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  1. It's snopes, and it's a conservative truth. Of course they're going to say "mixed" and not true And I like how you keep circling the point, ignoring it. Why bring up talk about impeachment YEARS BEFORE the crime even happened? The reason is because they are LOOKING for anything to impeach him with, not because they HAVE something and want to impeach him with.
  2. Imagine being so bitter about Trump winning that you call for his impeachment 3 years before the alleged 'wrongdoing' occurred.
  3. Took me ~15 seconds to find via Google search: https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/pelosi-impeachment-two-years/ Remember that I said "calls and attempts" to impeach. Which is exactly why this will fail. It's based on bitterness and jealousy, not substance.
  4. There were numerous attempts and calls to impeach him for years BEFORE that. Can you explain those? I remember hearing about a potential impeachment ever since 2016, in fact. The house even tried to impeach him before and it didn't get too far. ROFL
  5. You've been wanting to impeach him for 3 years. The ukraine phone call happened a few months ago. How is it that the justification for his impeachment keeps changing?
  6. Oh sorry, I meant that he got TWO scoops of ice cream at the white house. https://www.cnn.com/2017/05/11/politics/trump-time-magazine-ice-cream/index.html
  7. Trying to gaslight someone into thinking they're delusional. ROFL psychological abuse attempts just because you're riled up by Trump. ROFLMAO
  8. anyone else find it funny how the Democrat story of collusion keeps getting more and more convoluted? They keep using jargon and terminology to try to sound smart/know like what they're talking about, like the kid that didn't do his homework and now has to present his assignment to the class and look like he knows what he's talking about. "Office of the President under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation for misappropriating funds for Russian spy campaign targeting Facebook data infrastructure." and then the headline changes every fucking week. For 4 YEARS straight. Into some other bullshit. They don't even know what he did wrong. LMFAO
  9. I dreamed I woke up inside my house late at night (3 AM). Everything was dark, and it seemed like everyone just disappeared. My house was boarded up. I looked outside and saw nobody. I reach for the phone and call 911 to speak with them and explain the situation. They thank me and say somebody will be right over. After the call, I hear knocking and them asking if somebody's in there. Then, I look and see a note in handwriting next to the phone that says "DO NOT CALL 911. THEY ARE NOT HUMAN.". Not even joking. What a fucked up dream. I woke up in a cold sweat.
  10. do you remember anything about ownage god?
  11. i've heard from 500 people irl already; don't need a fake SW "celebration" either
  12. Looks like Javi finally got that archive from 2005 working
  13. lmfao i remember nuclearaddict. he was alright.
  14. i got banned from sw2 for being banned from sw2
  15. one of the wittiest things ever is how ShadowMario10 changed his name to 'ShadowMar10'
  16. damn you must have been away for a long, long time I think the other ps2owns guy was the gee, and you were someone else, right?