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  1. I have had a longtime friend and I'm at this point deciding to completely cut them off. They are toxic, and a grade-A moron. Already for a year I had sort of slowly ignored them, but they kept contacting me. I kept my replies short, but now I directly told them I no longer want to hang out with them anymore because they have issues. I have from this point on began ghosting them.
  2. Shit, he was watching this with cereal in the mornings instead of Bugs Bunny in his childhood. It explains so much.
  3. A winter chill as I step out of my concrete block apartment into the street
  4. A cold wind. A sweater. A fire place. Tree branches. A cup of coffee.
  5. Just opened 2 checking accounts (mine and a family member's) for Capital One's spend $300, get $100 back. I'm going to spend 600 to get 200 back on my banking loans. And just a few days ago, my $75 bonus for direct deposit hit on another newly opened bank account. Living the dream.
  6. That's why I short sold the Complete Aristotle. Loaded up on 1,000 books of the Complete Shakespeare and plan to sell them off.
  7. lol I almost bought those 2 books a few years back. They are nowhere near that price. More like $100 combined.
  8. Your credit score doesn't immediately update, and never takes savings into account. Your score went back up after paying it but took a while to update. also, if you are depositing $15k checks to make $4k payments, how is your limit only $11k?
  9. 644 isn't considered bad. It's average. If Twinblade really tried, he could get it to 700 no problem.
  10. This. People who think credit = free money are morons. Credit is basically an IQ test. If you have bad credit, your IQ is (usually) low. If you have amazing credit, you undoubtedly have a good IQ.
  11. With all my cards combined I have literally lost count. Combined its probably well over $100,000.
  12. This is my face when the people who read this don't reply because their credit score is embarrassingly low:
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