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  1. And the irony is Jerry's defending this bad parenting because he's hoping to score a bunch of incel NeetBux. Is there any way that Jerry isn't a failure as a man?
  2. You're an incel and incels generally resent women so yes. Like when you stereotyped cleaning staff as Latina women out of the blue. You resent women so much you even attack women of your own ethnicity.
  3. Jerry regularly lets his racism and sexism slip like this sexist insult from earlier in the thread. Progs are today's televangelists with all their hypocritical horseshit moralizing.
  4. "And free installation of wired internet in your parent's basement!"
  5. This will be Yang's next pitch to the furry incels: "Along with your NeetBux, I'm also giving you all free fiber optic internet so you can stream games with almost no latency!" And then the rest of the Dem candidates will immediately adopt it.
  6. Buying digital games at anywhere near full price is a scam. With physical copies you can sell games you don't like and recoup most of your money, they often hold or appreciate in value if you have GoodTaste in games (opened copies of Haunting Ground and Rule of Rose are selling for $250-$300 on eBay), and you don't lose them if the service you bought them from no longer exists and the device you have them stored on stops working.
  7. I really don't like Yomawari. I think I could make this game in a Flash in under a week. It's just a simple maze with keys and locked doors where you avoid enemies either by hiding in bushes or running away from them. That all there is to the gameplay. There's also no music. I like the idea of having long sections with not music, but not the entire game. Then the monster designs are often so bad I don't know what they're even supposed to be. The town is largely built using a tileset and they're repeated so often that it makes the atmosphere feel repetitive. It's not scary or even eerie. Instead it relies on having enemies suddenly blindside the player from out of the darkness to startle the player. But those continuous cheap deaths just make a simple game feel even more repetitive. These games should be $5.
  8. 2017 Congressional baseball shooting 2016 Dallas police shooting
  9. I was just thinking about Konami releasing a Castlevania anthology last night. Hot damn.
  10. That I wasted the time to write serious posts for System Wars. What was I thinking?
  11. I read Yang's policy page and I'm not seeing it. - He wants a $12k annual UBI per person without means testing. He claims it will increase the economy by 12-13% but Finland's 2-year UBI pilot study showed no increase in employment or income. At a bare minimum it needs far more testing before being implemented. - He wants to sunset all Congressional laws when Congress can't even pass a budget on time. - He wants to reduce the federal workforce by 15-20% because the tech giants employ fewer people? That's a bizarre argument. - He wants to create a new FCC division to punish the dissemination of "fake news." How would that even be constitutional? - He wants to revitalize local news outlets by giving them $1b in grants. Pointless. - Deficit buster: Free marriage counseling for all. - Deficit buster: $100 per person to give to NPOs. Bizarre. - Deficit buster: Government buy-back of student debt. (And he doesn't address most of the reasons why tuition has ballooned.) - Deficit buster: Free pre-K ed. - Deficit buster: 6-week+ field trip for all high school grads to make them more cosmo. - The government can seize your property and destroy it if it deems it a blight? - Near-blanket amnesty for illegals thus ensuring a long-term national Democratic majority. No clear plan for border security. - The Digital Social Credit score sounds a bit like China's social credit system. - Spending 50% of his carbon taxes on UBI instead of spending it all on reducing warming. Is this a serious issue or not? - Puerto Rico is an economic basket case, and granting it statehood would further cement a longterm Democratic majority. - AI counselors for the mentally ill? Somehow I don't think that the warm touch the mentally ill are looking for. - Medicare for All: You won't get Medicare for All, you'll get Medicaid for All. The German/Singapore model is much better. - Pork: Wants to reinstate earmarks. - Jail shareholders when companies that are fined? Jesus. - Regulate AI so no one creates Skynet. How would that even work? And there's almost nothing on foreign policy, which is the policy area I'm always the most concerned about. I appreciate the effort though.
  12. - Political scientists define socialism as public ownership of the means of production and/or more broadly as economic collectivism (which, for example, includes wealth redistribution via taxation). - Almost all contemporary states have a mixed-market economy. The question is what should the ratio within a given set of circumstances. - UBI is a socialistic policy. I've read Yang's argument that it's capitalistic and I don't begin to understand his reasoning. - I don't know if Bernie ultimately wants a comprehensive command economy, but he's clearly an incrimentalist when it comes to socialism, and right now he's pushing for a version of the Nordic Model. Does that make him a socialist? He'll be dead soon anyway so even if he secretly pines away for Trotsky it doesn't matter. - Neolib takeaway: Be careful. It's gigantic ship we're steering. Widen the safety net gradually. Don't implement all these big socialist programs at once. Sweden was super pro-capitalism in the 60s, their economy took off like a rocket, they then experimented with Democratic Socialism, nearly crashed their economy, and saved themselves by steering away towards social democracy instead.