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  1. they should go back and actually give us all the resident evil games on cartridge. those 3 RE collections on switch are a travesty.
  2. I'm not getting the love for the big freak woman. this is some resetera fabricated love for a big tranny. when big titty woman inevitably transforms into a giant dragon monster i will enjoy blowing her away.
  3. ghost N goblins remastered, MH rise, MH Stories, Resident evil Rev 3 all exclusive or timed RE Engine up and running on Switch More on the way
  4. The floodgates are open. Nintendo and capcom back in bed together
  5. Post office just lost my package containing danganronpa 1 and 2 fuckers probably delivered it to someone else
  6. officially reversed and f2p games finally free on XBONE/SHITBONE X loser console. this is ridiculous. Phil Spencer should be flipping burgers, dude is fucking retarded and a lowlife. I can't believe this fuck makes more than $10 an hour. a teenager can do a better job.
  7. yeah there's no way sony is re-entering the handheld market, not with switch around. they'd get destroyed. maybe next decade.
  8. it also remote plays with PS3 and PS4, and it's also got front and back cameras. forgot it was a positioned as a failed cellphone at one point or something. crazy what they packed in here.
  9. netflix still works it just sucks. and yeah the screen rez is lower than switch, but vita games really do make use of the touchscreen functions way more often, and there's two of them front and back.
  10. yeah the standard switch is a bit too big. the switch lite is a good size but it feels completely barebones in comparison, and strips all of the cool features away from the switch. vita feels way more premium than switch lite.
  11. a lot of the cool features are dead though sadly. Youtube was also taken offline. The netflix app looks like the version from 2007 rofl
  12. only partly true, the thing has a dedicated AAA uncharted, resistance, killzone, the best little big planet game, tearaway tailor made for it, and a ton others. It had more 1st party bangers in year one than Xbox one had all gen. this console got destroyed by the media because it didn't have western AAA games made for it, that's it. The Japanese game selection is incredible though they'd be considered niche here. dumb. I probably play my Vita more than my PS4/5 lol
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