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  1. Jer, you've become such a psycho that you turned against GD -- whose been defending you against get kicked out -- and immediately called him a liar when he simply confirmed Remij has a other console account. We've almost completely broken you. By the end of the year you'll go on a mass shooting.
  2. I played a few hours of Snow Runner. It's too much work for me but I get why people like it. But what hit me right away is that I'd love Resident Evil: Snow Runner. Take Snow Runner, speed up the driving, and then when you get out of your truck it's an open-world Resident Evil TPS. Basically just glue Snow Runner and RE4 together. That would be a lot of fun.
  3. I'm screwing around but mad credit to Logan for going the distance. That was fun.
  4. LOL Floyd couldn't even knock out a YouTuber. In a street fight Logan would've murdered him. TBE LOL White boy summer starts now.
  5. You're not getting it for a year, all games are timed exclusives if you want to brag about emulators, and moving the goalposts to only include Nintendo developed games is an admission of defeat. Which forever-exclusive MS developed games is going to sell the best on the PC this year? Hermits = Scavengers of the gaming kingdom. They eat the rotting corpses that everyone else has left behind. Remji, you come from an undignified people.
  6. MH Rise's already at 7m and that just came out, Jer.
  7. As someone who shops a lot at JCrew, I can assure you that color is called Dusty Barn.
  8. The collectors market's on fire right now. Prices for many Switch games are already through the roof because of small/short print runs. I think digital is actually helping increase the value of physical copies because there's fewer physical copies then there would be if digital didn't exist. A lot of collectors want physical.
  9. It's weirdly fun. People, at the very least buy physical copies of Japanese role-playing and horror games. I'm just saying.
  10. I heard on the news McDonald's is paying $15 an hour. Your destiny awaits Jer. Seize the day!
  11. You seem to be a little touchy about the question I asked. Are they hounding you to finally take a shower and fill out a job ap?
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