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  1. This is what I was looking for. This one I will research. If that data holds, this is an important argument. I wouldn't have thought they'd be so close. Really interesting.
  2. Now you're using your fake fact-checker to make an argument from authority for using a lefty news site as an argument from authority. Meanwhile you still can't simply site the statute or ordinance that makes NBER the "official" determinate.
  3. The only source you've sited a biased and therefore fake fact-checking site. Another argument from authority using a lefty news site. How has the federal government empowered NBER to determine recessions? Is there a statute? What? Do you even have any idea?
  4. Yet you struggle to even post basic hard data. Why is that, honey?
  5. Now you're flipflopping again. Did you lie about knowing or not knowing? It's now one of the other. And don't do that bullshit where you cite a 68-page article and then ask me to go read it an find the info for you. Get real. Stop being lazy and posting a list of articles you found on the internet that you haven't even read. That's such a shit tactic. Abortions have kill 60,000,000 children in the US alone since 1973. Is that a negative health outcome? Because to the pro-life side it's the greatest episode of mass murder in history, and you ignoring the argume
  6. Great, give us real data like this instead of arguments from authority you found on some ransom lefty site. This isn't hard kids.
  7. No source. You may be right but the way you argue is pretty sloppy.
  8. Yes he did. He said, "The claim in the OP is proven by EPI." But he hasn't read the report. Neither has Ike. They don't know if it's true or not. They're making an argument from authority uses sources I don't remotely trust to be objective, and when I pointed that out, they then want me to read the report and critique it. It's a bullshit tactic.
  9. Your link said he gave the speech at the 1st Bálványos Summer Free University and Student Camp, not CPAC. Why are you lying?
  10. Great, do they? How do you know? A fake lefty fact-checking site told you so? Meanwhile: And you keep ducking this question: By what authority is the NBER the "official" determinate?
  11. He didn't even address my question. Reread it. He boasted he could objectively prove the pro-life position is a poor position to hold. That's on him, not me. Meanwhile 60m children killed by abortion since 1973. 60,000,000. No I'll leave it on your forehead, thanks.
  12. You lied when you said, "Abortion rates still remain high." As you said, you don't know. Why did you lie? If we accept the numbers for increased mortality rates for women due to abortion bans, the increased number of deaths pales to the number of children killed by abortion. It's not even close. It's around 60m in the US alone since Roe.
  13. Right, you're full of shit. Sit down, clown. Said with love. I'm getting lunch.
  14. Do you know who's even on the eight-person NBEC board who makes the determination? Do you know what their politics are? Do you know how objective they are? I'll take a leap of faith here and say no. You're not answering the question. Is your answer lefty journalists?
  15. I gave you one. Biden's NEC director from like last week. And you're still ducking the question: By what authority is the NBER the "official" determinate? Isn't cowardice one of the worst traits for a Sikh?
  16. 60m butchered in the US alone since Roe and you're too much of a coward to even try and defend it.
  17. You're backing it. I simply said the sources weren't credible.
  18. Dude you're about as intimidating as a toddler. The pro-life side simply shoots back: Hey how many innocent children did you murder with abortion? Over 60m in the US alone since Roe? Are you completely new to this subject?
  19. "Hey research my claim for me. If you don't, I win." Dude you're getting a derpy as Jerry. You're a Sikh. Act like one.
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