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  1. @lynux3 I looked this up after I did mine and it was a similar procedure with good results.
  2. Shit man, I don't know how you do your hair but I do like a Caesar fade with a #2 on the sides up to 1" on the top and it was actually pretty easy.
  3. I got tired of dropping $30 a month +gas and wasted time driving around for haircuts so I bought some $25 clippers and went to work. I actually managed to cut it exactly as they have been in the salon for years, like it looks identical. Anyone else do this?
  4. They should remake Resident Evil 4 and by remake I mean scrap it entirely and make a new game because it sucks ass
  5. This, so much this. Although I don't think it has aged that poorly, I still really like its aesthetic makeup.
  6. Yes, because we all know exactly what my statement relates to and you're wanting me to be extremely specific so if one thing out of the overarching large investigation doesn't line up you can pull a "gotcha!". I'm not stupid, but you are for thinking I'd fall for this.
  7. I'm not getting baited into some tangent, nope.