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  1. She's talking about maintaining a white majority which is a ratio. And the argument is ridiculous because it's premised on the idea that you can maintain a white majority by stopping white abortions while letting all other races abort to their heart's content. How would that even work in practice? But then Remy tried to tie it to Roe, which makes zero sense because overturning Roe will almost certainly increase the per capita fertility rate of blacks more than whites, and therefore speed up whites losing their majority. I legitimately wonder if you're retarded.
  2. Right, yet Jerry's arguing that overturning Roe will magically change the ratio in white people's favor when it will simply slightly lower it. It's a dumb as hell conspiracy theory that takes five seconds to see it's big flaw.
  3. You don't even understand basic math. The ratio will change. You have two cohorts: 100 vs 10. The ratio is 10:1. You add 5 to each. The cohorts are now 105 vs 15, and the ratio has changed to 7:1. I'd say I can't believe I have to explain something this basic to you, but oh yeah I can.
  4. I did in my first post and as usual you've been playing dumb ever since to save face. Why must you suck so much, Jer?
  5. That perse capala thing is dang near hard to understand.
  6. It's just the first one? Christ sakes Nintendo
  7. Remy are you embarrassed to have Jerry as your wingman? You use to think he was insufferable.
  8. The longitudinal data is even worse you retard LOL
  9. Pro-rate data and stats isn't math. Can you even get a job at a food truck?
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