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  1. I don't get the appeal of the rogue genre. Die-and-start-from-the-beginning is one of the worst ways to pad a game's length. People complain about not having checkpoints before bosses but rogues make that look civilized.
  2. If so, why do you keep taking the bait?
  3. Now suddenly it's only "a couple" instead of the staff in general. Keep moving those goalposts.
  4. Straight to the racial insults as usual. I made fun of the Tik-Tok culture it's trying to copy. You then said the characters were designed to look like the devs, and I simply showed you they don't. Don't drag me into your daily temper tantrum.
  5. This guy's a lot more positive about it: And man they really did crib heavily from Ghibli. There's even the old witch with the big head from Spirited Away.
  6. Not sure if you're serious.
  7. The plot is they're Tik-Toc Zoomers who form a gang to pay off their student loans. One wants to be an anthropologist, one wants an MBA and speaks the "language of startups," and the other doesn't ever wear a shirt and he's into Kawaii. I'm pretty sure society is descending into the lower rings of Hell now and we'll be able to see Satan sticking up out of the ice soon.
  8. I was kidding. Also, Rocket League is for children.
  9. That just makes it more punk rock.
  10. Tokyo Ghostwire's also been pushed back to '22, and it's a one-year PS5/PC exclusive so it won't show up on XBox until '23.
  11. Psychonauts = Clunky 90s platformer that stole Mark Ryden's art style Did Timmy ever give him credit even?
  12. The first one played like a clunky 90s platformer and this one looks the same except now the graphics are outdated by a few gens.
  13. Jerry thinks I'm one of the youngest people on this board and Remy thinks I'm one of the oldest. Great work lads. Remember when you told everyone you were an artist and then when people asked to see you work you posted some doddles that looked like they were drawn by a seven-year-old? And then when everyone laughed at you, you said you're now a photographer? Remember how you made fun of Gee for being corny but he actually made it as a fashion photographer while you didn't. Fate's pretty funny.
  14. You wore a Spawn bandana over you face to look cool at a NYC bondage fashion show. You bragged about getting a Star Wars book for Xmas. Projection is a hell of a thing.
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