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  1. Your credit score doesn't immediately update, and never takes savings into account. Your score went back up after paying it but took a while to update. also, if you are depositing $15k checks to make $4k payments, how is your limit only $11k?
  2. 644 isn't considered bad. It's average. If Twinblade really tried, he could get it to 700 no problem.
  3. This. People who think credit = free money are morons. Credit is basically an IQ test. If you have bad credit, your IQ is (usually) low. If you have amazing credit, you undoubtedly have a good IQ.
  4. With all my cards combined I have literally lost count. Combined its probably well over $100,000.
  5. This is my face when the people who read this don't reply because their credit score is embarrassingly low:
  6. Did some googling. One website says that they treat it as a cash advance, and not a purchase, so they don't gift rewards for it. Don't know if that is accurate or not. Maybe Chase and CITI slipped through the cracks.
  7. holy shit, really? sounds too good to be true. might begin using this... are there any additional fees with money orders paid with credit card? never did one before.
  8. *applies for revolving credit facility with Goldman Sachs just to get a $50 sign-up bonus*
  9. Once you get into churning, it's like crack. I obsessively check about 20 cards, and 7 active accounts. I've made a few thousand dollars in profit off my credit alone.
  10. That's good. You a churner like me?
  11. Mine is in the high 700s, low 800s (varies by report).
  12. so did the son pay for her and she continued to rent? or did you kick her out? i'm confused. did she refuse to pay?
  13. I'm good at reading people. All I need to do is meet with them, see their resume, do a google search of them, facebook, etc. and I can figure out who they are. Maybe criminal/credit background checks too.
  14. Any advice? Should I rent it out after buying it? Been looking at Zillow prices.
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