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  1. Who's bashing it you absolute moron? You're overpraising like a dumb dickhead.
  2. 10/10 lmao, get your head out your ass.. Bu..bu...but GameSpot! What are you, fucking 12 years old?
  3. Yeah except it's like 1/5th of a game, and will be on both PC and Xbox so who cares...
  4. I just find the whole thing hilarious, Sony posting it, the producer has a special message and at the bottom it's PC gameplay. It's like a trinity of getting fucked.
  5. No shit, what guy doesn't say shit like that? Emaciated women masquerading as men.
  6. Credibility plays a role, if you have none it's not going to go anywhere. That shit was a failed takedown, people should be in prison over that.
  7. It's also no doubt a timed multiplat given the original website before they ninja edited it.
  8. It's been a better controller for the last 15 years, it will continue to be. Sony already fucked up again by refusing to move the analog stick to priority position and instead kept the sparesely used D-Pad there. They also fucked up the sticks yet again, they concaved the design but they still put the upward bump in the middle which causes a ridiculous amount of thumb slide at the first sign of sweat. They focus on gimmicks, they focus on aesthetics, they don't focus on function.
  9. Doubt it, especially on the Xbox side hence the reason this was not just announced as a blanket statement agnostic of platform. CDPR and Microsoft are partners, plus do you remember what happened with The Witcher 3? It didn't get a Pro update until the X update was created.
  10. Seems pretty clear to me that one purchase nets the next-gen version.