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  1. 99% of his posts pumping his site. just ban him
  2. Yes, that was exactly my point. You got it. Your IQ must be sky-high.
  3. Don't tell him that intent is written into our laws and is the difference between probation and life in prison.
  4. Because all gay people wear rainbow earrings, tanktops, and vote for Obama. None are conservative or could possibly be so. There's no conservative black people, either. All of them live in slums and just want Democrat policies. And all Mexicans just want open borders and illegals pouring in, just because they have Mexican heritage.
  5. He's "scared", yet you're here advocating censorship and that must mean you're.... not scared. Fantastic logic.
  6. "Don't do this one thing because it references something from 100+ years ago that most people don't even know about"
  7. Ok, so it references something from the 19th century (which you had to explain to people, proving they don't know what it is). So what now? Cry me a damn river.
  8. I barely even know what it is, never had an account there & don't care.
  9. can we change back to the gray text actually? this white text on black hurts my eyes
  10. don't even give him a chance imo. i've seen the words corn-rages each and every time he posts. Every time. Not an exaggeration. prob. should be permabanned.