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  1. But we were told 5 years of benchwarming from MS was all to prepare for this gen's launch? Why then is the box underpowered, lacking the necessary "TOOLS' for developers, and of course, yet again launching with zero exclusives, timed or in-house or otherwise? What in GOD's NAME is someone supposed to think about Xbox when it constantly, constantly gets bested by PlayStation EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.?
  2. Honestly though, that PlayStation plus collection from PS4 is insanity, literally 20 games, and all pretty much good ones for free is insanity. Everything from god of war, blood borne, and whatever else was good on PS4 is yours for FREE, day one. anyone who skipped PS4 would be in heaven. As someone who sold a lot of these games, it was nice to have all them back for free.
  3. when resi 8 drops i will get it. can't miss it this time, re7 was one of the best experiences this gen and and i can't imagine what it would have been in VR, i won't fuck up on RE8 the same. DAY ONE, PSVR2/RE8
  4. having just (attempted) to play Blair Witch i expect very little. holy hell is blair witch awful. I know the movie is *literally* get lost in the woods:the film, but holy hell if the game isn't the exact same thing: GET LOST IN THE WOODS. and it isn't fun, at all. literally the same drab trees over and over, can barely tell where to go. there is no combat to speak of and the narrative is ass, the game is legitimately terrible 1-2/10 garbage. if this is Bloober Team's style of horror expect nothing. the studio is amateur hour as fuck. and i love
  5. Why bother when ps5 outclasses PC in every regard, plus has more games and exclusives?
  6. Series S i suppose, better graphics and performance than 99% of PCs, better controller than dumb KB&M Twitch controls, and quality of life features from the console. Although you are getting the worst console version possible, with the best being PS5, you should still enjoy it way more on your lesser console unit than on PC. PC version will also have a ton of bugs and glitches, and probably run like ass anyways. Only game on PC if you're poor or retarded or both.
  7. welp, that settles it. best on PS5 along with watch dogs and ass creed. A clean sweep for PS5. WOW. and to think, we have real defining exclusives on top if this, these aren't the only games we can play. OMFG💀
  8. Remij hbfr, he bought a useless gutted dual sense to try and experience the ps5 launch in some small way LOL no demons souls either lOL so sad
  9. Usually it’s like this, hermits talking out of their ass playing broken ports f superior console experiences. doom 3 for instance, completely superior on Xbox and even had added co-op play. hermits couldn’t even run the game lmfao
  10. banned/10 imagine if you lived in Canada, Semi-auto rifles are limited to 5 rounds for anything above .22LR which is limited to 10, AR's are now banned completely as of this year, handgun magazines limited to 10 rounds and every single one is classified as restricted and opens up a world of legal headaches to own, 3 training courses need to be completed, and the RCMP can come into your house whenever they want to check your handgun anyways, too lazy to post my own pictures but pretty much exactly what i own Henry 45-70 sidegate model w/ skinner sights
  11. ....yeah, and the dualsense is also giving PS5 an advantage. SO we are in agreement that PS5 is destroying Xflop in multis, and actually has defining exclusive titles, all at launch, all amidst a pandemic yet somehow sony managed to get all of this done where as MS couldn't. And this after Sony firing on all cylinders with PS4, and MS being a benchwarmer for the past 5 years even games that MS marketed, like Asses Bleed, are running better on PS5. ANOTHER BOTCHED XFLOP LAUNCH! It's a Phil Spencer launch all right. A lazy, half assed attempt with of course zero exclusiv
  12. hilarious, this POS is routinely getting outpreformed in multiplats already, and it has no exclusives to showcase the console anyways. if i bought a suckies X on the basis of 'superior multiplats' i'd be pretty pissed right now. looks like PS5 is punching above its weight, or it was simply engineered better. this TOOLS excuse is pathetic. It's not like microsoft had an entire generation of sitting on the bench with no games to get this launch right, but here we are, they've fucked up again. immature hardware and of course, still no fucking games or exclusives in sight
  13. so basically.... PC has none of the features right now. And none of the exclusive games, of course. God damn is the PS5 amazing. Enjoying the hell out of it.
  14. it will be a switch covid 19 situation where the console is out of stock for 6 months xflop will come back into stock quickly as word of it having no games and exclusives spreads expect a big drop off for suckiesX whereas PS5 will continue to be the hottest commodity in gaming
  15. this game was fantastic, and the last good halo. I don't know how 343 fucked so badly after this.
  16. https://www.gematsu.com/2020/11/future-bethesda-softworks-games-will-be-either-first-or-better-or-best-on-xbox-and-pc-says-xbox-cfo Another multiplat gutter deal from Conman Spencer.
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