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  1. Need some Resident Evil and COD themed ones, playstation 5 is the new Xbox 360 Incredible
  2. i'm, so excited to be picking up a console with an AAAE and Exclusive COD content DAY ONE! Who else is getting Demons's Souls(Never on PC) and COD:BO:CW:RGE Day one? Sony has the traditional clunksole market on lock. they're allowed to continue on as the sole companion piece to the industry's lead platform, Switch. The Secondary Clunksole market will soon be narrowed even further as hybrid gaming continues to outsell clunksole and PC.
  3. https://www.gematsu.com/2020/10/call-of-duty-black-ops-cold-war-zombies-onslaught-mode-exclusive-to-playstation-until-november-1-2021 this is what first class feels like, thank you once again Sony 🙏
  4. o console with no exclusives is downright anti-consumer and should be criminalized.
  5. there's trannies in the game and you can probably be one or fuck one, or augment your tranny dick into existence/make a robotic vagina they should love this game, it seems like one of the most trans friendly games of all time
  6. 0/10, ps5 is right around the corner. Shun last gen with extreme prejudice
  7. Yeah, do us all a favour and cancel your order. These controllers will be hard to find and it’s unfair for you to keep one away from a deserving console customer this holiday, especially when the feature set is completely lost on PC games. take your delusion elsewhere, you will not receive any pleasure from PS5 launch. You are excluded from the festivities.
  8. Rofl beggarmits buying OUR controllers with gutted features for their fake Poor mans pc setup so sad
  9. https://www.gematsu.com/2020/10/atelier-ryza-2-lost-legends-the-secret-fairy-ps5-physical-edition-cancelled-for-japan Niche games from Japan have no future on Sony consoles it seems. Switch is where it's at.
  10. completely B/C with PS4 so there's a ton of other games to get. I still haven't touched Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 and 2, ghost of tsushima, or persona 5 royal..
  11. the only thing i remotely care about from bethesda is Tango Gameworks, and the evil within is probably dead and buried, and ghostwire is still slated to be a PS5 exclusive. This deal means NOTHING to me. Dear lord Phil is as clueless as it gets.
  12. yes, xbox has always had better launch games than Playstation usually. OG xbox had halo and some actual good games which were better than PS2's launch. 360 had a fantastic launch with condemned, kameo, PDZ, COD2, and a few others. Xbox One was promising with dead rising 3 exclusive, ryse, killer instinct, forza, and actual exclusive games. what's truly baffling is how once again i'm proven right as to why Phil Spencer is so toxic: Just look at the series x launch lineup, or lack thereof. there's literally no new fucking games at all.
  13. all trash up until now with demon's souls. Demon's Souls could very well score a 10 out of the gate, it's one of the most beloved games ever made and Bluepoint's work on SOTC leads me to believe they'll knock it out of the park. the game is going to be huge.
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