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  1. Ori will be like 8K 120 FPS on Series X....
  2. Why are you involving yourself in my conversation with Remij which has nothing to do with you? The guy said we were idiots and it would never happen, well then it did so you can imagine his reaction...
  3. This narrative will be dusted away shortly.
  4. Yeah, it's like a 12x leap in compute not to mention all the other luxuries. Current gen really felt like a generation 7.5, so far 9th gen seems to really deliver.
  5. Remember what all of us were hoping for before last year and the year before that, before we knew about Navi performance, like a 12 teraflop console would be over the moon and were expecting like 10-11? I mean now we're looking at one that is 15-16 teraflops relative to the hardware from the current generation, I just find that insane.
  6. It's fine, you were never a Chad so you wouldn't understand. You were the friend zoned ugly geek who was friends with the hot girl people like me were fucking. Your life sucks
  7. Who wouldn't want a pair of Oakley's? Oh I know, effeminate man bitches.
  8. @Remij_ Oh by the way, Dark didn't take the news so well lol. A lot of bullshitting and acting like he wasn't wrong and didn't care.
  9. He's excellent, been listening to him for nearly 20 years.
  10. I didn't see any mention of PlayStation in their post
  11. Jon said RTX flopped, not RT. Furthermore he did clearly state that RT wouldn't get real support until the consoles had it.
  12. Sinking his campaign? He's unelectable, he never stood a chance from the onset.