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  1. Found a pic from the nightmares of those kids that attacked:
  2. 1) Wear MAGA hat outside on purpose to be assaulted 2) Get assaulted 3) Sue them in Superior Court for emotional + physical damages totaling $74,064.52 4) Profit
  3. You must like to listen to the sound of your own voice. Nobody is reading that crap
  4. then my fist has a scheduled appointment with your craniofacial features
  5. Let me take a guess at how many hours you'd be making fun of Jerry's clothing if you knew what it was
  6. a shitty american brand that a lot of people wear for some reason
  7. Hmm...let me take an educated guess on JonB's wardrobe... ROFF
  8. that awkward moment when you have to give a class presentation and didn't do a single thing, so you make up the speech as you go
  9. SheepKilla

    iphone 11

    I just got one and how do people carry this? No, really. How do they carry it and use it? It looks like a massive brick in my pocket. you can see the outline clearly. I heard some people put it in their bag?
  10. So after getting a new case and letting some time to sink in while using the phone... I change my mind completely. This phone is a beast and completely comfortable. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the size.
  11. But do you have big pockets?
  12. just because you can't afford it
  13. what phone is better iyo?
  14. I have heard rumors that if you throw a pair of dice, that is, "Roll" them, in the shape of a "T", you will find your answer. Some call this a T-Roll.
  15. In preparation for the shutdown, I am going to make a new SW forum and begin redirecting users there.
  16. how the fuck does jimbo have money to afford a 50k car, and carlos vela can afford a tesla starting at 40k+ what do you do for work?
  17. can you watch john wick stand alone or do you need to see others in the series?