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  1. I have had a longtime friend and I'm at this point deciding to completely cut them off. They are toxic, and a grade-A moron. Already for a year I had sort of slowly ignored them, but they kept contacting me. I kept my replies short, but now I directly told them I no longer want to hang out with them anymore because they have issues. I have from this point on began ghosting them.
  2. Not even CNN is claiming Giuliani thought she was 15 Since when does playing a 15-year old in a movie mean people think you're 15 IRL? Wtf? this is one of the weirdest "gotcha" stories of all time.
  3. Democrats set Giuliani up with a 24-year old and are now claiming this is a 15-year old to mask their pedophilia.
  4. "Questioning the fundamental competency of a running candidate is all the trump supporters have left." I hope you aren't serious.
  5. CNN is trying to frame people pointing out Joe Biden's cognitive decline as them mocking his stutter, and drawing a false equivalency to kids. Folks, you cannot make this up.
  6. Where the fuck is this info about Joe Biden having a genetic "stutter" coming from? News article: "Oct 2, 2020 - JOE Biden revealed he suffers from a stutter after being attacked on Twitter for his delivery during the Democratic Party's sixth presidential debate." How did he "reveal" something 2 weeks ago that has supposedly been known for years?
  7. Shit, he was watching this with cereal in the mornings instead of Bugs Bunny in his childhood. It explains so much.
  8. LMFAO, that is a SINGLE probe that ended, in a MASSIVE investigation that is ongoing. Where on the news does it say "Durham probe over" ? "no charges" yet.
  9. They got caught red-handed, LMAO. Democrats were running a criminal enterprise from the White House.
  10. It's amazing how you can be so heartless and cruel to another human being.
  11. "Biden"'s tweet Lmfao that's some 40 year old consultant who thought that up.
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