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  1. You guys cancel people for stating basic realities like trans women are men, the black community is responsible for egregious amounts of disproportionate crime, and calling out the Mexican invasion at our southern border. We cancel you for the support and call to political violence and assassinations. The two are not the same. You're retarded.
  2. I personally thought Halo Infinite was an excellent game that was terribly mismanaged. They were on all the right tracks, the gameplay was excellent, where the story was heading is good, and they finally got a grasp on what a Halo game should look like. All they had to do was ensure that the game had enough content for multiplayer but they couldn't even do that. I think they could handle oversight but as a developer the ball has been dropped too many times for them to actually be at the helm.
  3. A Republican gun nut lol? He donated to a Democrat fund, and that was his dad's gun.
  4. You leftists pushing the republican shit lose AGAIN GET FUCKED
  5. Genuinely curious, but can you name some of these "domestic terrorism" events? I see this citation all the time, but never seem to hear a damn thing attached to it. It's like the boogeyman school shooting statistics which in fact take into account unrelated shootings which take place in proximity to a school.
  6. Yeah, the scary gun responsible for about 200 deaths a year whether justified or not. Semi-automatic rifles are the boogeyman.
  7. Lmao, that was a riot so please get fucking real. An actual insurrection would be with a large group of armed military age men forcefully taking control of that building and all occupants. Not a bunch of normal unarmed people treating things like an out of control block party.
  8. Easy, it still allowed 5,000 entries per day, was littered with funding for Ukraine, Israel and Gaza and a bunch of other shit. A $118 billion dollar "border bill" and only $20 billion was for the actual border. You're a stooge.
  9. That "border bill" was absolute nonsense with unacceptable terms, and a bunch of other shit tacked onto it. Give me a break lol.
  10. Bullshit lol, there's Chinese coming through the southern border in droves. And it would be on the left because the border security is an absolute joke.
  11. Apparently the shooter is a Chinese man. The left better pray he's not an illegal foreign national.
  12. He's still going to attend the UFC fight tonight. Guaranteed he makes a speech.
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