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  1. Center-left incrimentalism. The argument is that it's reckless and dangerous to completely overhaul the economy in one swoop by implementing the New Green Deal, M4A, make all public colleges free, implement a wealth tax, etc. all at once. (It's completely idiotic to me.) Instead you fix them in sequence so you can better control how the economy is being affected. My problem with Joe is that his foreign policy track record going all the way back to the '80s is terrible, and the president's main policy domain is foreign policy. I always vote heavily on foreign policy because of that. But again I'd rather vote for cancer than Warren or Sanders so beggars can't be choosers. Joe want's to: 1. Expand Obamacare and keep private insurance 2. Keep some troops in the ME 3. Free 2-year community college 4. Pro-nuclear power 5. $15 federal minimum wage 6. Decriminalize pot at the federal level 7. No wealth tax but increase income and capital gains taxes on the wealthy 8. No plan to deal with China's trade abuses Republicans oppose positions 1, 3, 5, 6, and 7.
  2. This just resurfaced video makes Bernie look even worse than Warren. I wondered how much of a socialist Bernie was. Was the Nordic Model his end goal? A full-on command economy and a glorious Communist utopia? That doubt continues to decrease. I'd vote for cancer before voting for either of these two.
  3. I wondered how long it would take Low and Remy to start back up.
  4. Second world, not third. The US is obligated not to cut off trade with a hostile state if doing so prevents it from becoming a first world state instead of a second world one? I think you're out of your mind.
  5. Iran's per capita (PPP) GDP is $20k and other states are free to trade with it. How has the US doomed it?
  6. Withdrawing from the nuke deal gave Iran the moral right to undertake all those attacks? Did Iran escalate by testing ballistic missiles and continuing its Shia crescent proxy wars after the nuke deal was signed and before the US withdrew? And if Trump wants to escalate, why didn't he before now? Why didn't he do it when Iran dramatically escalated by attacking Saudi's oil fields? Why is he deescalating right now?
  7. Attacked international tankers in Hormuz Captured a Brit tanker in Hormuz Destroyed a US drone flying in international waters Attacked Saudi oil fields reducing the country's production by half Attacked joint Iraq-US base killing an American Attacked the US embassy in Iraq, which is sovereign US territory Damn Trump for starting all this.
  8. I hated his rhetoric after he took out Soleimani because it was too strong and entirely unnecessary, but he just took out Soleimani with almost no cost to the US, made Jerry's hero Khamenei look weak and afraid, and drew an implicit red line over US casualties without the pitfalls of explicitly declaring one like Obama did with Syria. This also increases the chances that Iraq will back down from it's non-binding resolution for us to leave. The Sunnis and the Shia weren't there to even vote, and many Shia legislators weren't eiether. I think we should leave but it's obviously much better to leave on our own terms and maintain good relations. I still wish Trump would tone down his act, but USA! USA!
  9. Why not just quote Cummings directly then? But I agree we're better than this. We're better than Trump, Hillary, intersectional socialism, crony capitalism, and endless dumb wars.