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  1. i literally have no responsibility in this. It's the post's fault he can't read. He'll have proof of delivery to this dude's address, not mine. dangers of buying online.
  2. next year is the best year in gaming sine '98 Holy fuck
  3. this is the best looking game of all time. holy shit.
  4. i just replaced my lost phone. no need. brand new sealed will fetch a higher price.
  5. Hardcore as fuck. this game has late 90's-early 00's grunge on lock. Stylistically, this is the most important game of the past 10 years. GOTY 2018. 90+ meta. Bank on it.
  6. it's possible my disassociation with Xflop had a role to play as well. Going to sit on it for a week or two. if no one comes a knockin', ill ebay it.
  7. @Cookester15 is the key 2 the newest model? https://stuff.co.za/blackberry-key2-an-icon-reborn/ these stories are from today. I don't follow blackberry, did this shit literally just drop? :rofl: OMFG!
  8. a game with lead development on 360, now Xcluded on the One. PHIL SPENCER
  9. if i was i could probably afford the operation now SCORE of the century Thank you CanadaPost
  10. AMAZING. It's simply the best damn phone EVER imo. Trust me, i fuuuuucking LOVE this phone!
  11. my positive aura is too strong right now. Got a kid I work with to go back and finish his highschool diploma, hooked up a tech-clueless old guy with some rips of movies from his youth on a usb stick. I'm like mother theresa at work this month and now i'm being rewarded. thanks for noticing me puttin' in work JC I'll take this as a token of the universe's gratitude.