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  1. Ugh maybe the fact that like 150 million people already own them and they're on a cooling trend. Switch is still the 'new' system. Introduce two new platforms to the fray that 150 million people do not own and you eat into the Switch's market not only financially but also in terms of exposure, not to mention it will no doubt be black balled in terms of essentially every release.
  2. The rumor isn't in no man's land because Phil straight up came out and addressed it head on and said they're building one console. The end.
  3. Isn't it getting annoying. "Sources" I'm so tired of the word "sources" and "insiders", just more bullshit after more bullshit.
  4. It's not just that, the generation is basically over for the other two systems. I mean shit... This is already a thing
  5. Compute demands scale quite linearly with resolution. Also hold back gaming how? If the thing does exist it appears it will be an exact clone of Anaconda in all measures except GPU which means games can be developed EXACTLY THE SAME bar a difference in resolution. Don't quit your day job Aza.
  6. Gee I wonder which is which... Betting image quality my ass, it's simply got a more modern version of AA and that's the end of it. It's substantially worse otherwise.
  7. He's an idiot, he will decry the source without any knowledge of the actual source itself and won't watch it even if you paid him. He's a fucking moron. They'd actually be charged and serve time which would in effect reduce the level of homeslessness, yes.
  8. Glad I own that HCG Nemesis statue right about now, the value is going to skyrocket.
  9. Waterworld turned a profit... and this 3rd game was cheap to make.
  10. When she's bent over you can see her kicking the dog away from her. Psychos.