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  1. At the time it was some obscure game in development. Watched some trailers, saw some pics, read some news article and hyped it up; watched it closely before release...then it got a 9.0 and raving reviews everywhere. Kinda amazing to think I was the only one that had the foresight to see it for what it was (game of the gen). It had basically no hype, no budget, nothing - barely any substantial news. But it came on my radar and I was the only one hyping it. Turned out to be a monster of a game and the ultimate confirmation of my ability to analyze games and pick out the funnest ones, as well as point out the overrated trash-heaps (like the Halo series for example).
  2. Someone post the story on that gif. I have no idea what it's referencing
  3. Good exclusives? can you tell me what? this is a realpost not even trolling. I downloaded the Dolphin emu recently and can't find games to play except Galaxy, which got old after 20 mins. nvm Just read Aza's post. yikes, forget I even asked. You know you're desperate to make Wii look good when you start including House of The Dead Overkill in the list of games worth playing.
  4. I think for Drive Club this happened: When Gamespot go to cash the check, it bounced. So review change from 9.5 to 5.0. But M$ had money for Halo 3 --> from 5.0 to 9.5. TLHBO.
  5. I'm not AVK (however, amazing poster who left to GAF), PM me if you really care to know that much. I still remember your sigs at Gamespot when the forums were blue, and all your photoshops try to own Cows. But you ended up owned by every console you like dying and drying up with no games. ffs even XBONE started dying off 3 years ago. Time to come to Sony soon? :lol:
  6. I remember the days when you were a fanatic sheep, yes? Lack of games turned you into a hardcore lemming. But you thought no one would remember the transition. I think it happen again. This time from Xbox to either PC, or finally recognition of Sony. It seem every console Bodycount go to leave, well, ... a body count.
  7. Is that Kaptain0wnage? Otherwise, I have no idea at all. Rusty memory from like 10 years ago lol.
  8. I remember you posting about Jean Rollin films years ago so you own ;-*
  9. already played it years ago. Got old. Remember people hacking. In hindsight terrible game tbh. No real strategy involved at all, it's just who can spam the most.
  10. well, anyone else? might look into Civ V
  11. DotA 1 owns, but I could never get into DotA 2. They lemmingized it into a game for casuals, I could tell just from the Hollywood story and Halo graphics when I loaded up the game.
  12. Ok, now that I might actually look into. Kinda sad though how hermits have to go back 2 decades to find an RTS worth playing. smh. Any other reccs?
  13. At least Xbone has watered down ports. Wii had nothing...literally nothing. Worst console in gaming history IMO even worse than anything Micro$oft produced
  14. SC...you mean the less innovative and watered down version of Warcraft? Lmao. Blizzard fucked up all the SC games past 1999 Folks I need serious replies here
  15. -Has to be addicting online play -has to use strategy and be high-IQ accommodating -Can be released within any time-period in the last 9 years or so Those are my stipulations. Go
  16. another twinblade fail. jesus christ
  17. Cuphead is even best on PC Good god the lemms have become embarrassing at this point Guess you gotta justify $2,000 in purchases somehow (DLC + Hardware milking = Unhappy lemms)
  18. the godliness known as GameDrunk is still posting here ;-*
  19. didn't you say sidescrollers was shutting down?
  20. oh, lmfao Good to see that sidescrollers failed immensely.
  21. weren't you a hardcore sw2 poster? now you have 16k posts here? dafuq?
  22. it's depressing to see bodycount still supporting XBOX. They were dropping off the wagon a few gens ago, but by this point they're totally gone. Xbone was one of the worst fiascos in gaming history, except maybe for that disastrous rush of x360 with the red ring of death, with those systems blowing up people's houses while they slept and whatnot. M$ appeals to the lowest common denominator of gamer, with paying for XBL (they pioneered paying for free online you already have), paying for DLC, paying for rehashed games (Forza Seven for god's sakes), paying for gamer fuel, etc. Microsoft has become a laughing stock ffs. GOTYs and GOTGs don't exist anymore thanks to Milkrosoft. Certainly not on their systems. Sad how lemms tried to trick people into believing any of their games were fun. M$ paid off Gamespot for those reviews. what a trash console, feel bad for lemms that wasted their money only to go home to inferior pc ports and buggy games rushed out for profits.