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  1. Even with a data cap I've still never hit it regardless of coming close.
  2. "the game that keeps on giving" i.e. the missing content that was omitted is finally making its way in.
  3. I finally played it and I'm not really a fan, I wanted to be but I'm just not feeling it. It's too dark, way too dark just as notated during all the pre-release stuff. Evading enemies is far too easy and not once when I played it did I feel any sense of tension or need any kind of healing items. The environment is familiar obviously but as also noted the sense of atmosphere is diminished greatly or outright destroyed not only because of the darkness but also the tonality of the colorspace in the game, it's very bland and washed out in appearance. This probably doesn't apply to PC and may not even apply to the 4K 30 FPS modes (if they exist) but it looks like they're using some type of foveated rendering to maintain performance which explains all the strange blur almost like a vignette during certain sequences, it's present on both the Pro and X. This is what RE7 for PSVR used to maintain higher focal rendering and hit its performance target. The zombie technology and shooting seems fine but aside from that nothing about this grasped me or gave me the sense that I was playing Resident Evil 2 or even Resident Evil, or some kind of remake. It just feels disconnected. Now I know this is a vertical slice and a small portion of the game but like a book something like this should be grasping you early to maintain interest and for me it didn't. Shame.
  4. How did you not get not only that he was talking to me but also that he was calling me autistic lol...
  5. Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Resident Evil 2 Kingdom Hearts III Metro: Exodus Devil May Cry V Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Judgment DOOM: Eternal The Outer Worlds Gears 5 Ori and the Will of the Wisps Anthem Dead or Alive 6 The Division 2 Mortal Kombat 11 Days Gone Rage 2 Shenmue III Control Code Vein Luigi's Mansion III Yoshi's Crafted World Probably one of the strongest years in gaming there has been, and this isn't even close to everything.
  6. You're level headed and a good mediator when shit gets out of control. You appreciate games you enjoy regardless of how they fair elsewhere and you're technologically knowledgeable with most things which makes for interesting conversation.