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  1. kys if you pay over ~1k on a computer of any type
  2. I'm just a neutral resident in the city, uninvolved with the crime(s). But I watch the detective walk slowly through the grey slum from my window in the high-rise. I turn from the window, groan, and go to make my cereal after a long day's work at the office.
  3. A detective in a scifi future walking through grey urban landscapes as he investigates a series of mysterious killings
  4. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg did nothing wrong.
  5. I watch animes set in sci fi futures whilst I rape Cows. ;D
  6. is it any good? might watch it. Space anime TCHBR ! :-D
  7. guilty, eternity, jamms, cobra gt, and xelle? . . . kys
  8. way to pick literally the worst and most forgettable people out of all the "old swers"