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  1. No we're still at the part where we're laughing at you for claiming it grew Nike's base according to its stock price.
  2. No I didn't. And you smell. Get a job. Stop being a disappointment to your mom.
  3. The biggest mistake the Gillette ad makes is scolding its audience. Nike's Kap ad was at least intended to uplift its audience. Who wants be scolded by a razor company about intersectional feminist conspiracy theories? It's just bizarre.
  4. A mediocre cis white man trying to mansplain how advertising works even though he has no background in advertising and failing badly. LOL talk about toxic masculinity.
  5. It rose by $5 the month before the ad was released, and rose by another $5 the month after the ad was released. It rose no higher and then fell. It appears the add had little to no affect on Nike's stock price. You're talking out of your ass again.
  6. You cited an article that solely cited Nike's stock price as its evidence, Corky.
  7. You claimed that Nike grew their base as a result of the ad campaign and cited an article that solely used Nike's stock price as evidence that it had. In reality Nike's stock price is down since the ad aired. Once again you're talking out of your ass.
  8. Nike's stock is down since the ad began airing on September 4th.
  9. I was wondering why Jerry was REEEEEEing over DC geeking-out over old tech like that TechMoan guy on YouTube. "You didn't buy a laserdisc like a fucking moron and connect it to your 19" "converged" tCRT television, did you?" "No, that sounds like really pathetic excuses." "Fucking Pan & Scan? Oh my god, anybody who's remotely a film-buff knows that you choose Letterbox over Pan & Scan. "You bought a Pan & Scan version. Its fucking embarassing, and a film-buff would rather watch the version on TBS than that." REEEEEEE! But then he let the real reason slip: "this ties in perfectly with the thread from the previous night about who is the loser on this forum" He's pissed that everyone here except for the other NPCs think he's a complete loser and he's lashing out over any dumb shit he can.
  10. Why do lie so stupidly? It doesn't say they want Russia as the national language, they want it as a regional language, which makes sense because there are so many Russian transplants in certain areas of the Ukraine. And how is federalism pro-Putin? And how is wanting to keep Ukraine neutral and out of NATO inherently pro-Putin?
  11. Saucer

    Andrew Yang 2020

    Now comes the moronic time sink delaying tactics because you lost.
  12. Great Jer, he's a member of a Ukrainian political party. That's some great research you've done there. I bet he also has two arms and wears pants. Clearly that proves Trump's in cahoots with Putin.