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  1. They're generally low-cal and loaded with nutrients.
  2. They let him ruin the site. Look at how bad the traffic is now. I don't get it but it's not my site.
  3. I just realized Tango will now be exclusive to XBox/PC after Ghostwire. Well that sucks.
  4. That brought you back. We missed you.
  5. Sealed GCs are going for over $500 believe it or not. Wii Us are already going for over $700, and even sealed Vitas are going for $350. The prices have been skyrocketing the past year, and they're about to jump again when the next round of covid checks go out. If someone wanted to invest but also wanted to keep it low-risk and braindead simple, I'd tell them just to buy Nintendo and Sony systems when they're at the end of their lifespan and you can pick them up cheap. That and limited edition Zelda-branded hardware.
  6. It's a mediocre investment because you can't soft mod it but I think it'll still double within a year of the retail supply ending. You really can't lose on Nintendo hardware. When stores were blowing out the last of the clamshell 2DSes last fall for $100, I bought a bunch and now they're already selling for $250 on eBay. And for what it's worth this stuff isn't supply constrained so you're not scalping and you can do it with a clear conscience.
  7. I need more sleep. I thought they said, "To free the Dannon from the yoke of their yogurt oppressors." This looks even more generic than usual for Tales, and the environments they show off are all brown rocks pretty much.
  8. The left is in a full-on moral panic. We're approaching dunk-the-witch levels of craziness. This is the offending illustration from Mulberry Street:
  9. Have you seen the prices Mulberry Street is going for on Alibris and Amazon? Good God. I knew I should've bought a 1000 copies. It's been ridiculously easy to make lots of money on investments this past year. Wasn't Disney a racist or an anti-Semite? We should get the Disney brand cancelled next. That company's the biggest cancer of all the woke corporations, and we can make lots more money off forcing them to change their name. Two birds with one stone.
  10. If Star Ocean 3 didn't exist, Death Stranding would be the worst game ever made. 🚮
  11. Except this time we're smarter and separate the good ones from the bad ones. Ben Shapiro, Dave Rubin, And Christine Summers are aces. Paul Krugman and that asexual potato on CNN get turned into glue. I think that's reasonable.
  12. It's too predictable. Games are too predictable right now. Man I miss AA games from the good Japanese companies. We need to somehow bring Konami back from the dead.
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