attempt: Mar 16: As you can see very little fanfare: 19.5k likes. DualSense gets announced and the gaming world stands still: This is the pad we will play exclusive games on, afterall: 300k likes One day later, MS decides to ride DualSense's jock: still BTFO!
  2. it's got to be the worst first party ever, across all brands and all consoles from every gen. How bad can a multibillion dollar company be at game creation? why are they all gay SJW cartoon games? Whose calling the shots here? Utterly bizarre.
  3. I just don't get it. 30-day COD map packs would have cost less than all of these studios and done more to sell Xboxes. It's incompetent, non-gamer leadership. there's no other explanation.
  4. It's the Xbox first party magic number Yellow Streak continues.
  5. this shit is dead. a few more months and the plug will be pulled.
  6. You know what's great about this controller? all of the new features that will be gutted when used on PC. Hope the cost is high, hermits have to a pay a premium.
  7. Half Dyke A-Lick was truly forgotten a day after release. The reviews need to be re-evaluated, it's a 7.0 game at best.
  8. i trust sony will get it out eventually, the got out Last Guardian and that probably made them no money.
  9. Not a coincidence these companies were forced to shit out GayPass fodder. MS is mandating all of their devs to serve up their worst efforts to pad out the service. What a terrible thing game streaming is, it needs to die, fast.
  10. Steam stopped recording the player number
  11. there's only 6 legitimate non-parted out N.A. copies for the PS4 that i counted. And all over $500
  12. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Resident-Evil-3-Collectors-Edition-for-the-PlayStation-4-PS4-ONLY-at-GameStop/174240964328?hash=item2891921ee8:g:PvUAAOSwNzReiQ3p My EBgames called and said they'd either hold mine until they reopen or I can get it shipped. Thats $600 Canadian bucks... damn I want it but that's a lot of money.
  13. Apparently one the rarest CE ever, already super limited quantities, and released amid a global pandemic. I'm going to set mine up for bid at $900 and see what happens.
  14. It's even worse than that, it won't even be remembered remotely as fondly. OG Xbox had differentiated itself from the PS2 as the FPS console, was running games PS2 couldn't dream of, had exclusives like Ninja Gaiden, Otogi, and MS first party wasn't junk status at that point. Well now PS4 is the home of FPS, Team Ninja is making exclusives for PS4, FROMsoft is making exclusives for PS4, and every major release is a multiplat. MS is doing nothing to differentiate themselves in the market. it all lives and dies with QUALITY EXCLUSIVE GAMES, when you don't have that in this industry, you have nothing.
  15. Well it proves they abandoned the market, and it was a grave mistake. Beyond what it does for the Japanese market, losing these games irreversibly makes the console seem like a worse value to consumers. Look at how happy some Xbox Only owners were for scraps from the yakuza franchise. xbox players are foaming at the mouth for these types of games but hate to admit it. Then you round out the complete loss of every fighting game, getting skipped on most JRPGs, losing the Shmup market, and you start to see the clear picture; Phil just didn't do his job.
  16. Nah, not at all. the dreamcast is beloved and fetishized for its exclusive library, and the fact that it has hardcore gamer-cred as it was the last Sega console. The 'Bone is universally hated, had no exclusive games at all, and will be replaced by the Suckies X. There's never going to be a collector's market around it. What I'm more worried about, and why I don't think Suckies X will be any different, is that all of the execs that made XBONE such a catastrophic failure this gen have their hands in SuckiesX's creation. And of course Gamepass, no exclusives, the SJW spiel, and no Japanese games will continue. The brand has been damaged beyond repair.
  17. well yeah, the ones who are still sticking around really have problems. No exclusives, shit games for 4 years, shyster conman Phil and his SJW cronies cucking up all the games, straight to dvd gamepass, making PC exclusives, the list goes on. I was an excellent flamebaiter, but what the hell am I supposed to do with this? PS4 Uncharted 4 - 10.0 Persona 5 Royal - 10.0 Final Fantasy 7R - 10.0 Journey - 10.0 Uncharted: Lost Legacy - 9.0 God of war - 9.0 Bloodborne - 9.0 / BloodBorne:The Old Hunters DLC - 9.0 Spiderman - 9.0 The Last Guardian - 9.0 Shadow of the Colossus - 9.0 Gravity Rush 2 - 9.0 Wipeout Omega Collection - 9.0 Soundshapes - 9.0 MLB 18 - 9.0 Dreams -9.0 Xbox Done Forza Motorsport 5 - 9.0
  18. I feel sorry for anyone who was a fan of Obsidian or one of the other B-Studios MS acquired. Their already limited scope of development will now only be lessened further by MS. Also, I'm 100% certain that every developer owned by MicroSoft is mandated to make SJW games and propaganda. Bleeding Edge, Grounded, HellBlade, Gears 5, the list goes on and on. Every.Single.game. is SJW tripe. It's not a coincidence why Xbox has 0 fanfare and is hated by gamers.
  19. shoestring budget ✔ cartoon visuals ✔ baby game/simple gameplay ✔ designed for a $1 subscription service ✔ no white male avatars allowed ✔ Xbox is currently the single worst thing about gaming, this brand just needs to go away permanently.
  20. you can just see what an inspired creation this is compared to the Suckies X. People are all over twitter making customs, doing artwork and are hyped as hell for this. Suckies X is the Xbone controller again, with no new next gen features (Except the copied share button from PS4).
  21. this is one of the best looking controllers ever