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  1. yeah this game is awesome but the amount of assets it must share with P5 are staggering. Why bog down what is essentially Persona 5-2 with dynasty warriors combat? What was stopping these guys from just doing a JRPG? switch version is excellent btw. So much of what dragged P5 down, like the endless walls of dialogue, text messages and etc are just so much easier to bare on switch. These games need to be played in handheld mode. While i'm scrolling through text i can cook a meal, walk around or just do other shit not being tethered to a TV.
  2. pretty much. Everytime i've succeeded the girl has been the one to like me first and i've never really had to do much. everytime i've tried i've failed. Once they see they have power over you you are done for. Be it either way better looking, smarter, more successful whatever. the power dynamic will never be in these guys favour. And when it isn't, she'll never picture you on top of her in bed.
  3. Kojima and Suzuki making exclusives for Stadia would have firmly put Stadia ahead of Xbox as the 3rd system. lemmings got really lucky google bailed out. Now Xbox and Stadia are basically on equal footing, just digital-only multiplat machines ignored by real gamers.
  4. Great news that the PC version is broken! Looking even more forward to starting this game. Hopefully the PC version gets no support and sells very little.
  5. Honestly, that's the only model I would buy and it would purely just be to play 360 games. even then, i'd rather just find an old unopened 360 slim so i could actually get discs.
  6. This Japanese dame says it best, and goes over why this State of Play failed so hard in Japan. The games are too western, the characters are so ugly, and japanese players were outraged at how bad this show was. Ugly western trash for the whole show until FF7. This isn't the way, Sony.
  7. they've probably had to cut a ton of servers, the Xbone Live network is a ghost town nowadays from what i've heard. Maybe 5-10 mil actual unique users, actively playing games.
  8. Time's up. From the announcement we can conclude this previous deal has been thrown out and Sony has doubled down on securing this game's exclusivity to extend onto the playstation 5.
  9. Too bad i guess this means no remaster of Crisis Core. it'll die on PSP forever. now i gotta get a PSP down the line.
  10. Look at the artstyle on this. looks like a better remake than FF7R Can't wait for this to hit Switch eventually
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