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  1. Okay give us the data. If you're talking about mass shootings, I'm looking at the list and they're almost all apolitical.
  2. The Steve Scalise mass assassination attempt was last fall.
  3. If this is a prank, regardless of which side the guy's on, I hope he doesn't do hard time. If he has enough of a sense of humor to make a well-made but inactive bomb along with a bunch of ridiculous retard bombs that're just cell batteries taped to PVC pipes filled with snap pops, that's inspired trolling, and a presidential pardon is in order.
  4. Yes WickedSlow, and I believe it was undertaken by the invisible mice who secretly control the world.
  5. From the NYTimes current story on it, disphit: "Whether the bombs are real or hoaxes. Law enforcement officials have not said whether the devices are indeed real bombs." https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/25/nyregion/new-york-today-mail-bombs.html Are you ever right about anything?
  6. The story will also get exponentially more press coverage than the ricin letters or the Scalise mass assassination attempt even if the bombs are non-operational and there's Lucky Charms inside them.