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  1. It'd almost be worth getting it just to wear this outfit when I take it to the grocery store.
  2. What have you done Elon? These are going to everywhere in the Bay Area. My neighborhood is going to look like a set from that 1980s V miniseries. Eh I'm okay with that.
  3. Holy shit dude. I had no idea. That's great. Is your channel gaming and animation?
  4. This game is my new quick-and-dirty litmus test on whether I take someone's game recommendations seriously.
  5. The Great Wall was started hundreds of years before Christ was even born. The Mongols didn't invade China until the 1200s CE. Fantastic grasp of history and politics as usual, Jer.
  6. Holy shit I just looked up his channel. I was wondering where he went. He should come back, that's hilarious.
  7. Millennials are the fattest generation in modern history. Dude... The hippie granola eating parents where already meme in the 80s.
  8. I've had it since launch and I'm still only 10 hours in. It made a good first impression but then I kinda lost interest.
  9. I really like that it has third-person 3D dungeons that you can explore like in a regular JRPG and that it's fully voice acted, but the maps don't have much variation and it doesn't have the rock/paper/scissors mechanic or a marriage mechanic. Personally I loved the game but a lot of FE fans think the combat and maps are a little too stripped down. And thanks I will do Edelgard's first.
  10. I was leaning towards getting this to play over the holidays but now I'm thinking maybe I'll get FE Three Houses even though I played FE Echoes last holiday season. First world problems.
  11. Sitting at 80 on Metacritic with mixed reviews but scoring high at most of the major outlets. 9.0 GameSpot 9.3 IGN 9.1 GamePro 8.8 GameInforer Eurogamer thinks it's "hollow" and didn't like it. USgamer thought it was too predictable. The main criticisms seem to be that there are almost no dungeons and the ones it does have are short, and the towns are empty Potemkin villages. https://www.metacritic.com/game/switch/pokemon-sword/critic-reviews
  12. Well at least you're showing your true colors. Agism's okay when we do it. So is injecting politics into sports like Nike, ESPN, and Kap but GTFO if anyone else does it.
  13. In the battle between progs and Evangelicals to see who can be more hypocritical, man the progs are leaving the Evangelicals in the dust. If generalizing about identity groups is grounds for being fired, every progressive on the planet would be homeless. Intersectionalism's very foundation is making generalizations about identity groups.