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  1. Just buy a PS5 at this point, buying a current gen console this late in the game is not really worth it.
  2. It's not a dodge, you're out of your god damn mind if you think I'm going to watch an 18 minute video. Post some graphs and links, it's simple and I'm not about to sit through a video.
  3. I couldn't give less of a shit what you think of me. You like the rest of these idiots around here react with fake virtue and appeal to emotion while also hardlining against statistical realities.
  4. This is just a shining example of the "tolerant" left in full effect, nothing more and nothing less. The irony in this clip is it was being used to highlight how detested Trump supporters are, but on the flipside of it shows how much leftists are garbage human beings who can't even for a second be tolerant of those who think differently than they do. Funny scene, but a sad reality for your people.
  5. Given their valuation, ability to pump out games, the amount of studios and IP they have and the fact that Microsoft is pushing a subscription service... 100%
  6. These little 'hate groups' you talk about are a fringe in our present reality, black on white violent crime is not.
  7. The Last of Us Remastered was only a year old game at the time, and they had put additional work into it. $60 made absolute sense regardless of it crossing over into another generation.
  8. Dude, that is an ultra budget TV lol...
  9. What insane costs? It costs 2+ times to make a game now than it did even 10 years ago....
  10. Since you're a bit dumb let me clue you in. Democrats are notoriously horrible at handling money; therefore economic understanding is clearly not their forte. Enter a bunch of left wingers coming into a thread about an economic upturn in game prices driven by long overdue inflation and cost of production, and thus their/your complete inability to understand it. For real.
  11. Well maybe 100 years ago but we don't live in that timeline anymore. Right now a black man is 25x more likely to violently attack a white man than a white man attacking a black man, so who is a threat to who?
  12. Maybe the klansmen view the black guy as a threat to their lives? None of you stop to think about freedom of viewpoints or freedom of expression. I know this is controversial to say but it's the reality of the world, there's seldom true good or evil but most things are a matter of experience and perspective.
  13. So what would you have done? Forcefully suppress them and their views? Oh, like fascism does Holy shit you guys make this too easy
  14. I'll never understand how democrats are so fucking horrible with money.
  15. No call from governor Jay Inslee, no call from Mayor Jenny Durken. Democrats are the enemy.