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  1. MS is putting all of their eggs in THIS basket: hey Phil, guess what, asshole: ! already been done numbnuts. These people really think someone is going to carry around an xbox controller + a mount for their phone instead of just buying a switch? Who in the fuck, no really here WHO ever wanted to play their xbox console games on the go with some retarded fake-portable setup? IT'S A CONSOLE, DUMBASS. Get back to the drawing board. You're in competition in the CONSOLE space, not PC, not handheld, you're not running for Democratic candidate out of Seattle either soyboy Phil. Get your head out of your entitled, deluded, dumb ass.
  2. Phil has outlined his visions for an SJW gaming future in his new radical manifesto titled "video games: A Unifying Force for the World" https://www.theverge.com/2019/5/20/18629892/microsoft-xbox-phil-spencer-video-games-industry-effort-toxicity-abuse-harassment THE DEFENDERS OF JOY the fucking brownshirts of gaming? lmao! Phil needs to be ripped out of his office and taken away in handcuffs. This dude is legitimately mentally ill.
  3. Nice! Hopefully the next metro skips PC all together. If EGS can drive a wedge between PC gamers and kill support for PC, we all win. the less games for PC, the better for the games industry! hip-hip-HOORAY!!
  4. game's meant to be played at 30. Best on Switch. Only problems is that it carries over the wonky Parkinson's syndrome shaky reticle glitch from the newer ClunkSole versions.
  5. they used to be, they're not nowadays that's for sure. No games are allowed to lean right, Japanese get away with being politically incorrect and that's about it. If SJWs could mandate what Japanese devs make they would, but they can't.
  6. absolutely. almost everyone on team xbox leaned right. it was full of military fps, tom clancy, halo, gears, shooter buffs. complete 180 to become an sjw console with the xbone. big mistake. no one is buying. sjws much rather have one of the other consoles.
  7. I'll never play another version than switch. looks so good in portable mode, feels like a new game. I've completed this game so many times and this is the first time in 10+ years where it has been this fun and fresh. god bless portable, god bless switch. consoles are defunct trash.
  8. i do honestly think Phil is an SJW radical in real life and that ass backwards [political position is warping his mind. xbox was never an SJW platform, these people hated dudebro, fps, shooters, and American military games like halo and cod - forever. it's a complete misread of the market/demographic. Xbox is a right wingers brand and phil hates himself and his brand for that. He's doing everything to make this console do a 180. Phil is not fit to represent xbox, gamers, or the 99% male demographic who owns his box. He's a gay, cucked, brainwashed propagandist and that's a fact. Phil, resign or kill yourself ASAP.
  9. I urge everyone to buy these. More RE games will come to switch as a result. there's no reason why we can't have the original 2 and 3 ported over from Vita.
  10. I bought RE4, it's a fantastic port and looks insane in portable mode. What a time to be alive, RE4 on a handheld. Didn't jump on the other two yet but I have this in the mail so no need: Sure they're going to be great as well. BEST ON SWITCH, welcome back home to Nintendo to these three fine games that should have never been ported.
  11. i'd like to see some of these studies he's pulling his stats from, because they reek of being pulled out of his ass. 'Girls who play vidjagaymez are 3X more likely to become scientists we gotta get more gurlz palying our SJW games' sure, asshole. whatever you say. Maybe they play videogames because they already have an interest in tech. That's not a 'gendered' thing at all nor do they deserve special treatment.
  12. My predictions: -Phil gets on stage, starts with an SJW monlogue and congratulates Sony on 100 million consoles. -goes on with GearsJW5, really cringey feminist trailer and gameplay. Gears tactics shown for PC. Kait Diaz looks even more manly and disgusting/disfigured than before. New Gears 5 special edition console with tampons packed in the disc tray (if there is a disc tray). -Next ~hour is multiplats, mostly generic western trash, 1 or 2 japanese games from bandai namco will be shown but they'll be multiplat as well. -Ninja Theory's new game: indie-level 4 player co-op hack and slash, Phil went dumpster diving at NT studios and pulled out a game on the backburner just to have something to show. -30 minutes on Xcloud, streaming and outlining their multiplat future. -Games for Nintendo Switch initiative: Forza, Ori, etc will be shown here. -Ender: Halo Infeminate trailer will be shown with ability to gender swap master chief/play as a female spartan. Bookmark this.
  13. Kiryu's story is over, spanned instalments 0-6. Judgement is a new IP. It got recalled in Japan for a few months but the edited version is coming in a few weeks to Japan and June here in the West. Yakuza is getting a reboot with a new protagonist starting at 7.
  14. sea of thieves needs to die, one of the worst games ever. this looks legit, all stuff that would garner a tepid response + pc exclusives. typical ms bullshit.
  15. I'm replaying FF10HD on Switch, what an absolute masterpiece. the game still looks fantastic, has aged well or the remaster work is so well done here it feels brand new. Such a gorgeous game, tons of CGI, only those dumb blitzball sections are a drag. Otherwise this is a 10/10 game. I think this was the first JRPG I ever finished. Such a great story.
  16. The only decent exclusives left on the Xbox platform can literally be counted on one hand; lost odyssey, JSRF, and panzer dragoon Orta. That’s it. nothing really to be excited for here, ms 3rd party future is confirmed though.
  17. they're just way too similar. The mechanics remain the same and the world is pretty much always the same as well. you really, really have to love the story to play ~ 7 entries in a series that are 90% identical.
  18. really grew on me after I played yakuza kiwami 1. I'm at the end of it but stopped to play through 0 first. have kiwami 2 and 6 in wait I'm more excited for the reboot. I missed the hype train and the current story has ended apparently. Next story arc is the one for me.
  19. resi 2 remake already in their top 10 ever sold We're so getting an RE3 remake
  20. initially they claimed it was when it was revealed but shortly after Sony scooped up Kojima under the Sony umbrella and it was effectively cancelled. We haven't heard anything about a PC version and they deny it exists anymore. At the very least it's one of Sony's cagey deals where they won't let devs acknowledge a PC version exists. If it does it'll be a year + out from the PS4 version anyways.