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  1. Me, George and bhytre now have "followers" who keep trying to roast us
  2. i laughed irl reading this thread, including the part where the crew tried to "roast" me
  3. the site has taken an obvious hit in terms of quality, activity, and interest.
  4. If Trump was actually involved, get him then I guess. We agree. Dershowitz was definitely 100% involved I know.
  5. A lawsuit and set of claims that were dismissed in 1994 vs. this nuclear explosion: (actual painting of Clinton on Epstein's island) I laughed irl.
  6. Didn't his name appear 26 times on the flight log? lol we knew this for years. he doesn't even deny it, he's just silent about it.
  7. For me, I have to say I feel like I am in a better one. Less work for same amount of pay, including unemployment benefits for when I was unemployed. Just trying to see honestly how people here were effected. I think the government's policies led to a lot of money going to working people. I worry if inflation will start.
  8. Seriously? Ellen is one of the biggest sponsors of the Democratic party. Her talking show is basically a platform for the dnc.
  9. anyone know if the same people that made the original are making this?
  10. Which ones do you like? What is the appeal of these games? I recently bought Euro Truck Simulator 2 on a whim because it had good reviews and plan to play it soon.
  11. 81 is nothing to be proud about. 85, maybe. 81, no.
  12. ghostz making a thread about his puppy
  13. You thought I was joking? This was in the news everywhere in April or so.
  14. I find it funny how Twinblade is always asked to keep strictly to the topic (when he is just providing more relevant context/evidence), while this post completely did a whole topic shift to covid management by states. Regardless, New York was by far the hardest hit state with coronavirus. They broadcast footage of mass graves being dug on live television at one point. And then you have the nursing home fiasco. It is extremely hard to praise NY for a good job if one is being honest.
  15. wow, the graphics of Gotham in the upcoming new Batman game look mind-blowing.
  16. Joe Rogan recently did a very good segment on Ghislaine Maxwell's arrest and what it means.
  17. SW finally starts gaining steam with new posters/members, bans start being handed out like candy. Gosh.