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  1. lol voice-acting is cringe
  2. I would say it's getting to be one, but not at all historically. 50 billion is on the small for a blue chip. Plus, it has too much historical volatility and uncertainty. Has stabilized amazingly well these past few years, though. Anyone know who the management is and how they've been doing? Any thoughts on future directions of Nintendo?
  3. I've been joyful ever since buying Nintendo and Sega stock today. I have no clue why I waited so long. I've been very merry and cheerful to people everywhere I go. I feel like dancing. Life feels fresh. All because of a few simple stock purchases. It's SO simple, but so few do it. Nintendo is a winner. 🙂 So is Sega. ❤️ buy NIntendo stock folks 🎄🎄🎄 It's such a good company. Damn good.
  4. Apple, because these Apple fanboys are spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on their products every year, while Twitter users spend about $5 a year lol. IMO twitter is, and always has been, deeply overrated. Apple is too, but at least they actually produce something and people are paying for it even if overpriced.
  5. Nice. I didn't even realize they bought out Persona 🙂 Nintendo is also a 100% surefire growth stock over the next few decades. I don't care what the noise is. The facts are: Sega at 3 billion and Nintendo at 55 billion is a good deal. If it goes down, I'll buy more.
  6. At least in terms of stocks, Nintendo's performance has not been that impressive in the past decade. If you bought in 2007 right after the WIi was released, you'd be overall down on your investment like 15 years later. Wii was that bad apparently. However - I feel like Nintendo has huge staying power and stability. They've proven they're competitive, and I was extremely impressed by them with the Switch. IMO, they left Sony and MS in the dust. Plus, they have a loyal fanbase. I will buy some Nintendo stock when the price comes down a bit. Maybe I'll even wait for a recession and t
  7. Not a bad choice. Their whole company is valued at $55 billion with a yearly dividend payout of about 3.70%. Nintendo feels like it can be worth way more than $55 billion in a decade or two. Another interesting one is Sega. Entire company's worth is $3 billion with a yearly dividend yield of about 2.40%. They seem to have been trading in the range of $1.50 - $4.30 for the past 10 years.
  8. Nice to see The Lemming Ownage Union is premiering
  9. What most people think: He was weak, fell into drugs accidentally at some point, and couldn't take life so he died. RIP. Edit: no politics.
  10. Anyone ever play Live for Speed? Supposedly its good for learning manual transmission.
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