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  1. they probably knew the games were fucked, it was either they pick up the sloppy seconds or get nothing. remember when they let COD go to bump up CuckLo 5's anti-masterchief marketing campaign? Fucking dipshit Spencer
  2. all eyes on them then. do something to win us back over, as of right now there is no way I'm buying the next xbox.
  3. calling it right now, next generation it's ps5 with a sales ratio of 10:1 to the next xbox. you'd really have to be insane to be backing MS right now.
  4. activision's COD studios 2007-2012 will go down in history as the most dominant force in gaming. Nothing short of the #1 game every year back to back to back to back to back and it's still going today. COD is the most dominant franchise in gaming history.
  5. https://techcrunch.com/2018/11/15/e3-slouches-towards-irrelevance-again-as-sony-announces-its-skipping-the-show/ TCHBFR! Sony OFFICIALLY SKIPPING E3
  6. Lol@ these cucks destroying their businesses over their their hateful ideology.
  7. 83 for this crap? Did cuckold sites pad the scores? Should be way below a 6 when all is said and done. Unfinished, garbage corporate propaganda/social-programming game. This game has liberal think-tank monkey businesss all over it. avoid this game at all costs, and thankfully it's failing in sales so dramatically BF won't be coming back next time. Good riddance.
  8. MS couldn't announce 1 new game for XO18 and you think they'll show anything at TGA? maybe some new footage from GearsJW, that's about it.
  9. + bonus content, + physical version Always same story with MS FauXclusives. On playstation within 1 year with extras. Dead Rising 4, Rise of the Tomb Raider, etc.
  10. that JJ whatever game, lol. i can see why. you call it 'swery 65's game' in the title because i doubt you even remember it.
  11. MS themselves have a crossed a point of no return this gen. it wasn't just a bad gen, it called the whole lineage of the brand into question. After seeing how badly they've fumbled this generation, there's really no way to ever regain that consumer confidence back. No one will consider Xbox as a viable competitor to playstation after this, ever, ever again, myself included, and picking up a stable of leftover, garbage 5.0 developers isn't the way to go about it. MS is currently transitioning away from chasing the hardcore gaming market, they know it's Sony's from now on. They're never going to retake it from Sony because they're not fucking trying and don't fucking want to anyway. Everything they've done was simply to tell their core consumer to fuck off and that they don't want or need us around any more. so as far as I'm concerned they can go fuck themselves.
  12. you realize I turned coats percisely because I can never see this happening ever again. Xflop ownership got so bad over the past few years that I was forced to reconsider Playstation as they: A) Didn't sell out their fans to the demonic PC horde when the going got tough B ) Didn't re-position their once military-shooter focused brand into a SJW console C) Didn't try to purge all white males from their games. D) Didn't stop producing games for 3 years E) Didn't abandon all Japanese support, the games I most prefer to play It's clear to see that the Xbox of the past two gens is dead. I owe this new regime nothing, they've repeatedly told me they don't want my money and as consumer i've chosen to take my talents across the street. Nintendo and Sony both offer what I want and MS doesn't, very simple. My loyalty lies with them until they prove they aren't making products aimed at me anymore as well. Playing Black Ops 4 on PS4 every night with at least 5 buddies at a time, too. All the good times I missed on Xflop because I was too stubborn to turn coats all those years. Playing like a lonely PC gamer. Never again, next gen it's a PS5 only, no Xflop for me ever again.
  13. PS4 is a good secondary system. keep begging for voodoo vince scraps, though. LMFAO!