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  1. Well that's a given but there's still millions of them, I can't imagine the thing this late in the game and with the tech inside of it is that expensive. Sure there's more engineering and compute behind this thing but it's not new, even when it came out.
  2. How do you know a year on that at $400 they would be losing money? Also the gain from the sale over the long term would offset the cost differential even if it were sold at a loss.
  3. Most people don't pre-order games anymore man, there's no need, especially not for huge releases like this where there's going to be millions of copies stocked. Most of the sales take place in the first few days, but they still continue to sell in large numbers after that. Your argument is idiotic, CoD has almost 3 weeks in the month, RDR2 doesn't even have a week.
  4. 5 days in the month vs. 19 days of Call of Duty, no explanation beyond that is needed. Shut the fuck up you babbling idiot.
  5. What is Amazon and where is it? One of the biggest retailers in the United States, also in the United States. What is NPD's data for? The United States. Shopping trends present on Amazon are going to largely echo results region results in the US at large, its footprint is large enough to garner that kind of information reliably. Also out of the last near 5 years of NPD data for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Amazon has only been a faulty predictor for three months. It's batting 56:3. I have zero doubts that it did, also I have zero doubt that the X outsold the S in October. And? This is Call of Duty with a 14 day lead and three platforms.
  6. Yet that has had no effect for months, and months, and months, and here you are evading trying to bring up irrelevant things that took place back in April. You also don't know the bundle did that you gigantic fucking idiot. The Pro has arguably the second worst version of the game, a lot of people are aware no doubt.
  7. We may not get those figures now or ever but I don't doubt it. Hell on Amazon right now the X is only two positions away in the top 100 sellers from the best selling PS4 which is the base model with Spiderman at #22, the Pro isn't even in the top 100 in any incarnation. My point was always that the X would shutter the Pro and based upon available information that's exactly what's taking place. I doubt that Red Dead bundle actually moved a lot of Pro's, they're still on the shelves at stores local to me, that game no doubt had the biggest impact on the Slim.
  8. I said it would push X sales, wheres the Pro vs. X breakdown? Where's the X vs. S breakdown? I didn't say it would outsell the PlayStation 4 on the whole you dumb fuck. Quote me saying otherwise, you can't because I never said anything to the contrary. You're about as dumb and illiterate as Gooberson.
  9. You don't know what the X/S - Pro/Slim breakdown is, stop being a fucking idiot.
  10. Did I strike a chord there with your blatant hypocrisy? Most of this stuff you play are indie level efforts, not any kind of footnote in the gaming industry and I don't even mean because VR has low adoption, I mean because if they were not VR no one would take a second look at them. Shooty Fruity? Sprint Vector? Fucking really... This is like Android/IoS gaming...
  11. You don't know what the breakdown is you presumptuous moron.
  12. Not just that, you don't deem all of these things worthy of even being considered but will drown yourself in heaps of VR trash. I mean come on man.
  13. I did and then I changed my mind and reloaded my original save and just collected the single bar. The games economy and managing money is too important to the structure of things to just use a get rich quick glitch, it devalues almost every aspect of what you're doing.
  14. Well it had 14 more days on the books so that wouldn't surprise me though.