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  1. more regions to follow. we're working around the clock to iron out all the details but expect a blanket ban across all regions, soon. some places are more willing to work with us than others but we've got things moving in the right direction. One region down, several more to follow. Step by step.
  2. who the hell would buy this if it's shaped like a cube i'll laugh my ass off
  3. working on a few things behind the scenes to take this stream down, hopefully we can work something out to interrupt ND's plans.
  4. This FAILED piece of rotten shit isn't anticipated by anyone. NO ONE wants this FAGGOT game for LOSERS, stop trying to hype or generate FAKE EXCITEMENT for this FAGGOT FLOP. It's Over Laugh at Us Fagboys. You've been Rejected by society. Go die in a hole.
  5. 9.0 AAAE and better than everything on xbox all gen. Bookmark this.
  6. the game looks better than anything xbox has produced in over a decade.
  7. Yeah, faggotXaro queer ass was a real loser. Glad he's a depressed alchoholic with nothing but a dead .Com behind his name. Faggot ass
  8. XBONE launch titles: Killer instinct (Not on PC), Dead Rising 3 (Not on PC), Ryse (not on PC), Forza 5 (Still the only real 9.0 exclusive 7 years later). Also, Call of Duty Ghosts had 30 day map pack exclusivity. XBONER X Launch titles: Super Lucky Tale (also on PC). -Super Lucky Tale was then enhanced for switch in 2019, and now that better version will be ported to PS4. -by this time, Xbox was unable to afford 3rd party DLC/marketing for pretty much any game. NGage AAE list https://www.gamespot.com/games/reviews/?review_filter_type[platform]=105&review_filter_type[genre]=&review_filter_type[timeFrame]=&review_filter_type[startDate]=&review_filter_type[endDate]=&review_filter_type[minRating]=8&review_filter_type[theme]=&review_filter_type[region]=&___review_filter_type[publishers]=&___review_filter_type[developers]=&review_filter_type[letter]=&sort=date roots: Gates of Chaos - 8.3 Glimmerati - 8.1 Snakes - 8.6 Xbox One AAE list fru (kinect) - 8.0 Dance central: Spotlights - 8.0 (kinect) Halo 5 (Single player only, multiplayer was ported to PC) - 8.0 Xbox One entire 7 year run real exclusives (not on PC) forza motorsport 5 - 9.0 fru (kinect) - 8.0 Dance central: Spotlights - 8.0 (kinect) Halo 5 (Single player only, multiplayer was ported to PC) - 8.0 Ngage, Kinect or Xbox One? Which was worse? Kinect Vs Xbox one is the fight of the decade, I honestly think kinect takes it. IT'S IN A BATTLE FOR LAST PLACE.... WITH ITS OWN PERIPHERAL!
  9. yeah, the new ones don't sound like this. mine revs up occasionally on heavily graphically intensive games, that's about it.
  10. Another illegal troublemaker like the one who shot kate Steinle. Send them back! Send them back! Send them back!
  11. sociology is all about gays. literature is all about gays. Political science is all about gays. These used to be real fields, they weren't only about identity politics. I had this one tranny in my class, 6"2 white guy built like a brick shithouse, fucker would come in wearing dresses, sandals and flipsflops and i'd have to see his big disgusting man-feet everyday in those girly ass shoes of his. i'll never unsee that.
  12. I don't want to give in to the conspiracy theories but i'll share what i saw from when i was working in one of those humanities departments, I can tell you my entire faculty in the 'English' department was gay. you'd think they'd rename 'English literature' to Queer studies (because it's one in the same,) and it's all that will get funding anyways. It's pretty much the only research interest they have, and pretty much the only way to get admitted into grad school is to grovel to the queers. The entire faculty is a network of gay people. I have this co-worker, a gay black guy in his early 20's, and god bless his soul he's so ignorant. I was telling him how i was pretty fucked for money, and he told me to apply for a gay Carribean literature research grant, and he honestly thought i had a chance of getting it. He's just so accustomed to university life that he thought a panel of queers from the Caribbean would give thousands of dollars to a straight white guy, just because. even if i wrote the best gay Caribbean essay, they wouldn't give me shit. Not hating but for some reason all the Jews are gay themselves or love gays, It does seem like a literal cult.
  13. Bodycounts take, bookmark this. the ps5 will outsell the bone series x 80:20. i feel that the “excitement” around series x is overblown. There’s really no one I know who’s excited for it. Everyone is talking ps5 theres also a ton of bitter ass xbone buyers who got fucked by no games, and no exclusives who are all switching to ps5. this will be an utter blowout imo. Xbox is n it’s last legs and On its deathbed.