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  1. you play on PoC, you're fucking Plan D gaming and talking shit. GTFO. Nintendo is too strong this gen, #1 in exclusives, #1 in NPD.
  2. Garbage ass hipster games. fuck this series to hell.
  3. we're getting nmh3 just like we're getting bayo 3. nintendo makes games. nintendo knows what gamers want. trust them to deliver.
  4. premium games, premium price. No More Heroes - Bayonetta - Zelda - Metroid - Mario - Pokemon - Smash Bros - Octopath - Monster Hunter (real Series, not World spin offs) Our exclusives are too damn strong. this is why we're #1.
  5. glad i switched my preorder to the PS4 version. it was either play alone or play with all my friends. easy choice.
  6. i literally have no responsibility in this. It's the post's fault he can't read. He'll have proof of delivery to this dude's address, not mine. dangers of buying online.
  7. next year is the best year in gaming sine '98 Holy fuck
  8. this is the best looking game of all time. holy shit.
  9. i just replaced my lost phone. no need. brand new sealed will fetch a higher price.
  10. Hardcore as fuck. this game has late 90's-early 00's grunge on lock. Stylistically, this is the most important game of the past 10 years. GOTY 2018. 90+ meta. Bank on it.