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  1. electric razor + 2 or 3 grade and just go to town
  2. resident evil used to be every year. No need to remake RE4, already perfect and hasn't aged at all.
  3. had it on PS1, never finished it. I loved it, don't know why it's so hated all of a sudden. FF7 is another game that does not age. also, Lost Odyssey on 360 is a carbon copy of these games. 3 days til FF7 on Switch
  4. was always an afterthought entry in the series, sorry to break it to everyone here. What we need is a Code Veronica remake from the real team. Easily the hardest, most brutal, most challenging entry in the series. Best puzzles, best storyline, and in desperate need of a remake because the fully 3d visuals have aged like absolute ass in comparison to the pre-rendered games. Code Veronica X, underneath the outdated GFX, is honestly in the running for best classic RE game. DO IT capcom!!
  5. i'm playing FF9 literally for the first time on switch and it's one of the best experiences i've ever had with a game. Those PS1 FF's are timeless. Can't wait to go through 10 again too.
  6. ? That's not Sekiro, that's SuckQueero, the fake gamer POSC version. another game running worst on POSC, damn, Protato's making short work of the win10 family this year.
  7. Great article. On behalf of Real Gamers Worldwide(tm) I would officially like to welcome home the following games and franchises: FINAL FANTASY VII 20-YEAR GRUDGE EDITION CUPHEAD RGE (with free XBL support) thank you for your offerings, cows and lems. we will back in a few weeks (days?) time to extract more of your resources.
  8. Some nerd I know installed a Dreamcast region free BIOS or w/e on my console so it can play games from every region. I'm on way to a pimp dreamcast build. Trying to build up my dreamcast collection too. I used to have so many games, sold a lot of them when I was broke. The prices are ridiculous now. RE2 going for $150 I got that for $40 brand new back in the day. Some games I got sealed for like $12 (Skies of Arcadia, MVC) after DC died. going for $100+++ used now. Dreamcast collecting is nuts
  9. the best dreamcast buyer's guide - classic video reviews from 2000 God damn these guys owned.
  10. half my friendlist on PSN was playing this. looked like a Call of Duty launch night. Meanwhile, 3 weeks later amazon finally delivers my copy of DMC5
  11. Don't care what's inside, $399 max. If i can pop-in my copies of silent hill 2 and 3? $499. Full BC, please be true
  12. expect blatant cringey moments like this. This western gaming in a nutshell ^^ FUCK DA WHITE SUPREMACISTS!!! *please buy my game
  13. granted the ones that went down were in like somalia or ethiopia or some shit. Canadian pilots are probably better trained.
  14. My guess is it has its roots in the opium crisis that hit China back in the day. The British used it to pretty much fuck up that country for a few generations. Just a few weeks ago the Chinese government sentenced some Canadian drug trafficker to death. Seems like drugs are the ultimate evil in Asia
  15. i may cancel. fuck this 787 and a 737. Holy shit, just my luck. Know nothing about planes + this is my first flight ever pretty much.
  16. I'm gonna die aren't I booked in january before the controversy. 737 Max 8
  17. he did cocaine or something and now he's been blacklisted from Japanese society + purged from all their media.