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  2. Godly. Was just thinking about Castlevania on switch recently.
  3. I would if it didn't literally kill braincells and have the possibility of addiction
  4. Thanks. I found a (fairly) simple HTML website online. Do you know if I can just steal their code source and use it to make my own site?
  5. So, long story short, I need to make a website that looks like a small company. It has to look legit. Anyone have any advice on the best way to accomplish this? Wix? GoDaddy? total n00b here.
  6. I didn't say diet coke was better than water. I said it was better than regular soda.
  7. Sugar has calories. I'm assuming you think 150 calories a can is healthy? A 12-pack having 1,800 of empty calories as opposed to 0?
  8. And? both are bad for you. 40 grams of sugar is awful for your body.
  9. I've read a bit about diet coke having side effects that lead to weight gain like hunger cravings, insulin, etc. i also tend to believe it based on personal experience. However, I still think it's much, much better for you than drinking a regular coke. Yes it has a negative effect on weight but the real thing is much worse.
  10. I'm reading Perfume for the first time it owns