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  1. What a moron. I would have quit at $4 million maybe and left the country.
  2. My dad is a very outgoing guy and always used to tell me to stop playing games, get "active," videogames are dumb, etc. The one time he broke character was when he saw fishing in Ocarina of Time. He wanted to play. He was in bed with the gamecube controller all into it, telling me how it works and how the fish will come if you do it this way. Even though he literally never touched a game in his life before that and never since
  3. Playing Ocarina of Time a year ago on emulators reawakened my interest in classic games. Everything is right. The mood, the setting, the story, the characters, the addictive gameplay. It's not a 'game' but an experience you take with you. In other words, the exact opposite of cookie cutter games today. Older games on the N64 are simply better. Games like OoT genuinely inspire me The classics of the past really are the best.
  4. lol, sometimes based on names alone, I can't tell if someone is trolling or not...
  5. Assume K represents a point in curved space which is undefinable both in principle and in theory. Now extend the vector field of K into a 4-by-4 matrix with a polynomial co-efficient of x raised to the power of 2. How does the Lorenz field map onto the set of real integers in non-Euclidean space, assuming Godel's incompleteness theorems?
  6. Is this some sort of weird fetish? This is clearly not how real life works, lol. Once you get into your mid 20's, people like "Steve", who have lots of money and are stable, are obsessively wanted by 10/10 women constantly, just for the stability they offer alone.
  7. People copying me playing old FMV games after I made a few threads praising them
  8. Can you tell me: 1) What amount of time period were you taking it overall? How many weeks/months? 2) How many scheduled times did you take it (1/day, 2/day, 1/week, random, etc) When I took it, I had lower than normal sexual libido for the 1st month, and a slight dizziness/headache feeling. The dizziness went away after 2 weeks, and sexual stuff was fully restored after 3-4 weeks. I've now been taking it for about a year and don't regret it.
  9. I find it hilarious how you don't question anything about the vaccine, but an actual FDA approved drug is a conspiracy that kills peoples' libidos. It is a temporary effect, lmfao.
  10. If I take a week or two off, then I'd have to reset my entire system for no reason. You aren't supposed to go in and out with this hormone stuff, you are supposed to either take it every day, or never. The only side effects I had was an 'off' headache feeling, and admittedly lower sex drive/erection (not none, just lower than normal). I emphasize these side effects for me were completely were TEMPORARY after regular and proper use for a month. At this point my drive is at its old levels, and is very insatiable, with no difference. I don't know what happened with your
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