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  1. Yeah online play would be great, also putt putt DLC or something would be awesome. Also you're not playing against AI, you're playing the holes to best your own personal records.
  2. It's still really good but that was an oversight. It's Sony, what do you expect? They couldn't make a right decision for multiplayer if their lives depended on it.
  3. Oh I forgot, it not having multiplayer is a major con and flat out stupid to be honest. I hope it sells well and they add this stuff.
  4. Sheep have literally turned into cows, this reminds me of the first three years of the PS4 where there wasn't really anything to gloat about game wise but the system was selling incredibly well.
  5. You're saying this trying to be cocky while literally what Remij and I said is coming full circle
  6. Fun game which fairly accurately depicts the joy of playing real golf. I'm legit drinking a beer and have the fan on to replicate a slight breeze for full effect Pros Looks great Nice hole and course variety Tracking is good and shots feel right Good tutorials and variety of things to do for practice (putting, two story driving range, approach practice) Sufficient leveling system and stat tracking Some nice unlocks for you and your caddy and fun little quirks Cons While arguably complete it feels like it will need some additional courses as DLC down the line When trying to look up your caddy's skirt she disappears Definitely worth the $29.99 cost of entry
  7. All of it is directly correlated to games and game services, Sony's is not. The end.