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  1. Let's have a thread with comments, even if joking ones, about race/immigrants/whatever. Then let's see how quickly you come in screaming to have it banned and the thread deleted, and Cooke PM'ed about it. LMFAO you are the triggered QUEEN about non-issues. You are so ignorant and hypocritical that it's unbelievable.
  2. If a commercial came out somehow implying white supremacy for example, you'd be out protesting in the streets. Let's be real now.
  3. “There’s at least enough of a seed of a thread there that they are hearing him out,” she added before recounting her interview and noting that James Comey and Andrew McCabe say they’ve “never heard of him.” “I think the way to describe it is that they are saying that, you know, he may be telling the truth,” said MacCallum, responding to a comment from Carlson about high level sources not shutting down Byrne’s claims. “There may be something there. They don’t know for sure. This is obviously part of an ongoing investigation.”
  4. only WOMEN 'go with the flow' and follow pop culture ideas regardless of examining their logical validity. Which is exactly what has been happening in our culture with these Dem 'woke' ideas. Whoever mindlessly parrots liberal ideas is fundamentally FEMININE. Took me a while to realize that.
  5. So let's break this down: 1) You post a "meme" (left can't meme) making fun of Trump 2) I say you have TDS and "bit the bait" during the liberal Obama era (NOT saying you support 100% of Obama and his policies... I said that you fell for the liberal globohomo scam and were NPC programmed) 3) You reply claiming you aren't TDS and are posting logical arguments 4) I ask where those arguments are 5) You spazz out and claim the onus is on me to show where those arguments don't exist (?) and then point to you talking about Obama, which wasn't even my original point.
  6. What argument(s) or logical statements have you put forth to claim a position? None, other than "orange man bad." That's why you're basically equivalent to TDS SJW XYZ people.
  7. Trump Derangement Syndrome spread to Diplo. You must've bit the bait hard during the Obama/Liberal years and irreparably damaged yourself in some way, and now can't support him due to cognitive dissonance. Sad state of affairs.
  8. He claims that he was able to slowly put the pieces together and realize what was happening - whatever that is, which apparently involved blackmail at the very least.
  9. Because he has direct knowledge of crimes and clearly indictable offenses, would be the most reasonable explanation. It's not a "choice" to indict certain crimes.
  10. You're asking me to elaborate things that haven't been said yet by this guy Byrne. He's said those two things, but he hasn't elaborated in depth (yet). As for the DOJ thing, CNN did get a comment from the DOJ. It was neither a confirmation or denial, but a vague statement claiming that Byrne had "some credibility" and "some knowledge of private operations."
  11. I just explained it. I said: "He came forward to the DOJ when (in his words) he was confident that it was no longer corrupt once Barr was installed. " You're starting to lose it, Jerry. Get a hold of yourself.
  12. You know this guy's given interviews explaining this right? Do you plan to ask me for 50 pages to walk you through the basic details of the case? He came forward to the DOJ when (in his words) he was confident that it was no longer corrupt once Barr was installed.
  13. he hasn't revealed exactly how he knows. He did claim that those three are going to be indicted on criminal charges.