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  1. This is for real 1 of the trashiest threads I've ever seen here. What a fucking pathetic existence you must live.
  2. wtf? lol. there's literally thousands of movies like this. Anyway, Conversation is boring as shit. Interesting concept that could've gone a LOT farther. It's not too bad, just disappointing. I wanted him stalking the couple, surveilling people, and obsessing over everything on a human level. Instead we get a movie where he surveils them for 5 mins and spends 50 mins in chit-chat dialogue with other boring as hell characters. It didn't resonate with me.
  3. Dude. same reaction. "Our reputation is ruined" Meanwhile you fuckin' ruin some kids life and cost him thousands of dollars in financial stress over some stupid bullshit and laugh it off. Hope these pigs get counter sued and lose.
  4. Some of my favorite directors...I've seen almost all of Bresson basically. Joan of Arc is 1 of my favorite movies. Hell, even Coppola is one of my favorite directors. (You got me on Ozu if you asked though - his movies are like watching an old man drink tea for 2 hours straight). However, The Conversation was just fuckin' boring. It wasn't too bad. Lots of interesting potential. Good scenery sometimes. But just boring with how it played out. Sorry.
  5. @sugarhigh Okay, i saw it. Shit was boring as FUCK, but not that horrible.
  6. @sugarhigh I'm an hour into Conversation. Holy FUCK this movie is still boring me to tears. I'll keep watching...
  7. I don't read these things thoroughly. I legitimately thought it was Jerry. I was like 'why tf is Jerry bragging about this and how does he have $300 lying around?'
  8. @sugarhigh Gonna try to watch The Conversation again the whole way through for the 4th time...wish me luck
  9. I just saw MGS games with entries on IMDB. I thought it was a meme LOL
  10. Those movies could count. I just saw the movie Martin yesterday by Romero. A really weird yet somewhat enjoyable movie. It's about a modern day teenage vampire visiting a relative in Pittsburgh. But the way the whole thing and dialogue plays out was...really weird. As if the movie is mocking itself yet being serious at the same time. Campy doesn't even begin to describe it lol.
  11. One of the best movies I've seen. Unforgettable cinematography and deep story to go along with it. I think they haven't made a movie that beautiful even to this very day. Crazy that it was 1966.
  12. LOL you call this gorgeous?
  13. I go on and off. Sometimes I watch a lot, other times I watch nothing. Kubrick has to be the most impressive director. Guy was a Mozart like genius. Spartacus is one of his few movies I never saw the whole way, and I plan to do it soon. A Clockwork Orange, The Shining, Eyes Wide Shut...all unspeakable masterpieces. Regarding planet of the apes, I hope you're talking about the 1960s version. One of my favorite movies ever.
  14. I just saw Citizen Kane again last night. I now rank it MUCH higher than I did before. Still not the best movie ever like some ridiculously claim, but it's superb.
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