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  1. Jerry's such a clueless foot soldier in the gayass culture war that he's pushing the latest CNN and MSNBC "SURELY TRUMP IS DOOMED THIS TIME!" gimmick without knowing that they've been trying to prop it up with the inverted yield curve to the point where almost everyone's been parodying them for it.
  2. Xi was ready to sign a trade deal that would've protected our IPs but the traitorous Dems want a recession so badly they smeared Trump until Xi walked away from the table thinking he could probably wait Trump out and deal with whichever wimp Dem may take office in 2020.
  3. What will surely prevent a recession is MFA including illegal immigrants, a $12k UBI with no means testing, de facto open borders, reparations for all POC, putting the tax payer on the hook for all current outstanding student loans, free college for everyone, a "living wage" for incarcerated criminals, guaranteed living wage government jobs for everyone, a $15 minimum wage, and free Impossible Burgers for everyone. Act now and the first ten callers get a free unicorn.
  4. Racist Sexist Russia Russia Russia Tax Cheat Russia Russia Racist Sexist Russia Russia Racist Racist Racist INVERTED YIELD CURVE
  5. I like Rand on a personal level--I like Don Lemon on a personal level--but he's being an ass on this one. Hats off to John Stewart for approaching retirement with the dignity expected of an ex-president. He's doesn't dive into the partisan mud. He saves his voice for unifying issues that aren't getting enough attention.
  6. I don't know what happened with PragerU, but no, that would be self-defeating. The point is to encourage people to be calm and reasonable about politics again, and you're one of the most calm and reasonable people around. If we carpet bomb people like you along with the people who've gone deranged, what are we even doing?
  7. Sauce, that's the entire point we're making by throwing "commie" back at progs after their constant barrage of hollering "Nazi!" and "Racist!" and "Fascist" at everyone they disagree with.
  8. And I'd also point out that the Soviets were as bad as the Nazis yet look at how the the left treats one versus the other. It says volumes.
  9. Russia has sent 4 female astronauts into space since '63; the US has sent 50. The US also sent the first black man and woman, the first Latino man and woman, the first Chinese woman, etc. For me the issue this article raises is the NYTimes once again trying to rehabilitate the image of the USSR, which it's been doing for some time. My favorite pro-USSR piece they've ran lately was one where they praised Soviet bread lines as a great way to socialize with the people in your neighborhood. It's gotten that stupid over there.
  10. This sex predator is also petitioning some city council today to hold a 12-and-up topless pool party at a public pool for LGBTBatshit+ with no parents allowed because it's "inclusive". Great look. Anyway gotta run to the doctor.
  11. I've never seen someone so born to lose as you, Jer. It's almost supernatural. The story has been all over politics Twitter for the past two days, and it was Ricky Garvais who gave it mainstream attention.
  12. My bottom ones came in completely perpendicular below the gum-line and had to be cut out from my jaw. Top ones came in fine.
  13. You don't eve know which continent El Salvador and Guatemala are on! LOL! And you think those countries were stable before Reagan took office even though the Guatemalan civil war started in the mid-50s and raged for over 40 years, and the El Savador civil war started in '79 when Carter was still in office? LOL! Jerry the Latino supremacist who wants to flood us with unskilled Latino immigrants. What an awful person.
  14. Incoming. Where to begin? Most journalists are activists pretending to be journalists, and that makes them propagandists. 1. An Antifa terrorist who was favorably profiled on CNN's United Shades of America was just shot dead by the police while trying to firebomb a migrant detention center in Tacoma over the weekend, and the story was almost completely buried by the leftwing press. https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/cnn-antifa-ice-glorified 2. CNN's Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo have both defended Antifa. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2018/08/28/don_lemon_defends_antifa_no_organization_is_perfect.html#! https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2018/08/14/cnn_chris_cuomo_defends_antifa_attacks_on_police_journalists_not_equal_to_fighting_bigots.html#! 3. CNN's Brian Selter, who's sole job at the network appears to be deplatforming rightwing journalists and pundits while shrieking about the threat leftwing journalists face because of Trump calling them Fake News, buried Antifa's attack on Andy Ngo. He gave it 40 seconds right before a commercial break towards the end of his show, and then edited out Ngo being physically attacked in the head which caused cranial bleeding. Other CNN "journalists" further minimized the attack by referring to Ngo only as a "blogger" and not as a "journalist." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36_9S-BZL-4 4. Only 7% of journalists identify as Republican. (It's also important to note that there are very few "centrist" independents. Almost all reliably vote for one party over the other.) https://www.politico.com/blogs/media/2014/05/survey-7-percent-of-reporters-identify-as-republican-188053 5. Journalist overwhelming donate to Democratic candidates and not Republican candidates https://www.businessinsider.com/charts-show-the-political-bias-of-each-profession-2014-11/ 6. Journalists overwhelmingly donated more to Hillary and then Trump https://publicintegrity.org/federal-politics/journalists-shower-hillary-clinton-with-campaign-cash/ 7. As local media continues its death spiral, the media is becoming increasingly consolidated into three leftwing cities--DC, NYC, and SF--and it's playing havoc with journalistic groupthink. There's a great article on this which I'll hunt for it later on if I get the time. 8. The JournoList Scandal: Major leftwing journalists have been caught before on secret message boards coordinating their messaging. The JournoList was created by Vox's current editor-at-large Ezra Kline. http://www.slate.com/blogs/kausfiles/2009/03/26/journolist_revealed_inside_the_liberal_media_email_cabal.html I never paid attention to the claims that the mainstream media was highly biased until I watched the hatchet job they did on GamerGate. That got me curious so I created a Twitter account to track hundreds and hundreds of journalists from across the political spectrum, and I was flat out appalled how many were activists pretending to be journalists. And the defense I'd constantly see is that neutrality and objectivity are unobtainable Platonic ideals therefore journalists shouldn't strive to achieve either. But that's like arguing humans aren't perfect therefore they shouldn't try to act justly. It's a pathetic excuse for bad behavior. If you're intent is to persuade instead of inform, you're an activist, not a journalist, and if you pretend otherwise you're a propagandist. Be freaking honest with your audience. I have no problem with Maddow or O'Reilly on that front because they clearly state they aren't journalists.
  15. And like a cartoon villain he can't stop himself from blurting out his real plan. "We've only got 12 years to live!!!"