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  1. Attn to anyone that has an account there: Would you be willing to post an SJW fakepost in the videogame forum for me? PM me. We can even link the fakepost in this thread if you don't care too much. possible gold-star HOF thread in the making here
  2. I really, really want to make another account there and do nothing but post leftist nonsense. "I wish CS:Go let you change genders" or "I wish Gears of War had less gendered weapons and rigid lines, and more feminine curves". I honestly wonder how far that account would go
  3. lmao that thread owns. people are owning the shit out of the OP but skirting around the edges and saying it in roundabout ways so they don't get banned
  4. GAF Posters featured in a documentary about Antifa. Can't stop laughing irl: 2:27 - 3:00
  5. At the time it was some obscure game in development. Watched some trailers, saw some pics, read some news article and hyped it up; watched it closely before release...then it got a 9.0 and raving reviews everywhere. Kinda amazing to think I was the only one that had the foresight to see it for what it was (game of the gen). It had basically no hype, no budget, nothing - barely any substantial news. But it came on my radar and I was the only one hyping it. Turned out to be a monster of a game and the ultimate confirmation of my ability to analyze games and pick out the funnest ones, as well as point out the overrated trash-heaps (like the Halo series for example).
  6. Wouldn't surprise me if Russia somehow sent this shit into our culture subliminally with the intent of taking down the US. When the fuck did changing from a man into a woman become not only common place but actively encouraged? Now that's being shoved down our throats even in our games... Putin must be having the time of his life right now as he sits back and watches the chaos unfold.
  7. LMFAO they are all disgusting loons. No wonder much of their users abandoned them. I owned them pretty hard in the thread though. Anyone can PM me if they want to see it. Pretty funny to read through. Here's a sample: 1: (Me): "Yep. Trump's a billionaire that won the US presidential election. Guy's not the idiot that people believe." 2: "Right, he's not an idiot. He's actively trying to murder people and at this rate he'll likely succeed" 3: (Me): " That's like the people who were saying Obama's a Marxist that's going to streamline abortions, make the US communist, and then cause a race war in the US. Same pill/bullshit, different political parties. " People in that thread who want to agree with me have take a jab at me by prefacing their posts with "sorry for agreeing with the guy from Russia who was trolling earlier, but..." They're in all seriousness accusing me of being a Russian troll even though my IP links back to the Eastern United States. Is this even real? wtf?
  8. Wii Sheep were so starved for games that they still call 7.5 filler games "godly." Lmao @ trying to trick people into thinking any of that trash was good. It's like Stockholm Syndrome but for videogames. I don't even like xbox at all but gtfo here if you think that trash was even remotely comparable to X360 let alone better. Wii was the worst disaster in gaming history of the past 2 decades hands down. Hands down. I can't even emulate shit for free because I can't find any games worth playing.
  9. Bro I thought people on here were exaggerating years ago when they claimed that. They weren't. They really do permanently ban people for having opinions about things. I didn't really know anything about this site despite having an account there for years. If it's any solace to you, it seemed significantly slower as a forum than a while ago. My guess is it dies off in 5 years tops. Also those pieces of shit literally had a convicted pedo as a mod and then tried to cover it up by locking thread. lmao
  10. http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1337408 "I saw some Trump supporters trying to voice their opinions in other threads and people were literally calling them pieces of shit. If I was one, I would probably be concerned about posting." "Serious question are you expecting any stealth trump supporter to post? I would think most are in hiding because in most threads like these it's a dog pile on anything they say." LMAO. good god.
  11. I don't really post there. Had like 400 posts over the course of a decade. Randomly decided to post a bit recently. I didn't even really praise Trump. It's because I wasn't bashing him and said "hey guys, he might not be the complete idiot that you keep trying out make him out to be" that they banned me. Lmao, this shit feels like 1984. Censoring anything remotely positive about Trump by permabanning? That's a whole new level of surreal. They even had to step in recently and tell their users to stop mindlessly bashing Trump without evidence in threads, and also had to tell them to stop wishing him dead. I think I'll be lurking and sending out some links to the Secret Service next week.
  12. Damn that shit hit me pretty hard when I found out. Equally as sad as Electro Dynamo. Rest in peace. Amazing guy. Remember interacting with him here years and years ago. Was cool for sure. The only one of you fucks that was a successful lawyer. Goddamn. RIP.
  13. That guy too. I remember Electro Dynamo posting a thread saying he had cancer and a few months to live back in 2005. Everyone came out in support of him and mods stickied the thread. He never logged back in again after that, neither here nor to XBL or anything else. Possibly the saddest thing I ever saw on the internet.
  14. nice, another vague post about what happened with no specifics nor details people, i just want to know the juicy drama details. is that too much to ask?
  15. I need more info than that. Like way more. SW has always been about trolling. They clearly did something more than just troll to be responsible for shutting down the entire site.
  16. Just saw Zero Days. cool af documentary, though a bit corny at times. 8/10 highly recommend
  17. can someone tell me the whole story? sounds funny af
  18. lmao TrannyJay abandoned that filth within 2 years. Sad sidescrollers posters got destroyed.
  19. i still remember in 2005 when people originally photoshopped the top hat on, and then someone added the monocle and moustache. we created our own original smileys goddamn this site OWNED back in the day edit: also is there any way you can enable double posting? kinda lame that the next post just edits the last post