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  1. SheepKilla


    this fag needs to go away.
  2. SheepKilla


    the whole not posting here for years thing. we can do that again? yeah? thx
  3. SheepKilla


    you obviously lurked and saw him already, and now are pretending you didn't and "asking".
  4. "UK rejects" Uhh...didn't anyone ask Boris? I'm sure he'd have a different opinion.
  5. I was hoping you would post this, so thank you. Hydroxychloroquine is a generic drug made by multiple companies. Trump having "a small stake" in a massive company that happens to also make it is not news. He has "stakes" in hundreds of companies. So this is worse than a nothing burger. This doesn't even have buns. Thank you again for allowing me to destroy and expose your attempt. ROFL
  6. Oh, I see. For some reason nobody ever said or explained that lmao.
  7. On that note, can someone explain to me the whole "flattening the curve" thing? How the fuck does that make any sense? Let's say we get the curve completely down. Now 5 people only have the virus. Everything opensu p again. Those 5 people then re-infect everyone else, and a month later, 50,000 people have the virus again.
  8. LMFAO these people really are wack jobs
  9. Starting with idiots that deny the effects of 5g like you.
  10. bu bu bu bu we need more tests ;( You just know if this was under Obama, it would take months/years of ineffecieint running around before hydroxychloroquine was even considered a possible cure.
  11. Keep testing for a year. Just don't ask Trump for more shipments.
  12. We should stop all shipments to New York and direct them to red states.