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  1. It gets even worse if you knew the trash I watch on YouTube.
  2. I haven't played Romancing Saga but I watched a lot of clips for Live A Live and it looks fun the way it goes from sci-fi to ninja stuff to medieval and it has a sense of humor.
  3. This one's on my radar too. I almost bought it when it came out for the Switch just for the novelty but I have bunch of unopened games already and I need to stop.
  4. Yahtzee's saying they dialed the campy fun down quite a bit.
  5. I'm down with a knee injury so I'm finally playing games again. I started Prime Remastered this afternoon. I haven't played Prime in around twenty years and it's like I played it last month. Everything is so familiar and I only played Prime once or twice. I didn't realize how much of an impression it had made. The problem is that familiarity dulls the atmosphere when you replay the game. But that's just the hazard of having great atmosphere. Otherwise the game plays pretty fast with the modern shooter controls. I thought it would take some of the character out of the g
  6. I hate to say it but TofK looks too much like BotW. I'm almost wondering if Nintendo's been working on another mainline Zelda game while working on this one because I don't see how this took that many years of development given how much is reused.
  7. The start is a bit brutal. It's worse than Twilight Princess. Slow, long, lots of busy work and hand-holding. It was the Wii-era where Nintendo over-explained everything. But after that it's decent.
  8. You immediately followed Remy's lead and thought "But he's not famous enough so it doesn't matter" was good damage control. You managed to be even more of a mindless prog sheep than he is.
  9. If you want something new, isn't Bayonetta Origins co-op?
  10. lol @ Remy and Gouk trying to run damage control for the progs' moronic "Believe all women" rule. "He's not that famous so it doesn't matter. There's nothing to see here."
  11. I hear you, everyone says watch The Departed. I'm sure I'll get back into movies at some point and I love Goodfellas.
  12. Watching movies is that important to you? lol I burned out on movies. They became too predictable. Twitter >>>>> Movies
  13. I'm surprised. I thought the demo was flat out bad.
  14. I haven't seen any of them except for parts of Gladiator and No Country for Old Men.
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