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  1. So today my saved game with hours of playtime was wiped out and replaced with a save of the menu screen. what the FUCK!!!
  2. They totally fucked up Salieri's vibe.
  3. SheepKilla


    Some say KwameJackson is still messaging people on Steam to relay posts for him here
  4. SheepKilla


    wasnt ur last post here in 2006? lmfao
  5. None of these are as funny as @ghostz OP pic.
  6. That's what they said for Reforged and look what happened. LOL
  7. Considering it all, I lucked out pretty hard. Company retained me, but then cut my hours. But not maliciously, it was because they wanted me to get benefits. So I was working less, and getting paid MORE. Now I'm back to full time soon. I sort of am looking over my shoulder wondering what the catch is. It's sort of like stumbling on a bag of cash in the street and someone just telling you to take it.
  8. this fag...thinks the show cops...is for neonazis
  9. I bet you think it's "charming" and "unique" how he puts up a black mic to guests and sometimes has them wear the headphones.
  10. That's absolutely nothing compared to a construction worker. Shut the fuck up.
  11. I seriously don't get it. It's just someone who talks in a conversational tone. Only occasionally does he say anything interesting. He loves to hear himself speak.
  12. I actually don't care much for graphics. I prefer the old N64 ones. Do you think Perfect Dark is still worth playing? I never played that nor Golden Eye when I had an N64.
  13. I would file a lawsuit for forced political messages on bought products, if I had the game.
  14. bro....i just had a realization... When I play this game, it's like I'm Link in the Temple of Time, fast forwarding time. I'm taken back to my childhood. best game EVER.
  15. Been playing this for hours. Just got the Firestone on Death Mountain. When I played this, I got up to the Water Temple and quit. Now I plan to finish everything. What a magical game. OOT is fucking FUN has that perfect N64 vibe.
  16. Any controllers off Amazon you had experience with & you would recommend for roms in general? It's clear Switch controllers aren't designed for PC at all.