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  1. That was over-hyped by the media to make a point and paint him as ridiculous. He merely questioned it (at the prompting of people who wrote to him). He afterwards said it was real. He also never said it was fake, just that it had certain elements that were questionable and merited further investigating.
  2. So CNN doesn't do that shit? Day after day? They literally promote the worst, most inhumane things. Literal wars. Yet Alex Jones is the bad one that should be permabanned and silenced? Okay then.
  3. Let me get this straight. >Some guy has been saying for 10+ years that there's a shadow government in society manipulating events to gain more power, and silencing free speech to manipulate the population. >You use the fact that he got blocked simultaneously on multiple media networks at the same time, as proof that he was wrong. connect the dots
  4. You're in 2007. This is 2019. He's not the "loony guy saying nonsense" that people had made him out to be, and you're about 10 years behind.
  5. I used to think Alex Jones was crazy until his predictions started coming irrefutably true.
  6. Or some poor sap gets happily married, and then loses half of his income within 3 years.
  7. I can see it now already in 2 years time. A future Jerry post: "Who cares who you love? Age is just a number. Are you that insecure about yourself that you would spend time worrying about shit like this? Let people love who they want, and as long as they consent, it's not a problem. The age of consent throughout most of known history has been 13."
  8. Logo has horns: Trailer mentions sex and is about sex: Just one small excerpt of the plot: "Being a middle school party Soren tells Max that it will end up being a kissing party and that Brixlee will be there, Max tries to get Lucas and Thor invited and although Soren is initially reluctant allows Max to bring them along. When the boys get back home they all realize that since none of them know how to kiss, they try to look online for how to kiss, but end up watching porn and become horrified by what they see, after which the boys try to kiss what they think is a CPR doll which is actually a sex doll although find it repulsing when they do kiss it. The boys eventually decide that they will spy on Max's neighbor college student Hannah to learn how to kiss."
  9. I was looking into voice morphing lately. This is completely unique in terms of quality. All the rest are absolute garbage that make you sound like either like Satan or a chipmunk.
  10. lmfao he gets caught in a web of lies mid-interview
  11. Really good idea, but I don't think it's that. I'm not even using an HDMI and am streaming directly from a USB (was a ps3 before). It could possibly be that cable that's plugged into the wall outlet, though, and powering the tv. It shuts off randomly. it's a SUPER weird problem. I thought it was common, and when I explained it to people, they were like "wtf are you talking about?" I'm pretty sure it might even have something to do with signals and bluetooth connections, because my remote sometimes doesn't work randomly, as if something is interfering with the signal.
  12. "When people with iPhones text each other, their messages send in blue speech bubbles. But when they text non-iPhone owners, messages send in a different hue: bright green, as if to signal that they’re talking to an outsider." LMFAO overthinking texts to this extent