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  1. You complain about people being slimey used car salesmen when it comes to politics and then you claim Tim Cook is threatening to ban Musk's Twitter from the Apple store over tech issues. Dude, heal thyself.
  2. They've got you so programmed you posted this on the main board.
  3. The dipshit Woke cult has directed DNC Bot Pampers to attack Elon Musk. Oh noes.
  4. Edit: Didn't pay attention to the title. Deleted my trash talk about Poochy of War.
  5. BC Rearmed and Rearmed 2 but he produced BC Dread Dude too. And yeah the Infanu era with his "Go West" strategy was a disaster. When he almost bankrupted the company I thought MS would probably buy them and immediately run them into the ground as usual.
  6. On the industry side its ET. For me it's the Ben Judd Bionic Commandos. He completely killed all the momentem the franchise had for a big return with his corny pastel-colored porn-stache-ginger take on the franchise. Burn in Hell, Judd.
  7. Being a manager at Walmart has to be even worse than being a manager at the post office. Imagine being in charge of a bunch of Jerrys. Surprised this isn't happening monthly to be honest.
  8. Neocons are traditionally social libs who are foreign policy hawks. Scoop Jackson, a Dem, is their patron saint. They don't neatly fit on one side of the aisle.
  9. You said making abortion illegal causes more harm to the health of women than making it legal, and cited a bunch of articles you found on Reddit that you hadn't read as proof. When I asked you to show me the data, you had to scramble and skim the articles to find a study which made that claim. When I looked up the study, the methodology was horseshit as usual. For starters, how do accurately determine how many illegal abortions occur when abortion is illegal? In your study they were trying to extrapolate the number by comparing Poland during the Cold War and post Cold War period and it was jus
  10. Didn't a bunch of people use to call you a smelly and a spambot? I'm pretty sure that was you. And on this board all you do is cite random studies you found on Reddit that you haven't actually read.
  11. Why is Sub getting so mad? Even he knows he's always been considered a lightweight on this board so it's not like I'm knocking him off a high pedestal and ruining his public image. Sub, are you having home problems?
  12. I've already dismantled the CSIS database, and a ten second glance at the PNAS study shows it's an abstract that's comparing the intensity of "political attacks" not the frequency, and the full study is locked behind a paywall. You have no idea what you're even looking at.
  13. You think there were only 23 acts of political violence during all the 2020 Antifa and BLM protests and riots because a random think tank told you so. You are the L.
  14. I'm sick and in quarantine. This is no fun. I took a friend to urgent care a few days ago and there was a pair of little kids with death-rattle coughs standing next to us in line. I was even wearing a KN95. Shit. At least the covid tests I took came back negative. That's my exciting update. And that database really is worthless.
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