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  1. MR SPENCER is this the shit you spent all the games budget on? Why is this all you can get out? WHY DID YOU RELEASE XLOAF SUCKIES WITH NO GAMES?
  2. Looks like CD-ROM that fell out of a cereal box OMFG this is the #2 selling game on Xbox after CawaDuty
  3. i almost forgot, MS still hasn't released a game for shitAss X. Hell even Sony got one out with MLB. How fucking bad, how fucking BAD are you at game creation to let this happen
  4. All i'm expecting: Sony - Big holiday game reveal + release date: Either horizon or God of War Nintendo: Baten Kaitos Collection Xbox - No exclusives Going to be lackluster as hell though, that's for sure.
  5. She got nothing apparently, his estate was split between his 5 kids all of the comments on those vids are chinese calling her a poser and a fraud
  6. the shit that pops up on amazon when you search for this game.... she isn't even hot this whole lead up to release, bunch of shitty demoes and this ugly big lesbian woman really soured me on the game. Good low 80's multiplat to keep hermits and lemmings busy but i'll be busy with returnal all month.
  7. Half the population are Muzzies now that's why
  8. lol @ these slimey PC cockroaches so desperate for games https://i.4cdn.org/v/1620421641628.png Nintendo would never sign shit
  9. one of the best games on gamecube BK:EW and tales of symphonia were the best 2 jrpgs on GC
  10. what i don't understand is the uncle was super rich and a known womanizer. of all the girls he can have he goes for his niece. sick
  11. few years ago she just dropped all social media accounts lmfao now i know why These are the kinds of people that own half of Vancouver all from illegal smuggling
  12. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/12861177/killer-chopped-chinese-millionaire-pieces-ultra-rich-asian-girls/ Used to know and hangout with this girl and another friend from highschool in college for a semster we were best buds. She was FOB Chinese but looked like a super model. She never told us she was rich or had money, then a few years went by and I saw she was starring in some budget TV show called Ultra Rich Asian girls. Her name was Yiming but she as going to take on the name Florence because she wanted to be a fashion designer and was going to go to school for i
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