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  1. 2 minutes ago, -GD- said:

    A 30 minute walk will slightly increase serotonin, but it will burn very few calories (100-150?). the exercises that truly boost testosterone, and have a huge impact on the endocrine system, are compound moves (can be from weights or calisthenics). Your legs and overall back net the largest results (hence why squats and deadlifts are widely praised). 

    As for diet:


    man A (20 lbs over weight) does no exercise; eats 500 calories less than his maintenance amount.


    man B (20 lbs overweight) walks an hour a day. Eats 500 calories more than his maintenance amount.


    who will Look/feel better? 

    Man A. A lot of men don’t realize that just reducing body fat, alone, can significantly improve your teaosterone-to-estrogen ratio. There’s a strong correlation between abdominal fat and estrogen production. Therefore, fat loss from dieting > a short walk with little regard for diet.

    Now you're making me horny with specifics. 


    The walk won't do much, but the key is "30 min at 50 - 75% of your maximum heart rate". That means you will be sweating and losing calories. A 30 min brisk walk or jog at that heart rate will be more like losing 300+ calories, AND also it will activate the biological changes it needs to. Good-level cardio is proven to reduce hunger levels by reducing the hunger hormone Peptide YY and also the hunger hormone ghrelin. Lifting alone might reduce ghrelin, but not Peptide YY. 


    anaerobic exercise will boost testosterone, but everyone needs aerobic exercise mixed in. The two are not the same because the heart is not pumping as much and the same signals aren't being sent out in response by cells in your body. 


    As for the hypothetical example, man A obviously. But the thing is, it's not that clear cut because time and body homeostasis effects this. If man B keeps constantly exercising, perhaps in a year his body will turn into a natural 500 calorie deficit, while man A's body may reverse and turn into a 500 calorie surplus. 





  2. Just now, -GD- said:

    The benefits of exercising are amazing? Well no shit lol


    anyhow, the best advice: have an actual plan. Don’t be one of those retards who just does whatever. Track your results, learn about the effects of periodizing (get the benefits of strength and hypertrophy) and when/why you should do hiit, instead of steady state cardio. Also, diet is the most important component. I don’t care how “perfect” a program is, it’s garbage if you are eating too little/too much and neglect macros. 


    I've actually been reading into a bunch of stuff related to this. Benefits of exercise aren't clear to most people, though they have a vague idea that its good in general. 30 mins at least of walking/running at 50 - 75% of heart rate is recommended to begin causing serious brain changes.  


    also, I've been thinking about diet...I agree that you absolutely need to watch what you eat (definitely no soda). However, I am also convinced that you cannot diet alone and absolutely need exercise, specifically moderate-intense aerobic training daily. The reason is because the exercise is actually causing changes to your hormones and hunger levels, reducing cravings. Most people fundamentally cannot lose weight on diet alone, which is what most people don't understand. Cravings and hunger are not a choice. 



  3. Been pushing myself in gym more because I'm a little overweight (though don't look bad at all). 


    I aim for 60 - 75% of my heart rate for 30 mins straight on treadmill. Maybe some weight lifting. The benefits if you do this  are amazing. 



  4. 2 hours ago, Teh_Diplomat said:

    Yeah in between his nudes, and jimbo'isms he's mentioned having to switch up his meds, along with seeing various therapists for his issues...


    But I mean this is a guy who quit his job at Costco, because it was first thing in the morning, and he complained that no one wanted to talk to him on the 5:30 AM bus ride. :meh2:



  5. 27 minutes ago, Goukosan said:

    I agree get them all. :camby:



    Jane Doe v. Donald J. Trump and Jeffrey E. Epstein (case 1:16-cv-07673-UA, United States District Court for the Southern District of New York) a law suit accusing Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein of child rape for events that occurred in 1994.



    A lawsuit and set of claims that were dismissed in 1994 vs. this nuclear explosion:


    The artist behind Jeffrey Epstein's portrait of Bill Clinton in a ... 

    (actual painting of Clinton on Epstein's island)


    I laughed irl.