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  1. -death stranding -mediEvil -Shenmue III -the lesbius p2 -FF7r -Ghost of Tsushima -nioh 2 -Yakuza 7 -Persona 5 R -YS 9 -guilty gear -granblue fantasy RPG -Granblue fantasy versus -13 sentinels -sakura wars -Iron man vr vs -ori 2 (indie) -bleeding edge (f2p) -battleturds (Indie) what's that rule in little league baseball? the one that doesn't let the other team get too many homeruns so the loser kids don't get embarrassed? MS needs that right now.
  2. now that Gays5 slithered out to a 7.0 and 23k sales, Xbox will once again enter it's >12 month drought until the next Halo comes out, in nov. 2020. That's 15 months of downtime. So, what will you lemmings be doing? You can take up a new hobby, learn how to ski, fence, or even take up an associate's degree or technical training between Xbox releases. You can literally become a certified technician/mechanic/plumber/carpenter in this time. SO what will you be doing?
  3. a week before FF7R and the inevitable PS4 PRO custom FF7 console? Who the hell has $60 for this mid-tier cinematic game at that time?
  4. Multiplat future. https://gamerant.com/obsidian-rpg-job-listing-details/amp/?__twitter_impression=true Acquired to keep making games for PS4 confirmed again. MS = 3rd party
  5. i won't be playing this either, hate this franchise.
  6. why were you barking about dud Stranding in that mental breakdown thread? No PS4, lmfao! PeeC beggar confirmed.
  7. iTT a collection of some of the worst, most uninspired shit plaguing this industry ^^^ all crap.
  8. they won't do this, they're not investing in console, they've written it off. they have growth in PC so they'll continue to make PC trash like flight sim, AoE, and what not. All of their games are smaller scale trash and indie like battleturds, bleeding edge, and ori. The good indies will be ported to switch to recoup losses. We are entering the most trying time in Xbox history. 15 months up ahead of pure nothing. the end is near
  9. Ps5 is going to be incredible. MS '1st party' and sony's 1st party consolidated onto one box.
  10. nobody does, except these nu-lemmings, the ones that don't own an Xbox.
  11. that was the last time i played on PC, around 2004-2005, witcher 1, half life 2, FEAR and CS: Source. after the 360 came out PC gaming was made defunct, it never got another non-RTS/MMO exclusive again after consoles caught up to it in spec.
  12. i've tried every time with the witcher games, 1, 2 and 3, never make it past a few hours. the combat is atrocious. cyberpunk'd looks cool but i can't trust that dev, they're terrible. just terrible.
  13. eventually yes, best on switch like wiedzmin 3.
  14. Wiedzmin is one of the lamest, most sterile universes ever in gaming. Now that CDProjekt has bended to the SJWs and included trannies and all variety of freakdom in Cyberpunk, I can't wait to see how much worse their writing can get. Cyberpunk'd Going to be one of the biggest flop this gen.
  15. -Halo will be AA and since it's multiplatfrom, it will suffer the same fate as gears 5, overshadowed by other multiplats and forgotten in 2 days. -They Laugh at Us 2 will get 10's but will ultimately be a lesbian propaganda/ political pandering game. Reviews won't be accurate. Another mid-range, fisher-price 'My first survival horror' for cinematic gamers/casuals. -Cyberpunk will be a boring slog like witcher 1,2 and 3. -FF7R will deliver the greatest gaming event of our lifetimes. -Deadly premonition 2 will overshadow all of them.
  16. FF7 on cartridge for the first time. END OF AN ERROR! Welcome home!
  17. another 5.0 range game like Umbrella corps.
  18. even worse. it's like if the new god of war 2 focuses on the Witch in that hut LMFAO