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  1. Oh Christ you're starting with your fgt Sweety act. I immediately stopped reading there. "Corna magically becomes inactive during mass gatherings when it's a social justice gathering." Go clean your room Jerry.
  2. It's not an either/or situation where the spikes are either caused by mass protests/riots or opening up too far or not wearing masks and distancing. It's caused by all of it in tandem. That you're even arguing that having mass gatherings of tens of thousands of people who are shouting, not distancing, and often not wearing masks somehow doesn't spread corona because the virus magically becomes inactive when its a social justice gathering is about as retarded as it gets. And even more funny because your side was excoriating DeSantis for opening the beaches.
  3. Phase 3, the high-risk phase, didn't begin until June 12, and even then it varied by county. Covid symptoms on average begin 5 days after infection and can take up to 14 days. Then there's the time between symptoms appearing and getting a covid test. The spike doesn't line up with Phase 3. It lines up with something happening earlier in June. I wonder what that could be?
  4. First wave already washed through NYC. Meanwhile in Cal: Gee, I wonder what happened in June to make the cases spike? It wasn't reopening.
  5. Noooo. Round them up and send them to Arizona where it's hot as hell. California is too beautiful to give up. Make California Great Again! Reagan Forever!
  6. Calvin Klein's new billboard in NYC: Tell me the Earth isn't an alien experiment and they haven't been cranking up the batshit dial.
  7. Between the mass protests and riots on the left, and politicizing masks and distancing on the right, I give up. America has lost its mind.
  8. This is some high-grade cringe: I've had sigs turned off forever. Not sure why they're now on.
  9. Tankie Jer won't even make eye contact with me now.
  10. But LOL @ Jerry finally coming out as a tankie.