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  1. The one thing in the world that finally gets Incel Jer to contemplate getting a job: Making a sim where you curse out hot women and win arguments against them. Chef's kiss.
  2. This is your brain on MSNBC and BLM. Also: - 2.3% in real average weekly earnings for the year. Inflation is far outpacing wage earnings.
  3. You've just repeated your incoherent argument without even trying to clarify it. Demolished. You moronically lied and claimed I didn't post the job creation numbers, then when I call you out for it, you try to change the subject by posting how the jobs creation index is compiled, which has nothing to do with whether I posted the job creation numbers or not. Like that's going to work. You're terrible at this. Covid deaths began spiking in late October 2020 and reached their peak at the end of January 2021, yet there was only one month of negative job
  4. You had no idea the August jobs numbers had been revised until you started Googling info to come up with a rebuttal LOL. And if the numbers have been revised up to 483k, that's still less than half what was expected. "We only missed the mark by 50% instead of 75%." Great comeback. Again, you said he stopped caring about the numbers once they rebounded under Biden. That's not what happened. They had already rebounded.
  5. There's a lot of criticism to be throw all around but what really surprises me is that the DNC didn't have a contingency plan in case the covid mutations continued to get worse or even just really erratic. We've long knew that covid is highly prone to mutations. Instead they were like, "We had our hearts set on going on a spending spree so damn the economic realities -- if you oppose us you're a racist." And like most dogmatic idealists, reality is now blind-siding them.
  6. You said he stopped caring about the numbers once they improved under Biden. That's not what happened.
  7. Joe had quite the day yesterday. - SC strikes down the OSHA mandate; cites Ron Klain's tweets bragging about using OSHA as an end-around Congress as a reason - Mansion and Sinema categorically state they oppose changing the filibuster thereby killing Biden's agenda - Inflation hits a 40 year high - Producer prices increase 10% in Dec, the biggest gain ever - Quin has his approval rating down to 33%
  8. Jederpy Tactic #5: Make a vague, incoherent counter-argument and claim victory. If this is your retarded attempt to argue that the economic numbers have been driven purely by covid deaths, then you're once again living up to your title of World's Dumbest Man because the economic numbers continued to improve as covid deaths spiked in the fall of 2020. Those are the job creation numbers, not unemployment numbers, you idiot. Go clean your room, Smelly.
  9. You said TB only started caring about bad economic numbers when Biden took office in January, but now that they're good again under Biden, he doesn't care. That's a DNC lie. They had already recovered under Trump as the data clearly shows, except for inflation, which is far worse under Biden. That also completely kills your argument that TB only started caring in January when Biden was still in office because the numbers were bad.
  10. I swore to myself I wouldn't post on this dumb board anymore but the DNC talking points you guys obediently repeat are quite something. Unemployment was at 3.5% in Feb 2020, rocketed to 14.7% by April 2020, then freefell back down to 6.7% by Nov 2020. The Dow followed a similar pattern except it had fully recovered its losses by Nov 2020. The numbers were driven almost entirely by the waxing and waning of Covid fear. Claiming the numbers recovered because of Biden is ridiculous as he hadn't even won, much less taken office. What hasn't followed that pattern
  11. Any final verdicts on it yet? For some reason I'm having a hard time working up the motivation to start it.
  12. Torching your own artwork is like a rite of passage for artists. It's too bad you didn't have a better lawyer. Welcome back though, sir.
  13. I truly don't get it lol. I'm more and more convinced the world really did end with Y2K and we're in some bizarre twilight dimension now.
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