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  1. this is media bias at its finest. literally two weeks so far of nothing but any insignificant shred of perceived negative sony news being overblown and paraded around by the SJW games media and forums. Looks like MS's marketing dollars are being put to work. Sony has a target painted on their back now.
  2. xbox can't even keep games like blair witch or the medium exclusive for 3 months. i'm not worried
  3. meaningless news really. all that's happening is his next game won't be on Playstation. His next game won't be exclusive to Xbox because Xbox has no exclusives. When microsoft signs a deal it means very little. PCs, Phones, TVs and like 10 different xbox models can play the game. It's not an exclusive
  4. preferential treatment for the most powerful system on the market - PS5 thank you Capcom now please ensure RE8 is fully best on our console and gimped on 'Bone/PC like RE2/3
  5. rip to an SW legend X gave it to ya 2005-2012 sad he died before we could see X ever give it again
  6. pre-ordered already on PS5 you can save like $5 if you sign up for a month of EA Play, then cancel right after you buy this game
  7. the first game was literally unplayable on switch. the controls were so bizarre i gave up a few minutes in. Thankfully this game is nothing like the first. Just looks a bit generic
  8. Truck racing and Bejeweled are hitting the Xflop GameTrash this month then baseball 2021 next month xbox on a roll lately
  9. 3-pack physical copy for Japan Lmao fuck you limited run they wanted $50 a pop for the first two games each scumbag western 'limited' scalper companies need to go away the games will all play in english anyway also, fuck PC beggars
  10. guilty gear strive and FF7R:I as well there's really nothing different than last gen. Sony is outmatching MS first party 10:1 and Japanese 3rd parties are still not up to par on the console. they miss everything good, still. It's true, Sony doesn't need to show shit, we can make an educated guess after a sample size of about close to a decade now.
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