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  1. You're making big advances. Nitric deserves to burn in Hell for a few days.
  2. Punani Dasani? It's one step up from bragging that your pussy tastes like Mountain Dew Gamer Fuel.
  3. We're doing Credit Score Wars now? I only have one credit card that I never use and no debt.
  4. Drunk and stoned 1980s Jon Anderson is one of the greatest dancers of all time.
  5. Hot take: Galaxy 2 is the only good one out of the four.
  6. Disappointing that the Game & Watch is only Super Mario 1 & 2. Hope it's hackable.
  7. This one was posted by IGN so it should stay up: I rarely watch superhero movies but I'll watch this one.
  8. Prince's most underrated song. Better if you keep the rainy plane video on.
  9. Been up since 3am, been drinking since 5am. If you put both of these on at the same time, this covid thing isn't entirely bad. Where's Low?
  10. The tweets are comparing the 1.0.1 build to the 1.0.3 build, not the 1.0.2 build.
  11. I ignored it because of the title too lol. And yeah definite Rule of Rose vibe.
  12. It doesn't look like this patch improved the framerate over the last one. I'm going to wait some more and see.
  13. Oh no I've been sucked into a sales argument. What's your point? That their traditional console market is dead? If so, I agree. Is that the only point you're making? If so I have no idea what you were arguing in that thread on Saturday. Why is the Switch not a success? Because it's not a traditional console? So what? Nintendo's having its second best gen in terms of hardware sales.
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