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  1. Control, Medium and this all look like the same game to me 3rd person, ugly white female protag, generic visuals and environments that really don't stand out glad i swore off western games for good just trash all around
  2. looking like a 7.0 game to me just looks generic
  3. huge portion will be disgraced Xbone owners who were offput by MS lack of support and exclusives last gen. out of the 40 million Xbox one Boner-Owners, Sony will probably pick off 25% of them this gen. You'd literally have to be retarded to back MS this gen after how the xbox one went out. another big portion will be PC gamers who give up upgrading their knickknack parts in their pc and just want real games day 1, with the better visuals on PS5. A lot of PC gamers are giving up on PC and going Playstation.
  4. ^^^Satire? LMFAO! The black muslim queer deity these SJW loons have always wished for What a joke this turd was and probably still will be. hopefully it gets cancelled outright
  5. Remember MS backed this trash, ended their E3 with it, and Mike Ybarra had a mental breakdown on twitter when it flopped. Stupid ass Xbox always backing loser shit western propaganda games from hell. absolute trash brand
  6. ill bet my left nut Brthesda will keep making games for Playstation regardless of what happens
  7. you could tell GTsport was a much better game than Forza, which is now just recycled trash every year. There just wasn't any SP content there at launch. plus the fact that there's so many forza's kind of ruins the prestige of the game. One good sim racer per gen, where everything is handcrafted is the right path forward. GT7 is going to completely trounce 5 years worth of forza scrap, and it will have the quality expected from a japanese release.
  8. shit's gonna be like 10 minutes and feature nothing new, they can't compete with directs. 50 minutes of pure games announces is a nintendo only thing right now.
  9. all it will take for me is resident evil games coming out day and date and i will seriously sell my PS5.
  10. Paging the cows WE ATLUS NOW THEY ARE BELONG TO US Persona 5 Royal needs to come
  11. 74 on meta, reviewer couldn't play it properly. also, bravely default II in 3 days we win
  12. it will probably be delayed the whole gen. 2024 release incoming
  13. saw it coming, but it hurts. this is the exclusive i wanted the most on ps5 this year.
  14. they'll literally turn a dog inside out and boil it - all while alive. completely different that humanely killing livestock. it's barbarianism pure and simple. and they keep doing this shit which is why we're all wearing face diapers and locked in side for 2 years of our lives fucking morons
  15. he's gotta be one of the most interesting youtube personalities. British south african who lived in south africa until age 25, then moved to china till he was age 37, now that he's a youtube millionaire he's moved to L.A.
  16. yes that's serious. usually they cook shit alive.
  17. dog meat on every corner, eating racoons, re-frying gutter oil and cooking food with it, it's all real and its all there.
  18. who gives a shit, never supporting this franchise again. whatever they make will be trash like Gays 4,5 and that shitty PC game.
  19. when you have no respect for your exclusives, heritage and brand identity you have no respect for your consumers. these two collections contain two generations worth of the top Xbox games and they're all available on Playstation and elsewhere day one. Everytime, every single time Xbox had a defining title it would get ported away. there's no 'history' on Xbox because MS didn't make anything good themselves and the good games they did have from 3rd party, they let get ported away with 0 resistance. Even if they published the damned games they'd still get ported. What a
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