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  1. GREAT NEWS! It looks like RetardEra has unearthed devastating proof that Gamepass for PC is a dangerous app that PERMANENTLY damages hard drives and your PC! https://www.resetera.com/threads/gamepass-pc-is-a-ticking-time-bomb-that-results-in-permanently-lost-hdd-ssd-space-unless-you-nuke-windows.340696/ no matter what you do, you can't undo Gamepass's damage. this trojan horse streaming service full of mediocre 5.0 western scrap, commodified and spoon fed to desperate PC gamers, needs to be stopped. Play your X360 Pity ports with caution, PC lo
  2. P5 Royal FF7R this is nudging out FF7 for me, though p5 is still unmatched. PS4 cleaned house last year. all during a pandemic as well, where B-rate devs like Microsoft/343 and CDDefekt couldn't even manage even one game, and kept giving pathetic excuses LOL always bet on the Japanese
  3. I never thought Poles could be such conmen but goddamn. this game has completely destroyed PC gaming, and PC in general.
  4. only games worth more than $10 on the secondhand market now are the japanese only Yakuza Ishin! For PS4, and Judgement for PS4 - the only games that haven't been ported and dumped onto Gamepass like a $2 whore. thanks MicroDick, and PC gaming. .ISO files on Piratebay right now for PC as well. Xbox should have to reimburse all physical copy buyers on PS4. To Hell with gamepass, to HELL with it. What a nightmare for collector's and physical buyers who want to OWN their software. No wonder hardcore gamers all hate Xbox and PC
  5. just got this game, what a masterpiece There is nothing else like this on the market. Vanillaware artsyle is unmatched. Strong GOTY 2020 contender, don't sleep on this game
  6. The game's already lining bargain bins. E.T might have competition, soon CYBERCHUNK will line landfills worst game ever made
  7. you've been the biggest purveyor of this rotten piece of trash on this forum, your opinion/taste/word is suspect from here on out. take the L
  8. i'll probably go PS4 with this, impressions from Japan are that the Switch version doesn't run so well. I would usually get every JRPG on Switch but this isn't really a JRPG, and with a million enemies on screen and fast paced combat things are bound to get choppy.
  9. there is nothing to rationalize. between PS5 and Switch there is nothing I can't play. I have never wanted an xbox or PC game, ever. There is literally 0% chance they release something i want. The closest they've come in 5 years is moneyhatting Yakuza LAD's next gen upgrade for 3 months, but even then, i know it'll hit PS5 and probably run better there too. XBOX IS DEAD!
  10. there isn't a single game that Xbox/PC has aside from Resident Evil 2/3/7 that i'd want on switch. That's 3 games, 2.5 if you count Resi 7 cloud version. The list of games that Switch has over Xbox will probably be over 100 games by gen's end. then there's also the fact that switch has differntiated itself enough from PS5 to stand on its own, and Xbox is literally just a Playstation with a lot less games/a PC with slightly less games. Xbox is literally in a limbo/no man's land of being a complete useless platform/anomaly in this industry. No exclusives, no
  11. the life a Spermit, begging for free trash from years ago. PC gaming was a mistake
  12. he blew past the fact that this game is broken shit on PC, and next gen consoles regardless. He refers to PS4/Bone like they're leppers, but literally every other dev can put out working cross gen games but CDPolishtrashRed. As if he didn't know he was conning 90% of the customers for this game CDPR should shut down after this.
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