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  1. Warren Buffett announced he just bought stock a few days ago at $80 must be fun buying stock at $70-80 when you know there's a buyout for $95 that was agreed.
  2. Thank you. I appreciate the kind words about my financial status. 🙂
  3. Proud of myself, would like to celebrate.
  4. Dan Peña - Is Global Warming The Greatest Fraud? - 50 Billion Dollar Man By London Real - YouTube
  5. shut your fuck moud
  6. I just play what I like, about 4 old games from before 2006. And I ignore the rest (newer titles).
  7. also carver breathing "Ray-nik" into his mic
  8. the funniest shit in CSS was when RaniK would kill someone in the middle of a hectic fight, and then just type "Next." in chat.
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