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  1. Now that you've been caught, you're talking to your imaginary friend again for moral support? Meanwhile Jon's not getting banned and you're left empty-handed again. Existence hates you Jerry. It just loathes you.
  2. So you asked me to cite the thread knowing it's been deleted? Well that's the weasely behavior we're used to from you.
  3. Yes. Where's the thread? Was it deleted? Is that why you won't link to it?
  4. Yes you do. He unbanned me when I posted that you had lost the bet by not posting the title.
  5. I'm asking you to prove it didn't. Show me the thread.
  6. If I wanted to make fun of you I'd probably start with that 1970s serial killer hovel you live in with your parents. Meanwhile, where's the thread?
  7. You can't even find the thread?
  8. Show me where the thread is and I'll show you exactly where it said it had to be the title.
  9. The bet was you would prove you owned the car by posting its title. You never posted the title therefore you lost the bet. It's that simple. Enjoy your new screen name.
  10. The terms of the bet explicitly stated you had to show the title. You lost the bet on a technicality, doxed yourself in the process, and now you're going to be stuck with Jobless Loser as your screen name for a year. Existence must truly hate you.
  11. The terms required you to post the title, not the registration. You never did. You lost the bet. Mods please change Jerry's name to Jobless Loser.
  12. The terms were the terms. That you lost on a technicality only makes it funnier. If Jon goes, you go. Happy new year.
  13. The terms are the terms and they were clearly stated: Show the title. You didn't. You lost. If Jon goes, so do you.
  14. Mods, if you ban Jon, please also perm Jerry for losing our perm bet last summer. The terms of our bet clearly stated he had to show the title to his car--not the registration--and he failed to do so. Happy new year, Jer. 🎉
  15. Merry Christmas, gentlemen. I've gotten each of you a Christmas upvote. 🎅
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